New interactive online fishing map launched for Arizona

PHOENIX – Can a mouse help you catch fish? It can if it’s a computer mouse.

Finding out where to fish and lots of other great information is just a mouse click away thanks to a new interactive online fishing map just launched by the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

Just visit or and you will find 150 of Arizona’s best fishing lakes, streams and rivers.

Besides showing how to get there, the interactive fishing map also provides lots of other useful information, including the type of fish species, the available facilities and concessions, and even special regulations that might apply.

“This is an interactive Google map, which is very user friendly, so finding information about a fishery is just a click away, or maybe a touch away if you have a touch screen,” says Eric Swanson, the fisheries biologist who spearheaded creating the new site.

Swanson added that the map navigation is also keyed to other things, such as fish species. “For instance, if you want to know where to catch native Apache trout, then just click on the box and on the map it will show all the waters with these wonderful native trout. It’s simple, easy and very intuitive to use.”

The map also contains lots of information for recreational boaters as well. “By May we will be posting more detailed boating information, so from that standpoint, it’s a work in progress. The fishing information, however, is very robust,” Swanson says.

This is shaping up to be a good fishing year, so be sure to purchase your 2012 fishing license.

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