Idaho's turkey, black bear seasons begin April 15

The general spring turkey and black bear hunts open Sunday, April 15 – turkey hunts run through May 25, and spring black bear closing dates vary.

A few bear hunts opened earlier in some areas where hunters may also use a second bear tag.

Dates for general season hunts are listed in the Upland Game or Big Game seasons and rules brochures, available at all Fish and Game offices and at license vendors statewide. The brochure is also on the Fish and Game Website at in PDF format.

Hunters also can use the convenient Idaho Hunt Planner, found in the hunting section of the Website, where detailed maps are available.

Hunters must have a valid Idaho hunting license and the appropriate tags.

Turkey hunters may buy two turkey tags – one general and one extra tag – for the spring season.

Resident adults pay $19.75 for the first tag and $12.25 for an extra tag. Discounted tags for youth, seniors and disabled veterans are $10.75. Nonresident turkey tags cost $80.00, except for junior mentored tags priced at $19.75.

Turkey hunting requires special attention to safety in the field. Hunting information and safety tips are found on the Fish and Game website:

Black bear hunters are reminded that grizzly bears may be encountered in many areas where black bears are also found. Hunters should know the difference.

Hunters are urged to learn more about bear identification on the Fish and Game website:

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