WI: Cuffs and Collars Issue: 25

District 1 – Ashland area

No report available.

District 2 – Cumberland area

No report available.

District 3 – Park Falls area

On opening morning of the 2011 gun deer season, warden Michels, of
Park Falls, was en route to a call in the Chequamegon National
Forest. Michels rounded a bend in the road and was shocked to a see
a hunter using a climber stand perched in a tree just off the edge
of the road. To make matters worse, the hunter was facing a swamp
across the road. The hunter was cited for hunting within 50 feet of
the center of a road and was warned for operating an ATV on a road,
which was not an ATV route.

Warden Michels found a pile of carrots measuring 25 feet long by 10
feet wide by 2 feet high dumped on the end of a food plot at a
cabin in Ashland County. Upon contact with the suspect, Michels
found an uncased rifle, ammunition, and a spotlight still plugged
in and sitting on the front seat of a pickup. The hunter did not
have a valid license, but did have his blaze orange jacket
displaying his 2010 backtag next to his rifle. The subject was
cited for placing illegal feed for deer.

Warden Konichek, of Ladysmith, assisted the Rusk County Sheriff’s
Department in obtaining information on a possible marijuana grow.
Konichek and an investigator found evidence of harvested marijuana
on private property. A search warrant was obtained for the
residence and property, and an extensive indoor marijuana grow of
50-plus plants was found inside the residence. The suspects said
they had been in the tomato business, but that was not going well,
so they decided to grow and sell marijuana. The suspects had been
doing so for five years. The suspects were arrested, and charges
are pending.

Warden Konichek contacted a group of gun deer hunters who were
hunting on the Ice Age Trail. Konichek observed several violations
that included leaving stands on state land overnight, failing to
attach a deer carcass tag, failure to display registration on an
ATV, and group deer-hunting violations. Enforcement action was

Warden Konichek issued citations for baiting violations, operating
an ATV without safety training, and transporting loaded

Warden Konichek contacted a 10-year-old hunter who had been
mentored by his father. The young hunter had bagged his first deer,
an 8-pointer, while hunting in the Flambeau River State Forest. The
first-time hunter was excited and stated that he did not think he
would have a chance at a deer, as his dad does not usually bring a
deer home when he returns from hunting camp.

Warden Bayer, of Phillips, and deputy warden Vergin investigated
numerous illegal deer-baiting issues in Price County in November
that resulted in multiple citations and warnings. Most of the
illegal baits were well over twice the legal amount.

Warden Bayer and supervisor Krueger investigated a convicted felon
possibly hunting over an illegal bait from a hunting shack owned by
the felon on his property near Prentice. They contacted the subject
when he returned to his hunting shack, which had a rifle inside.
The wardens arrested the subject for felon in possession of a
firearm, and a citation was issued for illegal bait.

Warden Bayer investigated a gunshot after the close of hunting
hours in the Kennan area during the muzzleloader season. Bayer
contacted a subject with a freshly killed antlerless deer with a
.243 bullet hole in it. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Bayer issued citations in November for shining deer after 10
p.m., ATV use on MFL land, hunting deer after hours, failure to
validate a carcass tag, unregistered ATV, and hunting without blaze

Wardens Nerva, of Tomahawk, and Peters, of Merrill, investigated a
cabin-shooting case from the Thursday night before gun season.
While Nerva was speaking with two of the cabin’s occupants, Peters
searched the woodlot for a deer. He did not find a deer but did
find a hunter in a treestand, dressed in camo and holding a shotgun
loaded with slugs. Charges are pending.

Warden Nerva investigated an incident in which hunters shot from a
vehicle, killing a doe on private land.

Warden Nerva and GLIFWIC warden Moermond found a hunter with a
rifle who was hunting with an archery tag. The hunter also was
mentoring his 11-year-old son who also had a gun. The man was given
a citation for violating the mentored hunting law and warned on
other charges.

