Storm blacks out some state parks

Jane BeathardThe Ohio DNR is working to restore services and operations at nearly a dozen state parks and nature preserves damaged by storms between June 29 and July 1. At the same time, all recreational facilities in southern Ohio’s state forests remain closed as storm clean up continues.

On July 6, Wolf Run, Lake Hope and Jackson Lake state parks in southeastern Ohio were open, but had no electric power, according to Bethany McCorkle, DNR spokesperson.

Madison Lake State Park in central Ohio remained closed due to a power outage and blocked roadways. Other facilities closed due to fallen trees and blocked roads were Christmas Rock and Buch Hollow state nature preserves in Fairfield County.

McCorkle said the stormy weekend disrupted use at about 10 central and southeast Ohio parks.

But state forests in southern Ohio appeared to suffer the most damage. All recreational facilities, including trails, campsites and parking lots remained closed throughout the region as DNR forestry staffers work to clean up the mess.

McCorkle said updates on that effort are available at the forestry division’s Web page at

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