Monday, January 30th, 2023
Monday, January 30th, 2023

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WI: Cuffs and Collars Issue: 23

District 1 – Ashland area

Warden John Windt, of Hurley, tagged an 8-point buck that was
killed by a young hunter during the youth hunt. The youth and his
dad showed up at Windt’s home and needed the deer tagged due to the
fact that the registration station was closed and the weather was
warm. The deer was tagged, and the happy hunters were on their

Warden Windt and Tim Lawhern inspected the Snaketrack rifle
range in Iron Belt.

Warden Windt and Lawhern helped teach an archery course that
warden Mackenzie had at the Ashland office.

Warden Windt gave a safety talk to Excel Energy employees.
Treestand safety and safety vests were demonstrated.

Warden Windt responded to several calls regarding trolling,
unattended lines, and trapping.

Warden Matt MacKenzie, of Ashland, worked with other wardens on
two Learn-to-Hunt programs.

Warden Lance Burns, of Gordon, worked ATV enforcement in October
with the Douglas County recreational officer and issued two

Wardens Burns and Egstad assisted warden John Krull on a
follow-up investigation into a reported bear mauling near

In October, warden Amie Egstad, of Bayfield, had two fishermen
on separate occasions come in from Lake Superior and the Cranberry
River with fish they thought were coho salmon. Both fish ended up
being rainbows. The fishermen were shown the differences between
the two types of fish. A citation was issued to each fisherman for
undersized rainbow trout.

Warden Egstad was contacted by a local citizen regarding two
subjects fishing in the Big Rock refuge. The subjects were told to
leave the refuge, which they did, but were still in the area when
Egstad arrived. With the help of the license plate and the subjects
being there, the fishermen admitted they had been fishing in the
refuge for two hours. Both subjects were cited.

Wardens Egstad and Matt Mackenzie, along with the ABC Sportsmen
Club, conducted a Learn-to-Hunt pheasant program on private
property in Mason. A total of 16 students had a great time. Wardens
Krull and Windt assisted with the hunt. U.S. Border Patrol agents
Marc Rauscher and J.D. Slater also served as mentors. Egstad
offered thanks to landowners, mentors, and dog handlers who made
the day possible.

District 2 – Cumberland area

No report available.

District 3 – Park Falls area

Warden Nick Nice, of Medford, assisted in an environmental case
by issuing a citation to a township for illegal dredging.

Warden Nice issued a citation to a trapper for trapping early in
the southern zone.

Warden Nice investigated deer-poaching information from three
areas of the county. The investigations are continuing.

Warden Konichek, of Ladysmith, presented a plaque to an area
resident for serving 20 years as a hunter safety instructor. The
class is held at the Bruce school. Konichek also responded to a
call about an escaped fallow deer. The deer farm had been in
operation for about 15 years and was never licensed as such. The
investigation was turned over to the Department of Agriculture;
enforcement action is pending.

Wardens Konichek and Volenberg were working fish-run enforcement
in Manitowoc County and observed subjects attempting to foul-hook
fish. As the group was traveling upstream, the wardens saw one of
the subjects use a net to catch and land a fish. They made contact
with the group and found that the group foul-hooked and failed to
release several salmon while illegally netting fish. Two people
were cited for failing to release foul-hooked fish, and one person
was cited for netting fish.

Warden Konichek issued multiple citations for illegal shining in
Rusk County.

Warden Bayer, of Phillips, spent time in October checking grouse
hunters for illegal road hunting and issued citations to 15 people
for violations related to operating vehicles with loaded and/or
uncased shotguns inside a vehicle, and for discharging shotguns
from a vehicle.

Warden Bayer issued citations for operating illegal minnow
traps, unauthorized ATV use on MFL land, failure to have bear hound
license/rabies tags while hunting, hunting over illegal bear bait,
hunting without blaze orange, unplugged shotguns, failure to check
traps, and archery hunting over illegal baits for deer.

Warden Bayer saw subjects shining deer after 10 p.m. from a
truck and stopped the vehicle for the violation. He found an
uncased compound bow with arrows in the back seat. Enforcement
action was taken.

Warden Dan Michels, of Park Falls, issued several citations for
archery deer hunters hunting over illegal bait that was either
placed before the season or that was in excess of the two-gallon

Warden Michels issued citations for road hunting and shooting at

Warden Michels had an illegal bait case settled out of court
from the 2010 gun deer season. The defendant pleaded no contest and
paid a fine.

Warden Otto, of Antigo, received information about an ATV
accident. Otto was only about 2 miles away on the same trail and
quickly responded. Once on the scene, Otto coordinated emergency
medical staff response.

Warden Otto received a call for assistance from warden Ben
Hertzfeldt in Marathon County. Three youths were apprehended who
had shot at a doe that was on private property while the youths
were in a vehicle. It was the weekend of the youth deer hunt. Otto
learned that the three individuals had been participating in the
youth hunt all weekend without an adult. They also had been hunting
at night and with spotlights. They were issued several citations
and will be revoked for three years, pending the court order.

Wardens Otto and Jeffrey Dauterman apprehended four people in a
vehicle who were shining deer at 11 p.m. Two people were cited for
shining deer after 10 p.m.

Wardens Dryja, of Langlade, and Brad Dahlquist, of Crandon,
apprehended a Langlade County resident who shot and killed multiple
deer with a firearm during the archery season. The wardens also
seized an illegal black bear. The case was forwarded to the
Langlade County D.A. for review.

Wardens Dryja and Dahlquist and GLIFWC wardens Moermond and
McGeshick apprehended two parties attempting to shine and shoot
deer in Forest County. Three individuals had loaded and uncased
firearms, as well as spotlights, seized.