Warden Nerva and GLIFWIC warden Moermond assisted warden Peters
with investigating two untagged deer that were killed from the
road. The wardens found the subjects who had fled the area. The man
who killed the deer said he knew he shot the deer on private land
and blamed the DNR for not seeing deer for the last two years as
his reason for shooting the deer. The man did not tag the deer and
left them behind because he didn’t want to get a trespass

Warden Nerva worked the deer decoy with warden Peters and
supervisor Krueger. One subject shot the decoy from the road on
private land next to a “no trespassing” sign.

Warden Nerva worked on a complaint about a wolf shot and dumped
next to the road.

Warden Nerva will be charging a subject who was hunting with his
girlfriend’s deer tag. The man did not have a license of his own
and was a felon in possession of a firearm.

Warden Nerva and GLIFWIC warden Moermond received a call about
possible road hunting. They located the suspect’s vehicle and found
the man had poached a Christmas tree. Not having a saw, the man
shot the tree 10 times to bring it down. The poacher will be cited
for timber theft.

Warden Nice, of Medford, responded to a call about an archery
hunter shooting multiple bucks. The man shot two bucks and had
others tag them. All were cited, and the shooter lost his archery
license for one year.

Warden Tim Otto, of Antigo, assisted the Langlade County Sheriff’s
Department with a fatal boat accident on Lower Post Lake. A
31-year-old male kayaked to a tavern from his cabin and failed to
return home. The lake temperatures were low and the victim was not
wearing a PFD.

While on patrol, warden Otto contacted a bowhunter who had shot and
killed an 8-point buck earlier in the morning. The hunter had time
to field dress it and return to his truck and call for help, but
had not tagged the deer. The hunter was cited for failure to
immediately tag and validate a deer.

During the gun deer season, warden Otto investigated a call about a
person using too much bait. The landowner was contacted on the
opening weekend, who stated the stand, bait, and game camera
belonged to his son. On the last weekend, the son was contacted. He
denied any knowledge of the bait or game camera. After the warden
seized the camera and obtained a search warrant, the son was cited
for excessive baiting. Also, the son was cited by the Langlade
County Sheriff’s Department for operating a vehicle with a
suspended driver’s license and operating a vehicle with suspended

Wardens Dryja, of Langlade, and Dahlquist, of Crandon, apprehended
an individual who shot and killed a small buck from the subject’s
back deck with a rifle. The deer was attracted to the area by corn
placed under a light in the subject’s backyard. The untagged deer
then was taken into the subject’s shed where he began to cut the
deer up. The wardens recovered the illegal deer and determined that
the subject did not buy a 2011 gun deer license. The deer and
firearm were seized as evidence, and the case has been forwarded to
the Forest County D.A. for prosecution. The wardens learned that
the same individual had been apprehended in 2003 for shooting a
deer after dark in the same fashion.

Wardens Dryja and Krueger apprehended an individual hunting over
about 10 gallons of bait (corn, apples, and a mineral block). The
subject also was warned for cutting shooting lanes on state lands
and failure to remove his deer stand on state lands; the stand had
been there for two consecutive years.

Wardens Dryja and Dahlquist apprehended three individuals who
shined and shot a large doe in Forest County. The subjects
transported the untagged deer with a motor vehicle before being
contacted by the wardens. The deer and other evidence were seized,
and the case was sent to Forest County for review and

District 4 – Woodruff area

No report available.

District 5 – Lower St. Croix area

No report available.

District 6 – Eau Claire area

No report available.

District 7 – Wisconsin Rapids area

No report available.

District 8 – La Crosse area

No report available.

District 9 – Black River Falls area

No report available.

District 10 – Wautoma area

No report available.

District 11 – Peshtigo area

No report available.

District 12 – Green Bay area and Northeast Operations Marine

Warden Chris Kratcha, of Sturgeon Bay, issued citations to a
Colorado resident for buying resident licenses. The man was found
hunting at Gardner Wildlife Area in Door County and was arrested on
a warrant. Further investigation found the hunter was a permanent
resident of Colorado and had bought multiple resident Wisconsin
licenses while at the same time he was purchasing resident Colorado

While checking for hunters and illegally baited stands in southern
Door County, warden Kratcha came upon two discarded deer carcasses
that resulted in the shooter receiving citations for failure to
attach and validate a carcass tag for each of the deer.

