Crappie, perch, walleyes all biting around Ohio – Central Region Report

Griggs Reservoir (Franklin County)

This 361-acre reservoir in Columbus provides good crappie and black bass fishing. When fishing for crappies, try around woody cover in deeper water and old river beds using jigs and minnows suspended by a float. As water temperatures warm fish will move to shallower areas to spawn. Smallmouth bass can be caught in deep water around woody or rocky cover this time of year. Tubes and jigs can be very productive.

Indian Lake (Logan County)

Saugeyes and crappies are the two most active fish right now in this 5,040-acre lake northwest of Columbus. Saugeyes can be taken with tubes and jigs tipped with a minnow in deeper water. Fish the Old Indian Lake area, south of Dream Bridge, and Moundwood areas. The riprap along Southbank is also worth a try. Crappies are being caught using jigs or jigs and minnows around woody structure and boat docks. As water warms back up, crappies should return to the canals and lily pads.

Delaware Lake (Delaware)

This 1,017 acre lake north of Columbus provides excellent crappie fishing. Fish the primary points of the old creek channel using jig and minnows suspended by a float around woody cover. Move shallower as water temperatures warm. White bass should migrate up the Whetstone Creek and Olentangy river arms of the reservoir in early May as water temperatures continue to warm. Largemouth bass can be caught on tubes and other plastics around woody cover and primary points.

Hoover Reservoir (Delaware and Franklin Counties)

As lake water temperatures warm, crappies should move from deep water into shallower water. Target creek channels with wood that are close to shallower water. Try jig and minnows around submerged timber. Saugeyes are located by the dam in good numbers right now. Use plastics or crankbaits fished close to the bottom for best results. White bass should be moving up the creeks in early May if the weather continues to warm. Try plastic jigs and spinners for good action. 

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