Ne’er-Do-Wells in the Woods

These days, you can run into bad apples in the most unlikely
places, even in the deer woods.

The Buck is Stolen Here

We all know that deer hunting is full of ups and downs, but a
hunter in Pennsylvania last week suffered a major disappointment
soon after feeling the elation of scoring on a nice buck.

On November 21, state troopers were called to investigate a report
that a hunter’s freshly harvested 7-point whitetail buck was
missing from his hunting camp.

Police said the hunter from Painesville, Ohio reported his
field-dressed and tagged buck was stolen from his Triumph Township
hunting camp sometime between 1:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m on the opening
day of the Pennsylvania firearms deer season.

The camp was located about 90 miles northeast of Pittsburgh.

Treestand Thieves Fingered by Trailcam

Their first mistake was filching the extended treestand steps
belonging to a Michigan State Police detective. The second was
committing the act in view of the detective’s hidden trail

And now, two 20-year-old Midland County men have owned-up to the
Nov. 17 theft occurring in rural Homer Township.

The confession took place just hours after an article about the
incident appeared in the Midland Daily News. It was accompanied by
a photo of the two suspects caught on Michigan State Police
Detective Sgt. Andrew Longuski’s camouflage trail camera.

“I had multiple calls coming in, saying ‘I know who that is,'” Bay
City Post Trooper James Willing told the Daily News. Soon
thereafter, one of the men pictured in the photo called and
identified himself and his companion to Willing.

Willing said the caller thought the treestand was on Chippewa
Nature Center property, and that the owner had no right to have it

“Unfortunately for them,” Willing said, “he did.”

Armed Doe Robbery

Robert Hanna of Meadville, Pa. said he was preparing to climb down
from his treestand after shooting a whitetail doe when three men
carrying rifles approached him. He said the men wore blaze orange
vests and hats and appeared to be hunters.

The 42-year-old Hanna said the men ordered him to empty his rifle
and throw it down. When he climbed to the ground, he said one of
the men struck him from behind, knocking him down.

The trio left with Hanna’s deer.

“I’m really, really upset about the whole ordeal,” Hanna told the
local newspaper. “(It’s) over a dumb deer. If they wanted it so bad
I would have said, ‘Take it.”‘

Local authorities are handling the case as an armed robbery and

“They knocked him to the ground and took his deer,” said Vernon
Township Police Sgt. Randy Detzel.

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