Two hunters were reported by a citizen to have shined deer with
headlights and shot from the vehicle on a rainy night during the
second weekend of the gun season. The vehicle was found and stopped
by Door County deputies. Wardens Kratcha and Neal arrived later and
seized firearms and a buck found dead in a field. Criminal and
civil charges are pending.

Warden Darren Kuhn, of Kewaunee, observed occupants of a vehicle
shining after 10:30 p.m. Upon contact, the occupants stated that
they had been shining earlier, but not after 10 p.m. After a short
conversation the occupants admitted to late shining. The operator
of the vehicle was cited for late shining; the light was

Warden Kuhn received information that a felon was observed deer
hunting. Kuhn checked on the suspect and discovered that during the
2010 gun deer season the suspect had registered a deer. Kuhn
located the felon in possession of a rifle. He had shot a doe, but
hadn’t tagged it. The man will be charged with being a felon in
possession of a firearm and for failing to validate a carcass tag.
The rifle, deer, and license were seized.

Warden Robert Stroess, of Manitowoc, investigated a complaint about
people setting off legally set raccoon traps. The investigation
revealed two raccoon hunters intentionally set off the traps
because they didn’t want their dogs to get in the traps. The
trapper had the landowner’s permission to set at the locations.
Both hunters were cited for interfering with trapping and may lose
their DNR license privileges.

Warden Andy Lundin, of Green Bay, checked public hunting grounds in
Suamico and found a man hunting who had an injunction that
restricted him from possessing a firearm. Warden Ben Treml and
recruit Jake Donar checked the area and located the hunter who was
in possession of a firearm. The man was taken into custody.

Northeast Operations Marine Unit

No report available.

District 13 – Oshkosh area

No report available.

District 14 – Sheboygan area

No report available.

District 15 – Milwaukee area

Wardens Myles and Young were following up on several complaints
involving individuals hunting in Milwaukee County parks. As the
wardens were investigating likely areas, they contacted an
individual who was archery hunting for deer. The subject was not
wearing a backtag and did not have a license with him. The man was
cited and equipment was seized.

Warden Sanidas received a call regarding an individual who was
illegally hunting deer over a bait pile. Sanidas responded to the
area and located the suspect hunting from a ladder stand over a
pile of pumpkins – after hours and with an illegal firearm for the
area. Baiting is prohibited in Waukesha County. Enforcement action
was taken.

Warden Sanidas assisted the Waukesha County Sheriff’s Department
with locating a hunter on state land who was restricted from
possessing any type of weapon. The suspect was found and was in
possession of a 12-gauge shotgun and a hunting knife. Waukesha
County deputies referred the matter to the D.A.’s office.

While working waterfowl enforcement on Upper Genesee Lake, warden
Sanidas saw two hunters packing up their equipment in preparation
for closing hours. A flock of geese flew over the area and one of
the hunters fired a shot at the geese 20 minutes after hours.
Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Ben Mott, of Milwaukee, received a call about a man snagging
salmon in Grant Park. Mott then observed a man using a weighted
hook with a plastic tail while attempting to snag salmon. When the
man failed to snag the fish, he reached for a net because the fish
was still near shore. Enforcement action was taken.

Wardens Mott and Gervis Myles, of Milwaukee, responded to a call
from the Oak Creek Police Department about a deer that had broken
through a window in a church. The deer was still alive, but was
injured. The wardens were called to tranquilize the deer. Wardens
arrived to find the deer had bled all over the basement and the
upstairs chapel. The deer expired prior to being tranquilized and
was sold to a local resident.

Warden Mott responded to multiple calls to assist other agencies on
cases of dead deer or deer remains in county parks. Two of the deer
were shot in the county parks around the Milwaukee area. Further
investigation of this issue will follow.

