HI: Crews busy removing floating trash from Ala Wai Harbor

HONOLULU — Contractors for the DLNR Division of Boating and Ocean Recreation today are continuing to work to remove floating trash from the debris trap located at the entrance to Ala Wai small boat harbor near Ala Wai boulevard bridge. Cleanup of the debris trap began Monday at 7 a.m. following heavy weekend rains that washed large amounts of assorted trash down into Ala Wai canal from communities in upslope areas.

DOBOR’s contractor removed 4 dump truck sized loads yesterday and so far today has removed 5 loads.

They will continue to work through the rest of the day as more debris remains to be removed. Crews will be on standby for tomorrow, if necessary.

Estimated cost for the trash removal for two days is $14,000, which is paid from the boating special fund.

Trash cleanup continued despite extremely strong winds and heavy rain at Ala Wai harbor.

OCCC inmates were also at Ala Wai harbor this morning and removed 7 big trash bins of floating trash from the B, C and D docks but had to stop due to rain. They may return tomorrow if necessary.

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