Northwest Oho Fishing Report – July 6th, 2012

Beaver Creek Reservoir (Seneca County)

The reservoir is located at the intersection of Township Road 196 and County Road 34 in the northeastern part of the county. Anglers can expect to have success catching catfish after sunset using tightlines fished from shore. Try using nightcrawlers, shrimp, dough balls and cut bait. Hybrid sunfish should also be biting now. Anglers have been using wax worms or nightcrawler pieces, fished under bobbers set at 6 feet, cast from shore. The largest fish have been suspended in deeper water off of the shore within casting distance. A boat ramp is located on the east side of the reservoir. Boats are limited to electric motors.

Clear Fork Reservoir ( Richland and Morrow counties)

Located just eight miles south of Mansfield along State Rt. 97, this 971-acre reservoir is well known for its muskellunge population. It is one of the eight lakes stocked with muskellunge in Ohio. However, the reservoir has good populations of crappies and bluegills, as well. For bluegills, try using redworms and wax worms fished under a bobber along fallen trees and along drop-offs. For crappies, fish near the brush and fallen trees along the shore using minnows and plastic grub jigs. A boat ramp and marina are located on the south side of the reservoir east of Bowers Road. In addition, there are three picnic areas with access to the lake located along the south side of the reservoir. Shore fishing is only allowed along the south and west shorelines from the Orewiler Road bridge to a point 1,000 feet upstream of the dam. There are no motor size restrictions, but an 8 mph speed limit is enforced by the city of Mansfield.

Van Wert Reservoirs No. 1 and No. 2 (Van Wert County)

These two reservoirs are located on State Rt. 127 at the south edge of the city of Van Wert. Anglers should have success catching yellow perch at Van Wert Reservoir No. 1. Anglers should fish off of the bottom using nightcrawlers during the mornings and evenings. Try using a tightline method from the southeast bank. Anglers looking for sunfish should head to Van Wert Reservoir No. 2. Try using wax worms fished under slip bobbers set at 5 to 6 feet deep along the east bank. Boats are permitted on the reservoirs; however, no boat ramp is available. Boats must obtain a permit from the city of Van Wert.

Lake La Su An Wildlife Area Ponds (Williams County)

Fishing pressure has been very light despite the fact that anglers have been having success catching large bluegills at the area lakes. This fishery is intensively managed to maintain the harvest of large bluegills. All area lakes are open to public fishing on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays until July 30. No more than 10 sunfish may be kept per day for all La Su An area lakes, and no more than two of these may be 8 inches or more in length. Largemouth bass must be 18 inches or more in length to keep. For additional rules and information, visit the Division's web page at

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