Warden Mott and deputy warden Menzia held an enforcement conference
with two individuals who had snagged seven trout and salmon during
the fall run. The individuals spoke a Burmese dialect. The wardens
met with a translator and the individuals to explain the
regulations and the citations.

Warden Mott was working the end of fall fish run in Grant Park when
he saw a family walking along Oak Creek. The family looked to be
picking hooks and line out of the river. One individual later was
observed throwing a line – that was attached to his jacket – at a
salmon his family pointed out to him. The line had two hooks
attached to it. The man did not have a Great Lakes stamp and was
revoked for failure to pay a citation from 2008. Enforcement action
was taken.

Warden Mott received a call about an individual baiting and hunting
stands on county property. The man was found bowhunting in camo and
had placed a stand on the county property for over a week. The man
was hunting illegally, hunting without a permit from the local
municipality, hunting without the required amount of blaze orange,
and hunting without a backtag. Enforcement action was taken and
information forwarded to the county for further action.

Wardens Groppi and Sanidas investigated a deer-baiting case in
Merton Township. They found one bowhunter hunting over bait. The
wardens also found another hunter who placed a bait pile. Groppi
issued citations to both hunters.

Warden Blankenheim spent several days looking for a bowhunter who
had placed illegal bait in Oak Creek. Wardens Blankenheim and
Dunkel finally contacted the hunter, who also was hunting after

Warden Blankenheim contacted two fishermen coming off of Lake
Michigan in Oak Creek. The fishermen had overbagged on brown trout.
In addition, there was not a type 4 PFD on board and they were
operating after sunset without navigation lights. One citation was
issued for overbagging.

District 16 – Racine, Kenosha area

Warden Hirschboeck, of Racine County, responded to a call about two
waterfowl hunters who reportedly sunk their small boat on the Wind
Lake canal. When Hirschboeck arrived, all occupants were out of the
water, the boat didn’t sink, and the occupants left the boat on
their own as the boat was taking on water. There were enough life
jackets on board, although the only occupant wearing a life jacket
was a chocolate Lab.

Warden Mac Hannon found an angler in the Kenosha Harbor to be in
possession of six trout. The individual owns a fish market in
Chicago and comes to Kenosha three days a week to catch fish. The
fish were seized, as was the angler’s fishing gear. He was cited
for overbagging on trout.

Warden Kyle Dilley checked hunters in the parking lot of the New
Munster Wildlife Area. Wardens Dilley and Mott contacted two
subjects who were sitting in their car who said they were preparing
to go duck hunting. One of the subjects was found to be in
possession of cocaine and marijuana. The subject was booked into
the Kenosha County jail.

Warden Kyle Dilley and supervisor Jennifer Niemeyer did a license
check of two hunters in a double ladder treestand. The father and
his son were hunting over about 20 gallons of apple byproduct from
a nearby apple orchard. The father stated he placed the bait three
days earlier because he had seen a large buck in the area.
Enforcement action was taken.

Wardens Juan Gomez, of Elkhorn, and Roberts worked night-hunting
enforcement in Lyons Township. They made contact with occupants of
a vehicle for shining after 10 p.m. The driver was in possession of
a loaded .22 rifle. The operator and companion were citied for
shining after 10 p.m.

Warden Roberts, of Delevan, set up a meeting with county and state
staff concerning the illegal storage of thousands of tires on
residential property in East Troy.

Warden Roberts investigated a man who had bought a hunting license,
despite his privileges being revoked for failure to pay a DNR
citation in 2010. The investigation led to other violations,
including goose hunting without a permit, failing to report goose
harvest, and for not obtaining HIP certification. The investigation
also led to a friend who had hunted, but who did not buy a goose
permit. A citation was issued for providing false information to
obtain an approval.

District 17 – Madison area

No report available.

District 18 – Poynette area

No report available.

District 19 – Dodgeville area

No report available.

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