Quinn's signature would mean open crossbow hunting during part of archery season

Ralph LoosAmid the flurry of bills that passed and failed late last week as the spring legislative session wound down, House Bill 4819 seemed to get lost in the debris.

Some of you know it as the "Crossbow bill."

If you haven't heard, it passed. All that stands between legal crossbow hunting during the second half of the archery deer season is the signature of Gov. Pat Quinn, who is expected to sign it.

Currently, law only allows disabled hunters or those over the age of 62 to use crossbows.

Passing HB 4819 was a compromise of sorts, and bowhunting groups in the state are not pleased that the bill passed. But they had little choice, given the threat of an even more "open" crossbow season, one that possibly could have included the entire archery season.

Meanwhile, there are bigger problems for hunters in the state. Senate Bill 1566, also known as the "DNR Sustainability Bill," failed in the Senate and leaves DNR with all sort of funding conundrums. How DNR supporters pick up the pieces in the aftermath of the spring session is a big question right now.

Stay tuned.

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