Illinois Cuffs & Collars – June 29th, 2012

Region I

A District 1 CPO received a complaint of a Kewanee woman advertising marble fox for sale on Facebook for $250 each. The marble fox is a color phase of the grey fox and is most commonly found in the fur farming industry, but in this case was being sold as a “pet.” To possess a marble fox, the owner must have a Fur Bearing Mammal Permit issued by the DNR. Records as required by the Illinois Wildlife Code are to be kept on each animal and transaction. The CPO met with the woman and she had 16 marble fox (eight breeding adults and eight kits) in her ex-husband’s back yard in Kewanee. The foxes appeared to be healthy and the clean cages were secured with padlocks. The woman agreed to purchase a permit the following day, and a written warning was issued for the violations.
A CPO observed a male subject catch an Asian carp at the Hennepin Canal with the use of a large treble hook. The hook was in the fish’s side. The fisherman had a lure strung on his line about a foot higher than the treble hook. When asked about the treble hook, he said he would sometimes “accidentally” catch a fish with the treble hook when they would bite the lure. The CPO advised the subject about the snagging laws and left. The CPO then watched from the weeds as the fisherman began to pull his line through the water and catch two more Asian carp in the side. The subject was issued a citation.
A CPO was checking fishermen along the Illinois River in Starved Rock State Park. An individual saw the officer coming and left his fishing poles. The individual’s friend stated that the fisherman went to the restroom. The CPO finished checking other fishermen and came back 45 minutes later. The fisherman had not returned. The CPO seized the poles and waited another 15 minutes. The fisherman returned and showed the officer his fishing license. The CPO noticed that the license was purchased 15 minutes prior. The fisherman was issued a citation for fishing without a license and evicted from the park.
A District 6 CPO was checking LaSalle Lake when he observed an 11-foot inflatable watercraft powered by an electric trolling motor coming into the boat ramp area. During a safety inspection, the operator did have all the required safety equipment on board, but did not have the registration displayed. The officer explained why a gas motor is required and the dangers of operating a small watercraft on the lake. Two written warnings were issued.
A District 6 CPO responded to a boat accident on the Illinois River near Seneca. A boat, drifting in the river, was struck by another boat that was going approximately 20 mph. The operator of boat that was under way, was distracted by one of the passengers and did not see the drifting boat in time to avoid a collision. Over $2,000 in damage was sustained to the drifting boat, but none of the six people on board the boats were injured. Both operators of the boats have over 500 hours experience operating watercraft, and alcohol was not a factor in the accident.

Region II

A CPO seized two 31⁄2-foot American alligators from a residence in Crystal Lake. The alligators will be transported to a refuge in Florida. The owner was cited for possessing a threatened/endangered species without a permit.
A pheasant hunter who was arrested by a CPO for theft and taking an overlimit of pheasant from the Chain O’ Lakes State Park entered a negotiated guilty plea to the overlimit charge, paid $900 in restitution to the owner of the pheasant farm, and was banned from hunting in the park for one year. An anonymous tip was called in stating the hunter was making his own tags to put on extra pheasants he killed in the park. A district sergeant and CPO set up surveillance on the hunter over a two-month period, and eventually the hunter invited the CPO to hunt with him not knowing he was a CPO. A system was put in place to detect the fake tags, and the hunter was apprehended during a game check point with four pheasants over the limit. Records were seized from two years of hunting and additional pheasants were seized during a search of the hunter’s residence. The owner of the pheasant farm is going to use the restitution money to place extra pheasants in the field at no cost for the 2012 season.
A CPO responded to a call from the Coast Guard concerning a boat that was beached along the shoreline of Lake Michigan. He attempted to locate the boat by vehicle, but ended up hiking approximately two miles to reach the boat and two occupants. The boat had broken down and they had been there for approximately three hours trying to get help. The CPO transported them back to their campsite where they were going to make arrangements the next day to retrieve their boat.
CPOs cited three fishermen on the Fox River for unlawfully using a commercial device (cast net) within 300 yards of Algonquin Dam and having no valid fishing license.
CPOs and a district sergeant responded to a capsized boat at Heidecke Lake. The caller advised that the occupants were stranded in the lake. Upon arrival, the CPOs located two occupants and assisted them as they swam towards shore. Each subject had minor injuries and were escorted by the CPOs by boat to paramedics waiting at the boat ramp. The CPOs were able to recover the boat and tow it to shore. An investigation as to what caused the boat to capsize is pending.
A CPO observed two subjects fishing at a private lake in Plainfield. Upon approaching the subjects and conducting a compliance inspection, he located a drug pipe and a container with cannabis. Neither subject had a valid sport fishing license. One subject was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of cannabis and fishing without a license, while the second subject was cited for fishing without a license.

Region III

A CPO was given a license plate number from the Shelbyville Fish and Wildlife site superintendent from a vehicle that had driven off the road and struck a tree. The CPO discovered the owner to be a Sullivan woman who was wanted on a Coles County arrest warrant. Sullivan police officers and the CPO went to her house and found out that her son had borrowed her car. The woman was arrested on the warrant and transported to jail. The CPO made contact with the son, a Mattoon man, the next day. The man admitted to be in the Shelbyville F&WA in his mom’s car and ran off the road striking a tree. The CPO issued a citation for driving off the roadway and two written warnings. The CPO then discovered that the man was a passenger in the car involved in a fatal traffic crash.
A CPO, while working Pana Lake, issued a citation for no fishing license and no PFD citations. He issued three boat written warnings.
A CPO received an additional complaint on a former Shelbyville-area boat dealer. The CPO and an SOS investigator met with, and interviewed, the subject on a new boat that had been sold on consignment with the owner in turn not being paid. The CPO forwarded a theft over $500 to the Shelby County State Attorney’s Office.
CPOs, while working fish enforcement on Lake Shelbyville, cited a Decatur man for being over limit on under 10-inch crappies and a Findlay man that was over limit on both under and over 10-inch crappies.
A CPO cited four individuals at Wolf Creek State Park boat dock for unlawful entry into a restricted area. The dock was closed, posted and barricaded due to needed repairs. Individuals climbed over the barricades to use the dock.
A CPO cited a Camargo man on Walnut Point State Park Lake for failure to transfer certificate of number of watercraft and a written warning for no sounding device.
A CPO stopped four Bethany youth at a Lake Shelbyville parking lot in Shelby County and discovered several loaded, uncased guns in the vehicle. The subjects claimed to be coyote hunting. The CPO issued citations for uncased/loaded firearm in a vehicle and no hunting license.

