Clark County fire results in fish kill

Jane BeathardSpringfield, Ohio – The Clark County oil company that was the scene of a devastating fire on April 19 may soon be hit with a civil lawsuit for a fish kill resulting from the blaze.

Joel Buddelmeyer, acting law enforcement supervisor for the Ohio DNR's wildlife division, said the fire at R.D. Holder Oil Co., 2219 Folk Ream Road, killed 5,685 fish, salamanders, frogs and crayfish in the east fork of Donnels Creek. The creek is a tributary of the Mad River.

Among the fish species killed were black bass, catfish, sunfish, suckers and a variety of darters.

The bulk of animals killed were found between Detrick Jordan Pike and Green Ridge Avenue in Pike Township, west of Springfield. Local residents expressed concern about dead marine life littering the shoreline.

Wildlife investigators calculated the dollar value of the kill in recent days, but that figure has not been released by the state. It's expected the wildlife division will attempt to recoup that amount. However, a decision was made to avoid charging the company criminally, Buddelmeyer said.

The company handled lubricants at the site. Both private and public hazardous materials teams used booms and a dam to contain contaminants from moving more than a quarter mile downstream.

The Dayton Water Department closed its Mad River intakes overnight on April 19 as a precaution. And, the Ohio EPA will continue to monitor the stream and other water sources near the fire site.

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