Fishing Report for Northern Utah, March 09, 2012

BEAR LAKE: (February 16) Biologist Scott Tolentino reports that Bear Lake still has quite a bit of floating ice, mainly concentrated in the area north of Garden City. The fishing is red hot! There is a lot of ice off the Utah State Park Marina and launching is not recommended there, but boats can be launched at First Point, Rainbow Cove and the private marina as Spinnaker Point. Depending on which way the wind blows the ice, it could stack up along the boats ramps and make launching difficult or even impossible. Cutthroat trout and lake trout fishing have been phenomenal the past week. Anglers reported excellent fishing for cutthroat and lakers by either trolling or jigging. If you're trolling, good depths to target are 70 to 90 feet using large minnow type lure or flatfish. When jigging try Kastmasters or other vertical jigging spoons. You may also find success using lead head jigs tipped with cisco. Good spots to try are off Gus Rich Point, the rockpile and Cisco Beach.

BIRCH CREEK RESERVOIR: (February 16) Ice fishing conditions are good. The ice is nearly two feet thick. Fishing has been good for rainbow trout up to 16 inches and an occasional tiger trout over 20 inches!

BLACKSMITH FORK RIVER: (March 01) Conservation Officer Matt Burgess reports that water conditions are clear. There has been good success for browns using beadheads or Rapalas.

BOUNTIFUL LAKE: (March 01) Stocking of community fishing waters has started in the Northern Region and fishing should be good.

CAUSEY RESERVOIR: (March 01) Conservation Officer Chad Wilson reports Causey has been slow with little pressure. Use caution on the ice.

CUTLER RESERVOIR & MARSH: (February 24) River flows are making the ice very unstable.

EAST CANYON RESERVOIR & STATE PARK: (March 01) Sergeant Keith Fullenkamp reports East Canyon ice fishing pressure has dropped off significantly. Anglers are still having fair success. The rainbows aren't as concentrated and are being caught anywhere from 6 to 20 feet. Ratfinkee jigs tipped with some kind of worm work well. Anglers should use caution getting onto the ice as some melting has occurred around the shoreline.

ECHO RESERVOIR: (March 01) Conservation Officer Rustin Nielsen reports fishing on Echo Reservoir is slow. The ice is still 12 to16 inches thick. The ice is getting thinner around the edges so fishermen should use caution.

FARMINGTON POND: (March 01) Farmington Pond is still closed.

HOLMES CREEK RESERVOIR: (March 01) There is open water around the edges and access is considered to be unsafe.

HYRUM RESERVOIR & STATE PARK: (March 01) Park Ranger Steve Bullock reports that access to the ice is difficult. The reservoir continues to fill. The ice is approximately 4 to six inches thick. Updated conditions can be found at

JENSEN NATURE PARK POND: (March 01) Stocking of community fishing waters has started in the Northern Region and fishing should be good.

KAYSVILLE PONDS: (March 01) Stocking of community fishing waters has started in the Northern Region and fishing should be good.

LOGAN RIVER: (February 24) Anglers report good fishing with standard nymph patterns. Be prepared for some surface action — the warmer weather has increased fish activity.

LOST CREEK RESERVOIR: (March 01) Fishing success continues to be good for cutthroat and rainbow trout.

Make sure you are aware of the new regulation at Lost Creek: You are allowed to keep three trout under 15 inches and one trout over 22 inches. All trout from 15 to 22 inches must be immediately released.

MANTUA RESERVOIR: (March 01) The edges of the ice look cloudy and soft with water coming through in some places. Open water extends out in the reservoir for 200 yards. Windy weather will erode the ice even further. Anglers with small, hand-launched craft such as float tubes, kick-boats and kayaks could launch at the inlet.

MIRROR LAKE: (March 01) Late winter fishing can be fast, but the weather is often cold and very windy.

NEWTON RESERVOIR: (March 01) Conservation Officer Matt Burgess reports that the ice conditions are poor. Accessing the ice not recommended.

OGDEN RIVER: (March 01) On warmer afternoons the fish are very actively feeding off the surface. On February 28, fish were taking midges from the surface.

PINEVIEW RESERVOIR: (March 01) The conditions on February 27 showed the ice in the narrows looking more and more unstable as the open water extends further east of the buoys. Conservation Officer Chad Wilson recommends using caution on the ice. Fishing pressure has been low.

PORCUPINE RESERVOIR: (March 01) Conservation Officer Matt Burgess reports fishing is extremely slow. The ice is 6 to eight inches thick. The conditions on the way to the reservoir are icy. Four-wheel drive and slow speeds are recommended.

ROCKPORT RESERVOIR: (March 01) Joseph Hamby reports that the fishing continues to be steady. The ice is solid but always use caution. Fish seem to be in the 15 to 20-foot depth and biting on traditional baits, ice flies, wax worms, PowerBait and night crawlers. Two tagged fish have been caught during the fish challenge. Rafter B $100 big fish is not happening due to non-coverage in the permit. For more information, visit

WEBER RIVER: (March 01) Biologist Paul Thompson reports flows from Echo Dam are still low, so the river is pretty small downstream until Lost Creek adds some water. Flows between Echo and Rockport have been holding steady between 90 and100 cfs. Both reaches have been fishing well with standard nymphs (hare's ears, prince nymphs, pheasant tails, scuds/sow bugs,and midges). Conservation Officer Bruce Johnson reports that fishing pressure is light along the Weber River between Wanship and Coalville. Conservation Officer Rustin Nielsen reports fishing on the Weber River in Summit County is slow. Anglers are having some success using sow bugs for trout and white fish. The river downstream of Echo Reservoir is very low and slow due to the bridge construction on I-80. Conservation Officer Chad Wilson reports the lower Weber is muddy.

WILLARD BAY RESERVOIR: (March 01) Park Ranger Mert Russo reports fishing is slow. An angler had some success catching black crappie in the marina. Remember, the wiper limit is now three fish and the inlet will be closed from March 1 through 6 a.m. on the last Saturday in April.


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