Up your 2012 angling odds with newer, better fishing line

I remember as a kid you either were in the Trilene camp or the Stren Camp. The reason for allegiance was probably due to whatever Dad used on his Mitchell 300, not which one
preformed better.

Today, they’re a dozens of lines and although their names, and the technology used to create them, are hard to pronounce – boy do they have it goin’ on!

They’re so thin you can hardly see ’em and so strong you could reel in a Sasquatch. Knott strength, well, read the directions as often times a good old improved clench knot isn’t going to cut it.

Read below for the 2012 roster of lines and determine what is best suited for your fishing needs. There’s bound to be something to keep that trophy in “line.”


PowerPro now offers its new Super 8 Slick braided fishing lines catered to both fresh and saltwater anglers. PowerPro Super 8 Slick is constructed with eight yarn Honeywell Spectra fiber for an extremely silky-smooth surface for castability but it is also very silent as it passes over the rod guides. Awesome knot strength and high abrasion resistance is standard.
For a stealthy, color-blending presentation – giving avid bass anglers an advantage – Super 8 Slick is offered in a aqua green color when fishing over soft-cover, underwater vegetation like weed beds, and in timber brown color when fishing in hard-cover such as flooded trees and brush piles.
For in the saltwater there is a low-vis or high-vis color depending on the technique being used (marine blue and high-vis yellow.)

Berkley Nanofill

It’s not a mono and not really a braid. It’s unique. NanoFil is made out of gel-spun polyethylene, much like a superline and consists of hundreds of Dyneema nanofilaments that are molecularly linked and shaped into a unified filament fishing line.

Dyneema, “the World’s Strongest Fiber,”
gives it superline type strength and a uni-filament process makes it feel and handle like a smooth monofilament. It’s Berkley’s thinnest line yet and no line memory means less tangles and longer casts.

Also new is Trilene XL Armor, which has all the great qualities people have grown to love with XL – it’s castability, limpness, and ease-of-use but now is tougher thanks two bonded layers. One is for strength, and one for flexibility.


Maxima Treazure has 10 times the abrasion resistance of conventional monofilament lines but is supple and handles beautifully on both casting and spinning reels. It’s remarkably strong and has outstanding knot strength. It’s available in clear or green. The green is a proprietary blend of color pigment that enables it change its hues to match the surrounding environment.


Yo-Zuri's new H20 in “Invisible Green” is 100 fluorocarbon with reduced shine. The special color helps the silhouette of the line blend in with the natural color of water and its surroundings. It’s perfect for sunny days when clear fluorocarbon can “shine” a bit underwater.


Reaction FC is a great casting fluorocarbon with a little more stretch to help control fish surges. A double resin process creates a slick surface for long casts and a high specific gravity gets crankbaits deeper. It’s perfect for any reaction bait like spinnerbaits, chatterbaits, or lipless cranks. It’s dyed grey/blue to help hide it in the water.


Sufix 832 Ghost provides anglers with a new white-color that provides superior visibility above water but is nearly invisible under. Sufix 832 is a patent-pending advanced superline comprised of three main technology features.

The first is Dyneema fibers, which contribute to the small diameter, high strength and sensitivity of the fishing line. Secondly, the GORE Performance Fibers add improved abrasion resistance, noise and vibration reduction. Lastly, the R8 Precision Braiding and fiber technology add superior strength, roundness and line consistency.

Also new is Sufix Castable Invisiline 100 percent Fluorocarbon. It sails off a spinning or baitcasting reel thanks to Sufix’s premium G2 precision winding process. Designed with a low-stretch index for optimal hook-setting power, Sufix Castable Invisiline sinks four times faster than traditional nylon lines – getting the lure to the sweet spot faster.


Senshi from Seaguar is a premium, clear monofilament that provides the ideal balance of strength and sensitivity. It features exceptional knot and tensile strength for solid hook-sets but is also soft and supple for castability. This sensitive, thin-diameter line easily detects structure, lure action and strikes to improve your catch ratio.

Also new is their Kanzen braid, a high performance braid made from advanced ultra-thin microfiber strands in a high-density weave. This thin-diameter line is designed for maximum knot strength and abrasion
resistance yet is amazingly soft for smooth
casting and sensitivity.


Already known for making some of the nicest reels on the planet, Daiwa is also making one of the better lines too. Daiwa Samurai braid casts longer and is more flexible than many other braids on the market. A unique eight-strand weave also helps it to keep it round shape and has a faster sinking rate than most- perfect to get you down deep fast.


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