Tuesday, January 31st, 2023
Tuesday, January 31st, 2023

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Hound owners may train their dogs on wolves

Dean BortzA lot of things are happening quickly on the wolf season front and there are still a number of items that have to be determined before the season opens Oct. 15 – unless someone sues – but there is one thing we do know for sure at this point – hound hunters may pursue wolves with their dogs right now.

Sort of like a catch-and-release wolf season, except you can’t actually “catch” the wolf.

How so? It’s allowed under the state’s dog training laws in much the same way hound owners are allowed to train their dogs to trail coyotes or bears. The one difference from bear training would be that no license is required to train dogs on wolves – bear hunters must have a bear “B license” to run bears. Hunters may train hounds on wolves all year and there is no six-dog pack limit, like there would be during the actual wolf season.

We’ll have more on rules surrounding this activity in the July 13 issue of the newspaper.

One more wolf-related item – since wolves were removed from the Endangered Species List in late January, 39 wolves have been trapped or shot through June 25 for causing damage. Thirty wolves were trapped by federal trappers, seven were removed by landowners with permits, and two were shot by landowners while in the act of attacking domestic animals (no permit required in that situation). The DNR has issued about 100 permits to landowners in areas where wolves have been attacking livestock. 

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