Fishing Report For Arizona March 28, 2012

Rory's tips:

Spring is definitely here and everything is kicking into high gear.

We just posted our spring-summer trout stocking schedule, with a little something extra. Or really, a lot extra. Click on the stream or lake on the schedule, and up will pop a Google map showing the fishery. Where appropriate, such as streams and rivers, the map also shows our stocking locations. No kidding! It's way cool. It is the brain child of Scott Gurtin who manages our hatchery system.

The full address is:

Way to go Scott!!!

Okay, if you are done playing with the stocking schedule, here's some more whiz-bang angler-friendly technology for you.

Remember our old interactive fishing map on our web site (that eventually died an ugly death)? Well, we've got a new online interactive fishing map and it's a dandy. Thanks to my buddy Eric Swanson, it's much, much better than the old one. This one is Google based and full of great information on 150 of Arizona's best lakes, streams and rivers. The address is:

Now when I mention some hot fishing spot or someplace to take the family or friends for a fishing expedition, you can go to the interactive fishing map and find out all about it. Or maybe Scott Gurtin's stocking report and find out where we stock trout, and when.

All this high-tech stuff just blows me away. It all makes it a lot easier to find the right place to go, or maybe, the new place to go to collect even more adventures.

Don't forget you can also get our official Arizona Fishing Guide published recently in a joint project with Arizona Highways magazine. In a way, I tried to provide not just how-to and where-to information, but also tried to capture the personality of the fishery as well.

Just visit any of our seven department offices, buy the fishing guide online from Arizona Highways or at, or purchase it at Barnes & Noble bookstores or Costco. Or you can come to our Game and Fish Outdoor Expo this weekend (March 31 and April 1) at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility on Carefree Highway (just west of I-17) and we'll have it for sale there, as will Arizona Highways (they have a booth). Plus, I will be hosting the fishing demonstration tank, so drop by, we can chat, and if you like, I will autograph your book.

Be sure to bring a passel of youngsters to this remarkable hands-on outdoor expo. Once again this year, we have doubled up and will have two kids fishing tanks set up.

Want to learn how to fillet fish? One of our retired fisheries biologists, Jim Warnecke, will be on hand to demonstrate how to fillet and cook fresh caught fish. JW makes the best fish tacos I have ever experienced.

A bunch of major firearms manufacturers will be at this activity-rich expo so you can try their latest and greatest for the nominal price of paying for the ammunition you expend. You don't need to bring your own eye and ear protection (we provide some), but it's not a bad idea to do so.

The cowboy action shooters (SAS) will be there, and you can cowboy-up and try their vintage firearms, or maybe step back even farther in time and try muzzleloaders (while humming Davey, Davey Crockett king of the wild frontier). If you don't know the tune from the old Disney TV series, try You Tube. Your kids (and grandkids) will love it — mine do.

Don't miss the amazing mounted cowboy shooters. They have their own arena at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility. You might get to see some of the top contenders in the nation riding horses at a gallop while weaving through pylons and shooting balloons. It's exciting stuff. Be sure to ask them what they fire from those pistols to pop the balloons; you'll be surprised.

And right next door you can watch the remarkable rock crawling vehicles do astounding feats of, well, articulation of the non-verbal kind. We've set out a magnificent boulder field just for them to astound you.

And guess what? It can't get much easier on the pocket book — there is no entry fee. There are, however, vendors with lots of good food to purchase if you get hungry. But don't expect to rush in and rush out — it can take a full day to experience everything there. Maybe even both days. Lots of folks return for more.

Come and join us. With any luck, I'll see you there.

If you don't come to the Expo, it sounds like both Roosevelt and Alamo are great for crappie right now. Bass are spawning. Trout are rising. It's a fantastic time to catch some memories. Also, it looks like this might be the year for 3- to 5-pound largemouth bass at Lake Powell. Yep, you read that right. Check out Wayne's Words below.

Also for your radar screen, for the first time this season on the first week of April we are stocking trout in Tonto Creek, Christopher Creek, Haigler Creek and the East Verde River. So it's time to rig up those old cane poles and get into a Huck Finn state of mind.

Here's another tidbit. Dogtown Lake near Williams is open, has been stocked, and the campground is open.

To view the rest of the fishing report CLICK HERE

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