Illinois Cuffs & Collars – May 4th, 2012

Region I

A CPO conducted several deer permit investigations. Two individuals were issued citations for failure to tag deer immediately upon kill in Knox and Fulton counties. The father of one subject was issued a written warning for being an accessory to the violation.
A District 1 CPO concluded an investigation of a Lee County archery hunter who had purchased a second set of archery permits 50 minutes before checking in two bucks. The subject had shot one of the bucks during a morning hunt, lost the blood trail and was unable to recover it. The hunter went back out hunting and killed a second buck. While retrieving the second buck, the first buck was located. The subject then purchased another tag for the buck he initially thought was lost. Appropriate enforcement was taken.
A District 7 CPO followed up on a deer case from 2011 in Peoria County. The suspect pleaded guilty to four deer hunting violations, had two buck deer heads seized/forfeited and paid $1,100 in fines and court costs. The suspect will also lose his hunting privileges for 18 months.
A CPO received a complaint of a subject trapping out of season. After making contact with the subject in the field, the investigation lead to the subject’s residence where the CPO was given consent to enter the subject’s garage to look at a coyote that had been trapped out of season. While in the garage, the CPO observed a handgun. The CPO later found the subject, who lived at the residence alone, had a revoked FOID card. The CPO returned to the residence later in the day with assistance from a district sergeant and CPO. The three CPOs obtained consent to search the subject’s residence for firearms and ammunition. Nine firearms and hundreds of rounds of ammunition were discovered and seized from the residence. Charges are pending.
A District 7 officer cited a Fulton County resident for shooting a buck without a valid permit. The subject had previously filled his either sex permit and didn’t buy a second permit. The antlers from the deer were seized as evidence.
A District 7 officer cited a McDonough County subject for unlawful taking of a protected species. The case involved taking a deer without a valid permit.
A CPO responded to a trespassing complaint in Knox County. A landowner had received a call from a neighbor after observing a subject in camouflage riding an ATV into a wooded area. Upon arriving, a foot patrol of the 200-plus acre property was conducted. A subject was located on an ATV on adjacent property shed antler hunting. After a brief interview, the man admitted to driving on several properties adjacent to his while looking for deer antlers. Two of the landowners were contacted after the interview. Neither knew the man and their properties were not adequately posted for trespassing. They were advised of the posting requirements and/or giving notice to this subject for any future incidents to be prosecuted.
A CPO is working on a detail at Big Bend State Fish and Wildlife area. Multiple complaints were received about treestands being left at the park year after year and not being removed by Feb. 1 yearly as required by administrative rule 670.60C. In February, 27 treestands and one ground blind were seized. Multiple citations have been issued so far and will continue to be issued.
A CPO finished an administrative permit investigation. A Port Byron woman purchased a deer hunting permit over the counter. A deer was checked in on this permit the same day (40 minutes later). An interview was conducted and the subject stated she did harvest the deer herself and went on to tell a story about how she harvested it. After the CPO confronted her on several points that didn’t make sense she admitted she did not kill the deer. An interview was conducted with the subject who actually shot the deer and used the lady’s permit. The person who shot the deer stated he shot a deer that was standing in tall grass at about 60 yards away. The subject then thought the deer ran toward him and he shot it again. When the hunter went to tag the deer he heard movement in the grass area he originally shot into. When the hunter investigated, he realized he killed two deer and had only one valid permit with him. Instead of calling a CPO and explaining the situation, he opted to call the female family member and attempt to cover it up. The hunter had the family member buy a permit in her name and bring it to him. Doing this is a serious violation for both people involved and is a Class A misdemeanor that requires a person to be taken to jail and processed and is also a mandatory one year suspension of hunting privileges. The CPO took all the factors into consideration and opted to issue written warnings to the subjects for the Class A misdemeanor and issue three citations for lesser violations. The CPO explained that had they called, and he was able to investigate the situation in person, the act probably would have resulted in a written warning at the most if anything at all was issued. The people were inexperienced hunters that made a bad decision and not bad people. The lady expressed disappointment in herself for telling the lie to the CPO.

Region II

A subject arrested for operating a watercraft while under the influence of alcohol (OUI) with a BAC of 0.119 pleaded guilty to the violation. He was fined $850 and given 18 months court supervision.
Two deer hunters were arrested for unlawful transfer of a deer permit, failure to tag deer and failure to properly report harvest. One hunter pleaded guilty to unlawful transfer of a deer permit and was fined $167. The second hunter pleaded guilty to failure to tag deer and was fined $300. 
A subject arrested for the unlawful take of a buck pleaded guilty to the violation. He was fined $400 and given 12 months court supervision.
A District 3 CPO observed a vehicle run off the roadway before accelerating to more than 30 mph in excess of the posted speed limit. Upon stopping the vehicle, the driver and passenger were determined to be in possession of open alcohol. The driver was arrested for illegal transportation of alcohol, speeding and improper lane usage.

