40 Turkey Kills in 90 Seconds

Mark NaleA few days ago, I received an email from a marketing company with an ad from a turkey call maker. It included a link to a video titled, “40 Kills in 90 Seconds.” The maker claimed that the video would get me “fired up for turkey season.”

I clicked on the YouTube link and was subjected to images of one turkey gobbler after another being blown away — 40 in 90 seconds! At least, I trust that there were 40 kills, but I certainly didn’t stick around to watch them all.

My first thoughts were – “Wow, this is ammunition for the anti-hunters!” And, “How would a neutral non-hunter view this video?”

In no way did this get me fired up for spring gobbler season. Nor would I ever think of buying a product from that company.

Is this what some people think that hunting is all about? Not me.

Killing is an important part of hunting, and when I set out to hunt deer, grouse or whatever, my goal is to shoot something, but that isn’t why I go hunting. It is what my ancestors did, and I enjoy being a part of nature and proud that I have acquired the skills to outsmart some of the game animals, some of the time.

This type of video marketing only hurts the sport of hunting and paints all hunters in a bad light. I would rank it right up there with the “If it flies it dies!” decal that I saw on the back of a pickup truck and also the companies that sell the “Happiness is a warm gut pile” tee shirts.

People who market, buy or display such things should think about the negative impact that they might have. These products only serve to hurt the sport of hunting.

I have been hunting since age 12, and I started fishing and trapping before that. I am proud to be a hunter, and I’ve seen my share of kills, but the segment of the hunting world that stresses the kill, kill, kill part of hunting over woodsmanship, sportsmanship, marksmanship and camaraderie disturbs me and certainly does no good for the sport that I love.

Am I overreacting? Just Google “40 kills in 90 seconds,” watch the short video and decide for yourself.

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