Illinois Cuffs & Collars – June 1st, 2012

Region I

A District 6 CPO, along with a McHenry County CPO, concluded an investigation into hunting violations committed by a Boone County man during the last two days of the Illinois CWD firearms season. As a result of this investigation, the Boone County man was charged in Boone County with the following offenses: unlawful taking of a six-point buck without a firearms deer permit; attempting to take a six-point buck without a firearms deer permit; unlawfully participating in a deer hunting party, with a gun, after taking the legal limit of deer; failure to tag a “button buck” immediately upon kill; hunting deer without a 2011 Illinois hunting license; hunting deer without a 2011 Illinois habitat stamp and unlawfully leaving a harvested deer in the field without attaching a temporary harvest tag in the prescribed manner (two counts). The Boone County man was charged in McHenry County with hunting deer without a 2011 Illinois hunting license; hunting deer without a 2011 Illinois habitat stamp; failure to tag deer immediately upon kill; failure to report firearm deer harvest on date of kill and falsification of Illinois harvest records.
A CPO discovered a fire burning on the east side of Snakeden Hollow. The brush/grass fire extended from the entrance of Lake McMaster to the Hunter Parking Lot E Entrance (approximately one-half mile in length by 50 yards wide). Approximately 40-45 large round hay bales south of Parking Lot E were also on fire. A nearby residence was downwind of the fire. The Victoria Fire Department was alerted through the Knox County 911 dispatch center. Fire departments from Victoria, Wataga/Oneida, and Williamsfield all responded over the next several hours. Water sources were nearly depleted from Victoria and then water was drawn from Lake McMaster at Snakeden Hollow to fight the fire. The fire was extinguished by sunset and no other property damage – beyond the hay bales – was sustained on the site. The bales had been left on site by the tenant farmer from the prior year. The fire appeared to be intentionally set near Parking Lot F, just inside the entrance to Lake McMaster off Route 28.
A CPO conducted boat and fishing enforcement at Lake McMaster in Snakeden Hollow State Fish and Wildlife Area. A written warning was issued to a boat operator who did not have a sufficient number of proper sized wearable personal flotation devices on board. A written warning was issued for operation of an outboard motor larger than the 10 horsepower restriction. A citation was issued for no valid boat trailer registration.
Two District 7 CPOs were checking fishermen at Powerton Lake in Tazewell County by jon boat. A bank fisherman was fishing without a valid sport fishing license. After running the subject, dispatch advised he was wanted for an outstanding traffic warrant out of Kankakee County. The subject was taken into custody, transported to Tazewell County Jail, and enforcement action was taken for the “no fishing license” violation.
A CPO arrested a Winnebago County man for unlawfully feeding wild deer in violation of the state administrative rule to combat chronic wasting disease.
An Eldridge, La., man pleaded guilty to the falsification and use of deer permits by a non-resident. He was born and raised in Henry County, Illinois, but then moved to Iowa. The man used his childhood address to apply for the deer permits. He illegally harvested a doe and failed to check in the harvest. The man appeared in court and pleaded guilty to all charges. He was fined $720 total and his hunting privileges were suspended for two years.
A District 1 CPO investigated a trespass complaint in Ogle County where a subject was discovered trespassing after his picture was discovered by the landowner while reviewing his trail camera photographs. The offender was located and admitted to being on the property without permission. The subject was charged with criminal trespass.

Region II

CPOs arrested a subject who was fishing from a boat on the Fox River for possession of cannabis more than 2.5 grams but less than 10 grams and possession of drug paraphernalia. The subject had just smoked prior to the officers stop and reeked of burnt cannabis.
A CPO is investigating the siphoning of gasoline from the holding tanks at Illinois Beach State Park. A park employee went to fill up his state vehicle at the gas pumps when he noticed two 5-gallon gas tanks and gasoline running onto the ground from a siphon hose. He left the area to call 911 and after returning 15 minutes later, the hose and portable gas tanks were gone. He encountered a suspicious vehicle and person in another area of the park and reported the information to the CPO.
On his way to assist wildlife biologists with the CWD program, a CPO drove through Moraine Hills State Park. At approximately 1 p.m. he observed a subject who had traveled off the main park road and was stuck. Upon assisting the subject, the CPO observed that the subject had extremely glassy and bloodshot eyes and that his speech was slurred. The subject was subsequently arrested for DUI and had a 0.095 percent blood-alcohol content at 1:30 p.m. after a heavy night of drinking alcohol and soda. The subject was upset because he just got his driver’s license back from a previous DUI and was tired of blowing into the breathalyzer machine hooked up to his vehicle.
A District 3 CPO received a complaint of individuals fishing on private property without permission from the landowner. Upon responding to the location, the CPO observed two boats on the private lake, each occupied by two fishermen. Contact was made with all the violators, two of which were dropped off at the lake and snuck in. Enforcement action was taken.
A District 3 CPO received a complaint of a male subject exposing himself to others within the state park. After taking a report from the complainant, the CPO searched and later located the violator, who was engaged in sexual activity within the park with another male. Both were arrested for public indecency.

