Michigan Cuffs & Collars – June 22nd, 2012


COs Matt Eberly and Denny Gast assisted with hunter safety classes at Camp Nesbitt. About 65 kids were certified.
CO Doug Hermanson assisted with a hunter safety class at the Ontonagon County Sportsman’s club.
CO Doug Hermanson issued a ticket to a trapper for using untagged traps and trespass.
CO Ryan Aho and Trey Luce responded to another road-killed moose on the west side of Marquette County. Unfortunately, the meat was not salvageable.
CO David Miller issued numerous tickets at Bond Reservoir for short walleyes, short bass, and no life jackets.
CO Trey Luce issued a ticket to a fisherman on Deer Lake for fishing with live bait.
CO Mark Leadman and Sgt. Steven Burton issued one ticket to a non-resident for fishing without a license. Numerous warnings were given for minor violations.
CO Jason Wicklund and Sgt. Marc Pomroy contacted a group of ORV operators near Iron River. A check of the group found one ORV to be unregistered and another to not have an exhaust equipped with a spark arrester. Enforcement action was taken.
CO Grant Emery responded to two complaints of illegal burning in Gogebic County. In both cases, subjects were found to be burning illegal materials. Enforcement action was taken.
CO Brian Bacon contacted a subject fishing on a local river. The subject was found to be in possession of an undersize bass. Enforcement action was taken.
CO Dave Painter, CO Jason Wicklund and Sgt. Marc Pomroy teamed up with neighboring Wisconsin wardens for a float of the Brule River boundary waters for Florence and Crystal Falls High School students. Forty students from the two schools floated a section of the river in kayaks and were also educated by Wisconsin fisheries staff on fish identification from a research net that was set.


All District 2 officers have been involved in the very large fire north of Newberry, known as the Duck Lake Fire. The fire began with a lightning strike and has consumed approximately 22,000 acres. They were also involved with the Seney fire, which consumed over 3,000 acres. COs have been assisting right from the beginning with everything from the evacuation of residents to security of the fire scene. They have also had many other duties and provided assistance in many forms during this disaster, some of which are listed below. COs Publiski, Wenzel and Gustafson were working the night shift during the first night of the Duck lake Fire. The fire really took off at approximately 2 a.m. when the wind shifted direction and the fire began advancing in a different direction, very rapidly heading towards several residences. COs were able to stay ahead of the fire and assist with the evacuation of all residents in the fire path. Officers described the fire as beyond anything they ever could have imagined – a wall of flames that was boiling 40 to 50 feet above the tree tops. It sounded like a train coming at you. The winds were approximately 50 miles per hour and the trees were lying flat while burning. Officers also described observing many animals fleeing ahead of the fire including bears, deer, wolves, partridge, and rabbits. A hummingbird even flew into the patrol truck of Sgt. Thayer and Lt. Hagy. It landed on the dash of the truck and rested out of the smoke before continuing on.
CO Hammill, on a predawn patrol of the fire area, observed a very expensive wood processor at a logging site near the perimeter of the fire zone with the fire in the distance moving towards it. He was able to contact the owner and obtain clearance to escort the owner in and back out with the $300,000 wood processer. The area burned over after the removal.
COs Hammill, Wenzel, Ferguson and Sgt. Shann assisted with the recovery of a water bucket that was lost off one of the helicopters in a very remote lake. Just getting a boat into the lake presented the first challenge, followed by locating it with MSP Divers and sonar and then assisting with the recovery by the air crew.
CO Panich and Sgt Thayer dealt with disorderly subjects and an assault that occurred when a very large group of people attempted to enter the active fire area after hearing rumors that the area had been opened up. One of the subjects decided against the wishes of several other subjects present to call the person who they heard just lost his camp. He had just gotten out of the hospital and the others wanted to wait to tell him due to his health. Words were exchanged after the call and the assault took place. The crowd was calmed down and ultimately dispersed and the assault report was submitted to the prosecutor.


