Central New York Fishing Report – june 29th, 2012

Lake Ontario

The lake fishing has picked back up. Chinook salmon and lake trout were being found in 120 feet of water. The brown trout fishing has been good in the morning in shallow water, around 10 feet, and then out to 20 to 50 feet of water as the day gets brighter.

Oneida Lake

Walleye anglers continued to do well, with fish being taken in 20 to 30 feet of water. Good baits continued to be bucktail jigs tipped with a fathead minnow and spinner and worm combos; stick baits and blade baits were also working. Pickerel fishing continued to be very good in most of the lake.

Oswego River

The walleye bite has slowed but a few were still hitting early in the morning on night crawlers, leeches, bucktail jigs and large stick baits.

Salmon River

Nothing to report.

Sandy Pond

Northern pike fishing has been good, with fish are being taken on Rapalas and spinnerbaits.

Sodus Bay

Perch were being taken in deeper water, while rock bass were hitting in shallow water. Small jigs, worms and minnows were working. Pike were hitting along the weed edges. Bass fishing has been really good in the shallows on jigs, spinnerbaits and a variety of plastics.

Irondequoit Bay

Yellow perch fishing has slowed but a few were still being taken on jigs tipped with fathead minnows in the deeper water. Bass fishing has been really good in the shallows, with jigs, spinnerbaits and a variety of plastics working.

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