Region IV

A CPO located a treestand on Peabody River King State Fish and Wildlife Area. The stand did not have any identification attached as required by Administrative Rule. In addition, the stand had not been removed by the required date of Jan. 31. The CPO seized the stand and left a seizure tag.
A CPO was checking fishermen at Peabody River King St Fish and Wildlife Area when he encountered a subject in possession of a short bass. The CPO ran the subject through the State Police system and found he was wanted on a warrant. The subject was taken into custody and transported to the St. Clair County Jail. He also received a citation for the short fish.
A CPO was working turkey hunters in Monroe County on foot patrol when he observed two subjects dressed in camouflage and carrying shotguns. He made contact with the subjects and found that neither subject had a valid permit and one of the subjects did not have a hunting license or habitat stamp. Multiple violations were cited.
A CPO continued on foot patrol for turkey hunters in Monroe County approximately 40 minutes after arresting the two subjects without permits, he apprehended another hunter without a valid permit, hunting license, and habitat stamp. Multiple violations were cited.
A CPO was working an evening shift in Bond County with an intern when they observed the vehicle in front of them driving erratically. They followed the vehicle while the CPO recorded the incident with his in-car camera. He made a traffic stop on the vehicle and found the female driver to be highly intoxicated. The driver refused all tests and was taken into custody. When they arrived at the county jail, the CPO assisted her out of his squad. Once out, the intern climbed out of the back seat. The female subject looked at the intern and asked him when the CPO had picked him up. She didn’t know he was in the vehicle while driving to the jail.
A CPO was in the Quincy area when a dispatch came out of an armed robbery. At approximately 2 p.m., members of a motorcycle gang drew a pistol on another motorcycle gang and committed a robbery in Quincy. He observed what he suspected to be the offenders, turned around, and followed the five motorcycles for approximately 15 miles. During this time, more information came out which led the CPO to believe he was in fact following the offenders. One of the motorcycles then pulled into a gas station and got on his cellphone as the CPO continued to follow the other four, who later pulled into their clubhouse and went inside. The CPO pulled across the street. As the CPO approached, the fifth motorcycle pulled up to the club. The CPO ordered the subject to the ground multiple times, but the subject did not follow any commands and then fled on his motorcycle at a high rate of speed. Shortly after, three of the other riders came out of the clubhouse and were ordered to the ground. The subjects eventually complied as the fourth rider emerged from the building. The fourth subject refused to comply and then went behind the building before emerging on the opposite side. After the CPO raised his rifle on the subject, he complied and went to the ground. The CPO maintained the subjects in the prone position until backup arrived from county and Illinois State Police. All four were taken into custody. The victims were brought to the scene and positively identified the subjects.

Region V

A CPO cited a Louisiana man who obtained a resident turkey permit by using an Illinois address. Conservation officers from Louisiana issued the citation.
The Paralyzed Veterans of America held a fishing tournament on Rend Lake. District 14 CPOs worked the event and assisted several non-PVA boaters in distress. One broken down boat, another boat on the rocks, and a boat on fire were assisted. A district sergeant assisted the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office with an overturned boat near the Ina boat ramp after severe weather passed.
During an inspection on Rend Lake, a CPO noticed the subjects in the boat were drinking Busch Light beer. A short time later, multiple Busch Light beer cans floated past the boat. The subjects claimed they did not throw any cans out. The empty cans were retrieved and the lot numbers matched the cans in the violator’s boat. One citation and multiple warnings were issued.
Later during the same detail, the officers approached a boat to conduct a safety inspection. As soon as the occupants in the boat saw the officers, the driver switched places with one of the passengers. The CPO conducted Field Sobriety Tests and the operator of the boat was arrested for OUI and blew 0.15 percent.
A district sergeant and CPO worked with another CPO at Forbes State Park One CPO issued one citation for a short fish, an 11-inch bass. A subject had been seen with alcohol on the beach. The CPOs made contact with the group and found them in possession of alcohol on the beach. A radio check revealed one of the subjects to be wanted on a warrant out of Clay County. As the officers were waiting for transport, a CPO observed a subject pull into the parking lot and the passenger got out of the vehicle with an open can of beer.
A CPO cited a non-resident turkey hunter for transporting an uncased loaded firearm in a vehicle. The CPO received the complaint about the subject road hunting turkeys the day prior and located him the next day.
A CPO and district sergeant responded to a paddle boat theft from the Rend Lake Resort. Three men took a paddle boat from the shore without permission, then paddled to the main lake. The men were brought back to the resort. The owner of the paddle boat did not want charges pressed because two of the men worked for the resort last summer. Citations were issued to the three men for boating violations.
A district sergeant and CPOs were called out to assist the Crawford County Sheriff’s Department in searching for an overdue turkey hunter. Officers and volunteers searched for the hunter from midnight until 3 p.m. when the 56-year-old hunter was recovered. 

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