COs conducted a group patrol targeting known ORV and mudder truck problem areas in Charlevoix, Emmet, and Cheboygan counties. Numerous violations were encountered with eight tickets being issued for ORVs operating in a closed area, one ticket issued for an ORV licensing violation as well as 14 warnings being given for wetland violations, operating an ORV while driver’s license is revoked, riding double and operating without a helmet.
CO Feagan responded to complaint of a fire that had escaped. The suspect was burning in a burn barrel that was located in the woods and did not have a proper cover. In addition the current fire weather conditions at the time were extreme. Luckily, DNR fire units arrived on scene in time to stop the fire from spreading through the woods and to the neighboring homes. A ticket was issued for failing to take precautions to keep a fire from escaping.
During a Red Flag Warning Fire Danger day, CO Erratt contacted a man who was burning building materials, OSB, and pallets. The local fire department had been called by a concerned citizen. The man said he had called for a burn permit in the past but he was not aware of the high fire danger that day. CO Erratt issued a ticket for burning without a permit and warned him for illegal disposal of solid waste.
CO Andrea Erratt of Charlevoix County received an early morning RAP complaint about a personal watercraft being operated on Deer Lake starting just after 6 a.m. CO Erratt patrolled to Deer Lake and contacted the PWC operator at the access site. The operator was on a rental PWC and said he was trying to make the most of his day. CO Erratt warned the man for operating a PWC before 8 a.m.
CO Bill Webster received a call from CO John Sklba who was off duty and watched an individual who was fishing with his grandkids. The kids were catching short bass and wanting to throw them back but he told them to keep them. CO Webster contacted the angler and found him to be in possession of three short bass. This was not the first time he was ticketed for the violation.


While off duty and taking his daughter out turkey hunting as the season wound down, CO Rich Stowe observed a vehicle stuck along a stretch of a Consumers power line where there is ongoing problems with an illegal hill climb. The day prior, CO Stowe had responded to the same location on a different vehicle stuck near the hill climb. Enforcement action was taken in both incidents.
CO Steve Converse checked a boat on a local Manistee County lake containing several subjects fishing. The boat’s live well contained several undersized bass and pike. Enforcement action was taken to address the undersize fish.
Sgt. Mike Bomay and CO Angie Greenway received a complaint in Osceola County of a raccoon in captivity. The juvenile raccoon had bitten a child at the residence and in turn, the child told her teachers at school. The parents took the child to the emergency room for treatment and told the medical staff that their daughter had been bitten by a cat. The raccoon was seized and tested for rabies. Enforcement action was taken.
CO Jeff Ginn was patrolling the Muskegon River and made contact with two subjects fishing who stated they were “catch-and-release” anglers. CO Ginn took a closer look and discovered that the two subjects possessed a total of 13 trout. In addition to the over limit of trout, eight of them were undersized. Enforcement action was taken.
CO Jeff Ginn was patrolling Federal Forest land when he made contact with a subject operating in a closed area. The operator had no identification on him and claimed his father could confirm his name. CO Ginn made contact with the father who provided the officer with a different name than the one provided by his son. The son yelled “come on dad,” with the father replying, “No, I’m tired of lying for you. Take care of your warrants.” CO Ginn arrested the subject and transported him to the Newaygo County Jail on his multiple outstanding arrest warrants.
COs Jeff Ginn and Troy VanGelderen were patrolling Silver Lake State Park sand dunes when they responded to a vehicle crash. The operator had just met some girls and decided to let one of them drive his truck. The female driver managed to roll the vehicle over several times when jumping a sand dune, totaling the vehicle. All three occupants sustained injuries including one having to be transported to the local hospital. The owner of the vehicle was ticketed for minor in possession of alcohol.


