Ice is gone in south; slush making a mess ‘up north’ – The UP report


Pickford Area

Up to 18 inches of snow fell in the area last week. Ice is a little slushy on Munuscong Bay, and perch fishing has been very good. The best bite has come to anglers fishing with minnows and small jigs in 6 inches to 6 feet of water. Perch also were hitting wigglers on Lake Huron at the Les Cheneaux Islands. The best bite has been in 12 to 15 feet of water. The heavy snow has made hunting a little tough, but warm weather was melting the snow quickly. Hunting pressure has been light.
Wilderness Treasures, (906) 647-4002.

Sault Ste. Marie Area

Light numbers of whitefish have been caught in the St. Mary’s River, but overall the action has been slow. There was about a foot of snow on the ground last week, but it was melting quickly. Coyote hunting has been fair.
Hank’s Sport Shop, (906) 632-8741.

Curtis Area

About 16 inches of snow fell on Manistique Lakes last week. Warm temperatures have melted much of it and made travel on the lakes difficult. A fair number of perch have been caught on minnows and wax worms on Big Manistique, but action has been hot and cold. There was a foot of snow on the ground last week, but it was melting rapidly. Coyote hunting has been good. There are a lot of wolves in the area.
J.R. Sport Shop, (906) 586-6040.

Garden Area

There was about 2 feet of snow on Big Bay de Noc last week but it was melting fast. Slush was hampering travel. Whitefish and burbot were hitting in 40 feet of water off Garden Bluff, and perch in 21 feet of water in Garden Bay.
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Foxy’s Den, (906) 644-2817.


Escanaba Area

Travel at the north end of Lake Michigan’s Little Bay de Noc has been tricky with lots of slush building up on the ice. Snowmobiles and ATVs have worked best. Anglers have been catching good numbers of walleyes and perch in 5 to 50 feet of water. The biggest fish have been caught at the far north end of the bay after dark in 15 feet of water or less. Walleyes, perch, and a few whitefish have been caught south of Gladstone in 25 to 40 feet of water. There was a foot of snow on the ground last week, but it was melting fast. Coyote hunting has been good.
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Menominee Area

There is open water in Lake Michigan’s Green Bay and anglers are launching boats. Walleye fishing has been fair. The Menominee River is also open, and decent numbers of steelhead are being caught on spawn, spinners, and flies. Predator hunting has been slow, and most of the snow has melted.
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Bergland Area
Fishing has slowed down a little on Lake Gogebic. Heavy slush has pretty much limited travel on the lake to snowmobiles. Some perch are being caught along the east shore of the lake near the docks. Up to 16 inches of snow fell on the area last week, but most of it has melted by now. Coyote hunting pressure has been light.
Bear’s Nine Pines Resort, (906) 842-3361.

Iron River Area
Up to 18 inches of snow fell on the area last week. Warm weather and rain has turned most of it to slush, creating rough travel on area lakes. A few anglers are walking out on Chicagon Lake and catching fair numbers of whitefish and perch. The perch have been small, though. Predator hunting has tapered off, and hunting pressure has been light.
Luckey’s Sport Shop, (906) 265-0151.

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