Region III

A CPO arrested a Dewitt County subject for unlawfully possessing a firearm and firearm ammunition with a revoked FOID card. The CPO was called by the sheriff's office regarding shooting that was going on out in the county. As the subject was leaving the area he had hidden his firearm from the CPO. The CPO found the freshly fired shotgun shells and numerous broken clay pigeons in the area the subject had come from. The subject’s shotgun also was found.
A CPO arrested two Dewitt County subjects for criminal trespass on power plant property. The CPO found the subjects fishing in the hot water discharge ditch of the Clinton Nuclear Power Station. This time of year fish congregate heavily in the warm water and are very easy to catch.
CPOs arrested a subject for unlawful possession of an endangered species. After receiving a complaint, the officers found the subject to be in possession of an endangered turtle.
A CPO arrested a subject in a deer investigation for unlawful transfer of deer tags. When the subject was interviewed regarding the number of deer he killed, he failed to account for the deer that his buddy killed and tagged with his permit. 
Region 3 CPOs assisted Decatur Police and Fire departments in locating a suicidal subject that was missing and believed to have jumped from a bridge into Lake Decatur. CPOs utilizing boats and side scan sonar were able to confirm a target of interest previously identified by Lake Patrol. CPOs marked the target within 4 feet with a buoy, allowing divers to recover the subject’s body.
A CPO observed a vehicle enter into a cemetery area in Wolf Creek State Park. After a period of time, the CPO again saw the vehicle at the same location and decided to check on the subject driving. Upon walking up to the vehicle the driver, an Effingham resident, was sitting in the vehicle with a plastic bag of cannabis in her hand. She set the bag of cannabis down and began texting not realizing the CPO was standing at the driver's side window observing her. She was arrested and transported to jail for possession of cannabis and no vehicle insurance.
The region captain and a CPO arrested three subjects for fishing in a restricted area at Clinton Lake. The subjects were reported by a Clinton Lake DNR Park employee who saw their vehicle parked next to a sign advising the area was closed to fishing.

Region IV

A CPO received a complaint from a landowner in Jersey County of a subject removing a skull and antlers from his property and taking it back to Texas with him. The CPO was in the process of contacting a conservation officer from Texas when the subject came back to Illinois and wanted a salvage tag for the rack. The CPO met the subject, seized the rack and skull, and issued the subject a citation.
A CPO received a complaint of subjects in Jersey County shooting ducks, geese, and other birds, while they were snow goose hunting. The CPO walked the area and retrieved a seagull. A CPO and district sergeant interviewed three subjects. They admitted to shooting two mallards, a Canada goose, and a seagull.
A CPO came across a personal injury accident close to his house while he was off duty. He rendered assistance, secured the scene, and collected identification for Adams County Sheriff's Department. One of the drivers had a revoked drivers license, his license had been revoked for approximately 10 years for DUI. The subject was charged with felony driving while revoked.
A CPO investigated a subject who purchased an either-sex archery permit at 9:05 a.m. and then checked in a deer at 10:29 a.m. on the same day. The CPO proceeded to the residence to conduct an interview. It was obvious from the interview that this subject had not harvested a 12-point buck with their bow, but rather it was her husband that harvested the deer. After watching his wife endure the CPOs questions, the husband admitted to harvesting the deer and then purchasing a tag in his wife’s name to tag the deer. The husband confessed the deer suffered from “ground shrinkage” and he didn’t want to waste his either sex tag. The CPO noted several deer racks in the garage but one in particular caught his eye. It was a recently European mounted 12-point buck on a plaque. The tag on the rack was the tag belonging to the wife. The name on the plaque identifying the buck hunter was that of the husband. Enforcement action was taken.
A CPO investigated a subject who checked in a deer on the evening a tag was purchased. His investigation revealed the subject harvested a doe and they did not want to use their either-sex tag. Therefore, they purchased an antlerless only tag at the local Wal-Mart and tagged the deer. Enforcement action was taken.
A CPO investigated a case in which a subject reported a deer harvest shortly after purchasing a tag. The subject admitted to harvesting a small fawn and failing to tag it immediately. The subject stated he did not want to quit hunting so he didn’t tag the deer right away. He then went to town and purchased an antlerless only tag.  Enforcement action was taken.
A CPO investigated a subject who checked in a deer shortly after purchasing a permit. A check of his records revealed he had reported a buck on Nov. 7, 2011. He then checked in a buck on Nov. 12, 2011, shortly after he purchased the permit. When interviewed, the subject admitted to going out to harvest a doe but harvested a buck instead and he did not have an either sex tag in his possession. The subject purchased the tag afterward. Enforcement action was taken.

Region V

A CPO investigated an incident on the Tunnel Hill Trail where a Johnson County man had driven his truck on the trail, knocked down and busted in two 4×6 wood post with a sign that read “No Motorized Vehicles on trail” before crashing his truck in a ditch. He received citations and several written warnings.
A CPO observed a man fishing in the Kinkaid Lake spillway basin. He was only using a spool of fishing line and a hook. When he was approached he did not have a fishing license. He was cited for the violation.
A CPO was brought into a shooting investigation initiated by Illinois State Police investigators. The subjects were coyote hunting. The CPO investigated the hunting accident. After consulting with the Hamilton County State’s Attorney’s Office, the CPO issued citations for having a loaded firearm in a vehicle and shooting upon a roadway.
A CPO conducted several timber truck inspections. One resulted in the owner of a concentration yard meeting with the CPO. The owner was explained the correct way to complete timber transportation paperwork.
A CPO seized two bucks from the same taxidermist as a result of two separate investigations.
A CPO issued two citations for unlawful entry/damage on Prairie Ridge State Natural Area in Jasper County.
A CPO said two subjects paid a total of $720 for unlawfully taking a deer in Marion County.
A CPO issued a Johnson County subject a citation and written warnings for taking a deer unlawfully without having a deer permit, license or habitat stamp.

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