CO Chuck McPherson assisted deputies on a domestic violence complaint where the suspect had a shotgun and was threatening a second party. CO McPherson knew the suspect and was able to calm him down so he could be taken into custody.
CO Mark Papineau was dispatched to a boating accident on Wiggins Lake. According to the complainant, a pontoon boat had collided with another vessel, which was secured on a hoist. The investigation led CO Papineau to a juvenile who had taken her parents’ boat out without permission. The juvenile operator engaged the engine to full speed and then turned to pick up her cell phone. She quickly lost control of the boat at a high rate of speed and collided with a vessel docked on a hoist.
While patrolling, CO Mark Papineau intercepted a BOL for a possible intoxicated driver. CO Papineau located the vehicle and the operator who was passed out behind the wheel with a half eaten cheeseburger on his lap. The subject’s speech was slurred and slow and the subject continued to go in and out of partial consciousness. Field sobriety tests were performed and the subject was eventually lodged on an outstanding felony narcotics warrant and suspicion of operating a motor vehicle under the influence of narcotics. In addition, a search of the subject revealed numerous prescription pills hidden in his socks and shoes.
CO Brian Olsen investigated a complaint of a subject who was shooting geese with a .22 rifle. CO Olsen responded and found a dead gosling lying in the yard. Olsen interviewed the subject, who confessed to shooting the goslings. He believed that if he killed the babies, the adults would leave. He didn’t like the waste left by the geese in his yard.
CO Jason McCullough checked two subjects who had caught 41 bluegills. Only one of the subjects had a fishing license. Both subjects stated they knew the possession limit and the fact that they needed a fishing license. A citation was issued.


CO Phil Hudson and his college intern conducted surveillance on a boat in which they received a tip that was making multiple trips to take over limits of walleye. The following morning his partner, CO Nick Atkin, was able to make contact with the boat that CO Hudson had been watching. Three subjects were found to be in possession of 15 fish over their limit. Enforcement action was taken.
CO Bob Hobkirk finally made contact with a subject who had shot a turkey at a baited hunting location. The individual continued to deny knowing about the bait, but CO Hobkirk had interviewed the person’s hunting partner who admitted that they had been together when the bait was put out. A citation was issued for taking a turkey over bait.
During the 2011 waterfowl hunting season, COs Bob Hobkirk and Seth Rhodea had apprehended two hunters who were in possession of 25 ducks, 20 of which were redhead ducks. Recently the subjects pleaded guilty to possession of an over limit of 16 redhead ducks in Huron County. Each individual was ordered to pay $565 in fines and costs and $2,000 in restitution and lost their hunting privileges for two years.
CO Holly Pennoni received a complaint of subjects bow fishing and shooting pike in the Kawkawlin River and leaving them to rot on the shoreline. CO Pennoni located the vessel with two people bow fishing. CO Pennoni observed them shoot a gar pike and then throw the fish back in the water. CO Pennoni contacted the angler and discovered that they did not have any life jackets on the boat. Enforcement action was taken. A warning was given for littering.
CO Jay Person was called to a city park and pond reference a large snake observed swimming in the pond. Upon arrival the CO was shown the snake’s location. Using binoculars, CO Person was able to observe the suspect snake. It turned out to be a muskrat.
While working trout streams in Montcalm County, CO Ken Lowell checked a couple of anglers who had caught a few trout and had them on stringers. When the fish were measured by the CO, it was found that more then just a few of the fish were under the legal size limit. Enforcement action was taken.
While working the evening before the bass opener, CO Ken Lowell watched as a couple on a boat caught and kept a bass. When the CO made contact with the anglers and checked their live well he located another largemouth bass. One of the bass was only 12 inches. When the CO asked what they planned to do with the fish the couple said they wanted to release them near their dock. The CO explained the open season and size restrictions and issued a ticket.


COs Steve Mooney and Jeff Robinette, while patrolling Lake Michigan, observed an angler trolling for salmon with three extra lines. As they approached the boat, the angler began frantically reeling in lines. However, when contacted, the subject still had one extra line out and a rod in his hand. The subject was cited for fishing with too many lines.
CO Andy Bauer and Sgt. Zach Doss conducted a marine patrol on Lake Michigan in Berrien County and contacted an angler who was trolling for salmon. Upon checking, officers found that the subject had not purchased a fishing license since 2006, even though he stated he had purchased a license this year as always. Enforcement action was taken.
COs Ivan Perez, Greg Patten and Cary Foster conducted patrols on the Grand River and Lake Michigan. Citations were issued for expired boat registrations, insufficient PFDs and boats having no fire extinguishers. COs also cited anglers for fishing without licenses and trolling with too many lines.
CO Dave Rodgers conducted marine patrols on Reeds Lake in Kent County, citing five for various fishing and marine violations.
CO Rodgers and Sgt. John Jurcich patrolled the Grand River from Grand Rapids to the Bass River Recreation Area, citing six for fishing without licenses, or having insufficient PFDs aboard their vessels. Numerous warnings were given for other marine equipment violations.
CO Greg Patten patrolled Silver Lake State Park with CO Perez, citing two operators for taking vehicles beyond the ORV boundary areas, operating without seat belts, and operating an ORV while license is suspended.


