ATV/UTV plates needed by July 1, 2012

Jerry DavisA formal notice was issued by the WDNR this week reminding ATV and UTV users, but only those whose machines are registered as public use machines, that the machines are required to have a back “license” plate by July 1, 2012.

This requirement does not apply to machines used on private property or farm use machines.  But if someone takes the machine, even occasionally, onto public trails, lands, etc., they’ll need a plate.

The plate does not replace the registration decal and registering a machine does not get you a plate.

This is one of the few instances when a plate is required and is not issued by an agency, so users will have to make or purchase from a supplier, a plate having a minimum size of 4.0 inches by 7.5 inches.

The background should be white, the four numbers and two letters must be black, be 1.5 inches tall and have a 3/16 inch stroke (width of the ink making the letter).

A good place to start searching for a plate is the Wisconsin ATV Association.  More outlets are likely to crop up in the future.  The associate estimates the cost for a single plate will be $8 to $15.

One sign maker suggested a plate this size it too big to last on the back of an ATV, plus there is not a good place to attach one, he said.

The numbers on the plate will remain the same throughout the life of the machine and include the four numbers and last two letters on the registration decal.

Apparently most folks thought ATVs and UTVs should be able to be identified in case the driver acted in an irresponsible way, just as is the case with cars, trucks and people in a foot or bicycle race.

Minnesota requires similar plates, so this idea cannot be all bad, right?

I would think this would be a good case for retaining the backtag on an archer or gun deer hunter.

Does anyone remember when turkey hunters use to have backtags, too?

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