Grilling Deer

We’re not talking about venison tenderloin on the Weber,

Deer Enters One Van Window, Exits Another

Motor vehicle accidents involving deer are commonplace in certain
regions of the country. Usually it’s a simple front bumper and
grill affair-and a $2,000 (or more) deductible.

But an incident involving a minivan and a deer in Connecticut
has to be one of the wildest we’ve ever run across.

Witnesses say a whitetail doe leapt through the side window of a
moving Honda minivan in Cheshire, Conn. and thrashed around inside
for a minute or so as the driver continued down the road. The deer
then made a crash exit through a window on the opposite side of the
vehicle-landing on the roadside, dead.

It gets better-or more bizarre, anyway.

Because inside the van at the time of the incident were two
toddlers, strapped in their car seats in the rear of the

According to the Waterbury Republican American, the van’s driver
and mother of the twin 3-year-old girls, Jennifer Sullivan of
Wolcott, was totally unaware the deer had crashed through the van
window, much less that it flailed around in the compartment with
her children for 60 seconds or more.

Sullivan told authorities she knew her van was struck by a deer,
but did not believe the deer entered the van while still alive.

“I can’t imagine that being possible,” she said.

But a witness driving behind Sullivan’s Honda saw the whole
thing, and a police report verified his story. Fortunately, her
girls received only minor cuts and did not require medical

However, the youngsters probably needed a good bath when they
got home.

Why? Because they “were covered with fur,” according to their

Defensive Driving by the Buck

A couple of fresh recruits for the Abington, Mass. Police
Department were recently engaged in emergency vehicular control
training at a private track when they received a driving skill test
administered by an unlikely instructor-an 8-point whitetail

Trainees Matthew Owings and Antonio Gentile were driving
approximately 50 miles per hour on a cone-marked slalom course when
the hefty buck leapt in front of their vehicle. The ensuing
collision severely damaged the training cruiser and deployed the
vehicle’s front airbags.

The two troopers-in-training were subsequently treated for minor
injuries. The buck wasn’t as fortunate-becoming venison steaks for
one of the agencies participating in the training.

Abington Police Chief David Majenski told the Patriot Ledger
newspaper that the training is designed to hone police cruiser
driving skills; including backing up, turning, driving in
slow-speed and higher-speed pursuits, stopping and skidding.

Next year, they might want to expand the curriculum to include
avoiding deer on the highway.

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