Deer Management Report by the Deer Doctors

Dean BortzWhat I've listed below is the initial report from Drs. James Kroll, David Guynn and Gary Alt. The full report, which totals about 186 pages compiled by the three trustees, is available at the DNR web site, and attached below. There is a lot of information to review and digest in this report, and I'm sure there are sections of it that will be pulled out over the next few weeks as hunters and the DNR try to digest this information.

There is one area that leaves me a little puzzled, and that's the criticism by the trio where they said the state should have a deer record book. The Wisconsin Buck and Bear Club (WBBC) has maintained the state's deer and bear records since about 1965. The WBBC is even recognized by the Wisconsin Legislature as the official record-keeping body for the state of Wisconsin in this regard. I doubt it could be sloppy research that left Kroll, Guynn and Alt wondering about the state deer record book, so just what are they trying to say about WBBC's record keeping efforts? I checked in with WBBC officials yesterday and today (April 3) to see if they have any insights on this matter, but they're as much in the dark as the rest of us. WBBC President Eli Randall said the deer trustees had never contacted him or any other WBBC officers to discuss the group's record book, but Randall said he is working at several levels now in an attempt to clarify the comment in the report.

The complete snyopsis can be found between pages 13 and 20 of the attached report.

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