Florida's FWC offering additional hog-hunting opportunities

Due to an abundance of wild hogs on portions of Aucilla and Blackwater wildlife management areas in Northwest Florida, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is encouraging hog hunters to take part in Small Game Area (SGA) hunts during the coming months in an effort to reduce number of hogs.

Five hog-dog hunts on the Aucilla SGA are set for
May 13-15;
June 10-12;
July 8-10;
Aug. 12-14; and
Sept. 9-11.

There will be 10 hunts on the Blackwater SGA:
May 6-8;
May 20-22;
June 3-5;
July 1-3;
July 15-17;
Aug. 5-7;
Aug. 19-21;
Sept. 2-4; and
Sept. 16-18.

Quota permits will not be required for any of the hunts. Hunters need only a hunting license and a management area permit.

Both still hunting and dog hunting will be allowed during the day. Hog dogs will be legal to use during the night hunts.

There will be no size or bag limits on hogs. Live hogs may not be removed from the area.

Hog hunting has been allowed on both areas for several years during other hunting seasons. Because of the large population of wild hogs on both areas, the FWC has established these management hunts and given hunters more hog-hunting opportunity.

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