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The crappies and sunfish seem to be moving in and out with the sun from the shorelines out to eight feet on most lakes. If it’s cloudy, they’ve been tough to catch, but a few hours of sunshine will push them back into the shallows. Look to the small bays and shallow channels for bigger concentrations of fish.
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Crappies are being taken on the north end of White Bear Lake in 10 feet with a small jig and minnow. The St. Croix River is producing crappies near the Anderson’s Window plant in 10 feet or less. Walleyes continue to hit a jig and minnow at the Ford Dam on the Mississippi River. Look to Demonterville Lake for crappies and sunfish in eight to 10 feet. 
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Look for crappies in the bays of Lake Waconia in 10 feet when it’s cloudy, but they do slide into the shallows when the sun comes out. Lake Minnewashta, Steiger Lake, and Lake Bavaria are giving up crappies in shallow water when the sun comes out as well. A few sunfish can be had in eight to 12 feet with waxworms on Waconia and Red Rock Lake.
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When the sun is out, you’ll find crappies in the bays over three to six feet of water. If it’s cloudy or cold, these fish are hanging in deeper water, 10 to 16 feet, adjacent to the shallow locations. Lakes such as Clearwater, Sugar, Maple, Sylvia, Pleasant, Cedar, and French have all produced crappies via small jigs tipped with minnows or waxworms in recent days.
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The north end of North Center Lake is producing sunfish and crappies in three to six feet. Look to the channel on Chisago Lake for crappies and sunfish and Hazelton Bay on South Center Lake is producing mainly crappies. Generally speaking, most shallow bays are starting to give up crappies and sunfish when the weather is nice.
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