New Nevada Dream Tags Give Sportsmen Another Chance

In the past, when a resident or nonresident hunter failed to get a big game tag in the annual draw, they would lower their heads with the knowledge that they would have to wait another year for a chance to hunt big game in Nevada.
This year is different.  This year, you still have a chance…lots of them.

The all new Nevada Dream Tags Program is a raffle that allows resident and nonresident sportsmen a chance at the hunt of a lifetime while also contributing to Nevada’s wildlife habitat.  The tags are similar to other western states’ raffle tags and “hunt of a lifetime” tags. 

“This new program is a big deal for both hunters and non-hunters alike in Nevada,” said Ken Mayer, director for the Nevada Department of Wildlife.  “On one hand it offers hunters a chance at an amazing hunt, and on the other hand it gives people the opportunity to help support much needed habitat restoration in the state.  Simply put, it’s a win-win for Nevada.”

All that is required to get started in the raffle is to first purchase a Resource Enhancement Stamp for $10.  Once you have your stamp, you can purchase an unlimited number of raffle tickets for each species available for only $5 each. 

This year raffle tickets can be purchased for antelope, California bighorn sheep, deer, desert (Nelson) bighorn sheep and elk.

All money raised by the Dream Tag program will be used for the preservation, protection, management and restoration of game and its habitat, as determined by the Advisory Board on Dream Tags.  

One of the best aspects of this raffle is the ability to purchase tickets for your family and friends. Anyone can go online and purchase their favorite hunter chances at the hunt of a lifetime for their birthday or Christmas or any special occasion. 

“If there is a big game hunter out there who wouldn’t want a chance at a desert bighorn or a bull elk tag as a gift, I sure haven’t met him” said Mayer. 

For those not interested in hunting, the Resource Enhancement Stamp can be purchased by anyone that wants to contribute to the preservation, protection, management and restoration of game and its habitat.
Tickets for the Nevada Dream Tag raffle are available now and will be sold until June 30.  The winners will be announced in early July.

All the funds raised through the Nevada Dream Tag raffle sales are placed into the Dream Tags Fund with the managing entity the Community Foundation of Western Nevada, a nonprofit organization that manages over 100 different funds with grant advisory boards of their own.  The Advisory Board on Dream Tags was appointed per statute and will  recommend the grantees. 

Tina Nappe, member of the Community Foundation's Advisory Board and a conservationist with a focus on Nevada wildlife, believes the new program gives everyone a chance to help Nevada’s wildlife. “For a modest contribution, everyone can invest in Nevada's wildlife through the Dream Tag account,” said Nappe.  “Contributors can be assured that funds will be managed wisely and the distribution of those funds will be in accordance with professional grant management and the goals of the program.”

For more information on the Nevada Dream Tags program, please visit the website at

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