Are You a Counter?

How many deer did you see while hunting opening day? How many bass did you catch the last time you were out?

Are you a counter?

I am. I count almost everything — just can't help myself.

I was a speaker for a Kiwanis Club dinner last week — 30 people were there. Not approximately 30, but exactly 30 — I counted.

I had 227 photos published last year — 26 fewer than in 2010. Two friends and I collected 81 morels the last time we were picking. Yes, I count, count, count.

I keep track of how many trout I catch, as well as their lengths. I even write this information down in a notebook as soon as I release them. I count how many deer I see while hunting — also other animals that I might see.

I write that down, too!

It should be no surprise that I participate in the Christmas Bird Count, the Backyard Bird Count and Project FeederWatch (counting birds at our feeders every week during the winter).

My brother Frank is an accountant — maybe it is in my genes.

This isn't a disease (at least I don't think so) — I ENJOY counting.

I used to think that all hunters and anglers were counters, but over the years, I've run into a few who have no idea how many trout they caught in a morning or how many deer they saw last deer season. I can't identify with that, because counting enhances my outdoor experiences and helps me to gauge the quality of a stream or the value of a new fishing technique, as well as other things.

There are actually a few people who don't like counters. Once, while riding across northcentral Pennsylvania with two other outdoor writers, I began to count out loud the deer that we were seeing along the road.

"That's 22, 23, 24 deer," I said.

"Stop counting the deer," the driver ordered.

"Why?" I asked.

"Just stop counting!" That was all he said.


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