Unusual warm, dry weather leaves streams low – North Central Report

Penn’s Creek (Union County)

Water was low, clear and in the 50s but fishing well March 31. Stonefly and caddisfly nymphs were working, although a few trout were surface-feeding on dry stoneflies and Blue-Winged Olives. Hendricksons began emerging March 31, about a month ahead of schedule. Small streamers (6 or smaller) cast along stream edges and current breaks was recommended. Nymphing with small to mid-size flies also worked. Hatches included blue-winged olives (18), midges, Black Stoneflies (12-18), Quill Gordons (12) and Hendricksons (14).

Sayres Lake (Centre County)

Anglers were catching crappies and perch on jigs and live bait, in the slightly higher water of late March. Mild weather spurred an increase in boating pressure.

Spring Creek (Centre County)

Numbers of trout were released on flies, artificials and live bait in the warm weather of late March. Reminder: It is unlawful to be within 25 feet of the confluence of Spring Creek and Bald Eagle Creek with fishing equipment until opening day of trout season April 14. The section of Spring Creek from above the Stackhouse training school parking lot to the lower grounds of Bellefonte hatchery is ‘no wading,’ whether from shore or using kayaks and canoes.

Pine, Little Pine, Kettle creeks (Clinton, Lycoming counties)

Streams were a little low but generally in good shape through early April, and hatches were running about three weeks early, with blue quills, quill Gordons, and Hendricksons spotted.

Slate, Cedar runs (Tioga County)

Water was a little low, but nice hatch activity was reported, including blue quills, quill Gordons and Hendricksons.

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