NY: Cuffs and Collars Issue: 24

Northern District Highlights

Maybe crime doesn’t pay

(Wayne County)

After receiving a call from New York State Police for assistance on
an investigation involving the illegal disposal of waste tires, ECO
John Stansfield arrested two subjects for dumping approximately 140
tires in two different locations in the Town of Sodus. Each was
given appearance tickets for unlawful disposal of solid waste and
transporting a regulated waste without a DEC permit.

On Sept. 7, the defendants appeared in the Town of Sodus Court,
where they both pleaded guilty. The judge fined each defendant
$2,500 and assessed each man a surcharge of $150 for the unlawful
disposal of waste tires. The charges for transporting a regulated
waste without a DEC permit were dismissed.

Emerald Ash Borer checkpoints

(Schuyler County)

In response to the statewide Invasive Species Enforcement
Initiative, Region 8 ECOs and forest rangers participated in
highway checkpoints on Aug. 11-12. Checkpoints were set up on State
Route 14 in the Town of Montour and State Route 414 in the Town of
Dix in conjunction with the NASCAR event being held at the Watkins
Glen International Speedway. Officers inspected approximately 100
campers. Twenty-one tickets were issued for violations of the
firewood transportation regulations, with many others receiving
verbal or written warnings and receiving help to legally document
their loads of firewood. All campers checked were educated
regarding the invasive species threat to our native trees. Thirteen
drivers received tickets for violations of the vehicle and traffic
law, and one individual was arrested on a bench warrant returnable
to the Town of Horseheads Court. Illegally transported firewood
from 36 vehicles was seized and chipped to destroy the threat of
the spread of insect pests.

Boat patrol almost under water

(Monroe County)

While on boat patrol in Irondequoit Bay, Lt. Thomas Stoner and ECOs
Bruce Hummel and Paul Blanton were startled when a 35-foot cabin
cruiser passed them at a high rate of speed, traveling within 15
feet of their vessel. The cabin cruiser was so close the ensuing
wake broke over the gunwale of the officers’ vessel, filling it
with many gallons of water. Hummel immediately motioned to the
driver of the cruiser to stop and he complied. Hummel boarded the
vessel to obtain identification and registration information from
the operator. He asked the operator if he saw the ECOs boat, and he
replied that he was not speeding. Hummel asked if he had been
drinking and he replied that he had consumed just two drinks.
Hummel could smell the odor of an alcoholic beverage on his breath
and his eyes were bloodshot and watery. A full navigation law
safety inspection was performed on the vessel and assistance from
the Monroe County marine patrol was requested. A Monroe County
sheriff’s marine unit and a U.S. Coast Guard vessel responded to
assist. An Alco-Sensor test was administered that showed the
presence of alcohol in the subject’s system. The operator was taken
into custody and the Monroe County Mobile DWI STAR vehicle was
requested to respond to the Irondequoit Bay boat launch. Stoner,
Hummel and Blanton transported the subject to the boat launch,
where a chemical breath test was administered. The breath test
showed the operator had a blood alcohol content of .15 percent,
well over the legal limit of .08 percent. The subject was issued
appearance tickets for: reckless operation of a motorized vessel
and boating while intoxicated. All charges were returnable to the
Irondequoit Town Court.

Southern District Highlights

Hurricane Irene response

(Greene County)

On Aug. 28, a resident on County Route 65 in the Town of Windham
was found stranded in his trailer, surrounded by rushing, muddy
water. The trailer was beginning to take on water when state
Environmental Conservation Police launched a 16-foot aluminum boat
into the water for the rescue attempt. The operator of the vessel
was ECO Anthony Glorioso, with assistance from state troopers
Michael O’Connell and Jonathan Quinn. The officers safely and
successfully maneuvered the boat 50 yards across water to the
trailer, where the resident was loaded into the boat and brought
back safely and unharmed to dry land.

Nine evacuated

(Greene County)

On Aug. 29, ECOs Jason DeAngelis and Luke Billotto were requested
by the Hensenville fire chief to evacuate nine persons from their
isolated home by ATV via a rugged trail approximately two miles
through the woods. The persons evacuated included three small
children and an elderly male. All persons were guided safely and
without incident to the Hensenville firehouse, where they were met
by other family members who were elated to see them.

Flood victim check

(Albany County)

On Aug. 31, ECOs Brian Canzeri and Luke Billotto were assisting
area residents in southwestern Albany County who had been affected
by flooding from Hurricane Irene when they came in contact with an
elderly couple that lived along Catskill Creek in Potter’s Hollow.
The couple showed signs that they had been living in fairly poor
conditions prior to the storm and the flooding had only exacerbated
their issues. The ECOs provided what assistance they could by
giving them food, water and spare socks. The ECOs contacted the
Albany County Office for the Aging/Adult Protective Services and
made a referral. Billotto made contact with the woman’s son, the
property owner, and advised him of the situation. A few days later,
Billotto followed up with the couple and the property owner. The
couple had been temporarily relocated to a shelter until the son
was able to repair and clean the residence. He had also been in
contact with Albany County in regard to his mother’s hoarding

Willets Point march detail

(Queens County)

On Sept. 7, Lt. Josh Ver Hague and ECOs Matthew Clemens, Eric
Dowling, Nathan Favreau, Chris Lattimer, Shea Mathis and Jared
Woodin, patrolled to Willets Point area for a march detail with the
New York Police Department’s auto crimes unit, New York City
buildings detail and the Fire Department of New York. The officers,
along with the other agencies, inspected 11 garages/shops/solid
waste management facilities for compliance with New York State
Environmental Conservation Laws, penal laws and vehicle and traffic
laws. By the end of the detail, the ECOs had issued a total of 42
summonses for Environmental Conservation Law-related

Chinatown pesticides detail

(New York County)

On Sept. 14, Region 3 Bureau of Environmental Crimes Unit
Investigators Kevin Gilmartin, Cindy Harcher and Robert McDermott,
along with Region 1 and 2 investigators, participated in the
execution of 14 search warrants and 12 arrests (10 state violations
and two federal violations) in and around the Chinatown section of
Manhattan, as well as sites in Brooklyn and Queens. The
investigation included USEPA Special Agents and investigators from
the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. The illegal pesticides
included Brodifacoum and Fiprinol, formulated in products that may
be as much as 60 times as potent then legally permissible. Court
action was pending.

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