Region III

A CPO arrested a De Witt County woman for DUI in Mclean County. The CPO heard a local dispatch regarding a possible DUI heading northbound on Route 51 from De Witt County. The vehicle passed his location and was all over both northbound lanes of traffic. The CPO attempted to stop the vehicle but it would not pull over, it was travelling 45-50 mph. The CPO followed the vehicle until it eventually pulled over at its destination in Bloomington. When asked if the operator saw the emergency lights behind her, she replied “Yes, but I didn’t think they were for me.” The operator had a BAC of 0.30 percent.
A CPO handled a personal injury boat accident at Clinton Lake. He responded to a reported “fall overboard” of a 75-year-old man. The man was trying to exit his boat at the Westside Boat Access when he miss-stepped and fell between the boat and the dock. Fire and rescue were able to retrieve the man from the water and transported him for treatment to a Bloomington Hospital.

Region IV

A CPO closed out his case in Bond County involving deer poaching. The subject was found guilty on three charges and was ordered to pay a total fine of $1,500. He was also ordered to forfeit his .22 rifle to DNR.
A CPO investigated a deer hunting complaint in Washington County involving a subject living in Randolph County. The CPO found the subject harvested a deer during the late winter season in a county that was closed to hunting. He also learned the subject had been denied a FOID card due to his criminal history. The subject was in possession of three firearms, which were seized.
A CPO investigated a deer hunting complaint in Randolph County involving a subject harvesting a buck during the late winter season. The CPO seized an 8-point buck rack from the subject and also found his FOID card was canceled due to delinquent child support. The CPO found the subject had two firearms in his possession. The subject was charged with the unlawful take of the buck.
A CPO, on routine patrol in St. Clair County at Baldwin Lake, observed two subjects in a boat approaching the boat ramp. As they  pulled up to the dock, the CPO made contact with them. One subject quickly became nervous and stated he was not fishing. He was holding two fishing poles, a tackle box, and a stringer with a 17-inch hybrid striper when he made this comment. After interviews, the subject admitted to fishing and he did not have a valid license. The subject owed child support and could not purchase a license.
A CPO responded to a call from a Monroe County deputy regarding illegal netters he had been trying to catch in Monroe County. The CPO observed the subjects while with the Monroe County deputy as they were using a covert vehicle. He observed three subjects using a 200-foot seine net on a landlocked slough along the Mississippi River. The subjects were apprehended with a total of 564 pounds of fish, including channel, flathead, and blue catfish, pike, walleyes, largemouth bass, crappies, bluegills, paddlefish, buffaloes, grass carp and a single bullfrog. Multiple charges have been filed.
A CPO made a subsequent arrest from his investigation pertaining to the illegal sale of venomous snakes. This arrest involved the same subject and involved the purchase and failure to pay for a venomous snake from a subject in Oregon. The subject has an additional appearance in St. Clair County Court.

Region V

A CPO seized two live traps that were set to catch raccoons. The traps were set on a pond on Ferne Clyffe State Park property and were in a no hunting/trapping restricted area.
A CPO arrested a Saline County subject last April during the floods who had driven his car around barricades into a closed area of Fort Massac State Park. He then drove into the water and the car stalled. The car had to be towed out. Citations were issued for entering a closed area and for littering. Trash had been thrown out of the car into the water. The subject pleaded guilty and paid $430.
A CPO and officers with USFWS responded to a capsized boat call on Crab Orchard Lake. The man was in his 14-foot jon boat running his trot lines. He was finished running the lines and ready to head in when his prop got into his own trot line. It pulled the stern of the boat down and it filled with water and then capsized. The man had his life jacket on and swam to shore. He then phoned the incident in. The CPO and the USFWS officer cut the trot line out of the prop, towed the boat to shore and uprighted the boat. There was no damage (except loss of a battery and one anchor) and no injury.
A CPO investigated a permit violation by a deer hunter in the Johnston City area. The man quickly told the CPO that he had purchased a bow permit in his daughter’s name and then reported the 10-point buck as her kill. He thought a hunter could only kill one buck. This hunter had his own archery deer permit at the time he killed the deer. He was issued two citations and a written warning.
A CPO came across three male subjects fishing at Crab Orchard Lake. Two of the subjects were from China visiting their uncle. The CPO allowed them to go to Wal-Mart and purchase non-resident fishing licenses and issued them written warnings.
A CPO investigated the shooting of a trumpeter swan at Grassy Lake Hunt Club in Union County. The club called the DNR to report the incident. The club was holding a wounded warrior snow goose hunt for six soldiers of the 101st Airborne. These men have all been wounded while serving their country and are in a wounded warrior transition unit at Fort Campbell. They got a flock of snow geese in and shot several birds. The guide left the pit to retrieve three crippled birds. He left the electronic call running while he was going to be gone. The guide had chased one of the cripples all the way out of the field. The soldiers had the sun in their faces and saw four white birds coming toward them. As they got close, one of the soldiers yelled, “Don’t shoot…they’re not snows.” One of the hunters sitting with the speaker of the electronic call right by his left ear thought he heard, “shoot… they’re snows.” This soldier stood and shot and killed one of the trumpeter swans. The guide was in a vehicle getting driven back out to the pit when he saw the swan fall from the sky. He had all the soldiers leave their equipment and return to the club house to call the DNR. The soldier who shot the swan was injured by a roadside bomb and had brain damage and loss of hearing. USFWS was advised and they did not wish to pursue charges. The soldier was issued a written warning.
A CPO cited a man for catching 17 crappies with a cast net at Rend Lake. While patrolling Ten Mile Creek SFWA, the CPO arrested a man on a Missouri warrant.
A CPO assisted Saline County with a person who fell at Garden of the Gods recreation area. The CPO also investigatied a couple of burned areas at Sahara Woods.

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