COs Shane Webster, Damon Owens, Derek Miller, Dan Bigger, and Sgt. Troy Bahlau conducted a group ORV patrol on the CIS trail from Corunna to St. John. The patrol covered over 60 miles of trail. Two tickets were issued for illegal ORV activity and several other violations were addressed including locating two set minnow traps in the river located next to the trail with no name or address.
CO Pete Purdy was checking anglers along Shaw Lake in Shiawassee County when he came upon a group of three anglers. One angler produced a fishing license; the other two anglers didn’t have fishing licenses. A check through LEIN revealed one of the anglers had a federal felony warrant through the US Marshall Service and ATF for felony firearm possession and considered armed and dangerous. CO Purdy took the subject into custody without incident and he was lodged in the Shiawassee County Jail to await pick-up by the ATF.
CO Todd Thorn checked a group of anglers bass fishing from their boat and learned that although one of them stated he had fishing licenses from 15 different states, neither one of them had a fishing license for the State of Michigan. Enforcement action was taken.
CO Brad Brewer worked a complaint from a resident who lives next to the Lost Nation Game Area. The complainant called CO Brewer just before dark one night, upset that his neighbor might be shooting deer. CO Brewer responded to the location and found the subject standing in the drive of his hunting property. During the check and conversation, it was apparent that he had been turkey hunting with two of his buddies. They each had shot numerous times at different turkeys but nobody actually hit anything.
CO Brian Fish was called to a home in Battle Creek regarding a fawn being picked up at a cemetery in the center of the county. The fawn was returned to the cemetery to its waiting mother.


CO Kris Kiel was checking shore anglers at Lake St. Clair Metropark when he came across a subject with a severe language barrier. The CO had to show the subject his own fishing license to get him to show his. When the CO made a motion with his hand to show a swimming “fish,” the subject took him to his tackle box where a 22-inch northern pike was found curled up in the bottom. At that time, the subject asked a one word question, “Ticket?” Enforcement action was taken.
CO Mike Drexler checked a vessel coming off the Detroit River with three very quiet anglers on board. The first problem CO Drexler noticed with the anglers’ catch was an undersized smallmouth bass taken during the closed season. The more serious issue involved the anglers possessing 137 white bass over their limit. Citations were issued for take/possess bass during the closed season and possessing 137 white bass over the limit. Reimbursement will be sought in both violations, totaling $700.
COs Todd Szyska and Kris Kiel conducted a midnight patrol on Lake St. Clair up into the St. Clair River. Many anglers were contacted due to anglers being entered in the Marble Eye Walleye Tournament. Two vessels were anchored in the North Channel off of Decker’s Landing. The subjects were fishing for walleyes. One subject was fishing without a license and was found to be revoked from purchasing hunting/fishing licenses by the Friend of the Court. The other vessel could not provide enough PFDs for the occupants. Enforcement action was taken.
While on marine patrol, CO John Borkovich was conducting surveillance on a vessel whose occupants were fishing. After a few minutes, the CO watched as one of the anglers had a large fish on and was fighting it for some time. When the anglers landed the fish, they were excited as it was a large sturgeon. The officer waited to see what the subjects were going to do with the fish since it was snagged in the tail. The anglers took a photograph of the fish and released it. When the CO contacted the subjects they admitted to walleye fishing and knew better than to take a 36-inch sturgeon snagged in the tail and out of season.
CO Ken Kovach received an in-progress RAP complaint of a subject in Port Huron fishing from the boardwalk and keeping bass. The complainant informed the CO that the subject was keeping the bass in a large bag and that this has been an ongoing problem. The CO watched the subject for a few minutes. The subject caught a bass, pulled a burlap bag out of the river, and placed the fish in it. CO Kovach contacted the subject, who was an out of state resident without a fishing license. The burlap bag was half full of bass, some of which were undersized. Enforcement action was taken along with bond for the various out of season violations.

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