Warden Peters, of Merrill, worked with wardens Jung and Nerva,
as well as water guard John Preuss, in an aquatic invasive species
group check in Oneida County. Citations were issued for
transporting live fish, as well as exceeding the bag limit on

Warden Nerva, of Tomahawk, worked AIS enforcement in October. He
organized a group check near the Willow Flowage and made arrests
for transporting live fish and for having water in livewells. The
wardens also encountered four individuals who had 133 perch.

Warden Nerva worked on the investigation on an illegal
bear-hunting guide in the Gillette area. The investigation came to
a conclusion due to the mauling of one of the hunters by a bear in
Lincoln County.

Warden Nerva worked grouse-hunting activity in his area.

District 4 – Woodruff area

Warden Jim Jung, of Rhinelander, issued a timber theft citation
for people cutting firewood on private MFL property.

Warden Jung issued one trapping citation for an illegal 220
Conibear set, exposed bait, and untagged traps.

Warden Jung investigated a complaint of deer being taken
illegally by a Rhinelander hunter in a southwestern county and
seized two mounted deer heads.

Warden Jung followed up on information provided by GLIFWC warden
McGeshick and issued a citation for shining while in possession of
a firearm.

Wardens Jung and Dryja received a 911 call about hunters
dragging out a bull moose in northern Langlade County. Langlade
County officials called back and relayed that the animal in
question was actually a shoulder mount of a bull moose, and the
taxidermist had been taking photos of the mount before the mount
was picked up by the hunter who had killed the moose. Moose have
been recently observed by residents in Oneida and Langlade

Warden Pat Novesky, of Three Lakes, spent time working archery
deer hunters and filed criminal charges for possession of an
untagged deer. He also issued citations for failure to validate
tags, hunting in the wrong quota unit, and hunting from a

Warden Novesky also issued citations for littering violations to
a subject who dumped his home garbage along the roadway, and to
another subject who discarded his broken truck topper on federal

Warden Kelly Crotty, of Florence, gave presentations during
Florence and Niagara hunter education courses, and at the Ted Berry
Memorial Pheasant Shoot in Florence.

Warden Crotty worked hunting, fishing, and environmental
enforcement. He issued citations for fishing without a license,
transporting a loaded shotgun in a motor vehicle, and a deer
carcass littering violation.

Warden Brad Dahlquist, of Crandon, issued citations for
possessing uncased firearms and a bow in motor vehicles.

Wardens Dahlquist and Dryja investigated a deer-hunting
complaint near White Lake in Langlade County. They discovered an
individual illegally harvested two does with a rifle during the
archery season.

Warden Tim Price, of Eagle River, issued a citation to a subject
who had left a line baited with a large sucker unattended off his
pontoon boat on Lac Vieux Desert while the subject visited Eagle
River for three hours.

Warden Price investigated two separate incidents in which
trappers had their traps either stolen or molested.

Warden Mike Sealander, of St. Germain, apprehended two subjects
for multiple shining and firearms violations. The two men were
stopped while shining deer. They were in possession of a loaded,
uncased rifle equipped with a laser sight. Enforcement action is

Warden Tim Ebert, of Woodruff, responded to several calls about
deer being shot from vehicles. One call was of a van being driven
slowly on a town road with the side doors open and a passenger
holding a rifle. Ebert located the vehicle and found two uncased
rifles in the vehicle. One passenger had been holding the loaded
rifle and looking for deer. The case was referred to the Great
Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission.

Warden Rich Thole, of Boulder Junction, cited three subjects for
illegal motor trolling, three subjects for not having life jackets,
and one subject for fishing without a license.

Warden Thole met a vehicle that was moving slowly on a back road
near Round Lake. Thole pulled alongside the truck and saw the
passenger zipping up a gun case that was next to his leg. The
subject admitted that he rides around with his gun case unzipped,
his hand on his .410 inside the case, and his ammunition in his
other hand while grouse hunting. Thole cited the subject for
possessing an uncased firearm inside the vehicle.

District 5 – Lower St. Croix area

No report available.

District 6 – Eau Claire area

Warden Adam Hanna, of Neillsville, stopped a vehicle near
Humbird because its occupants were shining deer after 10 p.m.
Through the collection of evidence and interviews, the men were
found to have shined and shot at least 11 deer. The driver had a
revoked driver’s license and the passenger had shot numerous deer
without a license. Criminal charges are pending.

Warden Hanna apprehended a man and his fiancée as they were road
hunting from a car after dark near Mead Lake. The fiancée attempted
to hide a crossbow and bolts in the back seat. Enforcement action
was taken.

Warden Hanna participated in the Rushing Wind USA youth deer and
pheasant hunt. This was the third year of the event.

Warden Hanna assisted wardens in Racine County with
salmon-fishing enforcement during the spawning migration on the
Root River. Hanna assisted with a dozen of arrests.

Warden Scott Thiede, of Eau Claire, arrested a subject for
obstructing a warden. The fisherman attempted to flee while tossing
his gear into the Chippewa River. The subject had been fishing
without a valid license.

Warden Thiede conducted an inspection of several wolf-dog
hybrids on a farm in Chippewa County. The property owners were
provided information about changes to the captive wildlife rules
that were passed in June 2009 that require the animals to be
neutered by 6 months of age, and permanently marked to identify the
wolf-dog owner. A captive wild animal farm license application will
be completed by the property owners.

Warden Thiede provided ride-along experience to three subjects
interested in the job of conservation warden. He also assisted
volunteer instructors with teaching hunter ethics at hunter
education classes.

Warden Ken Thomson, of Fall Creek, assisted warden Robin
Barnhardt, of Osseo, with a complaint of bass fishermen keeping
over their daily bag limit.

Warden Thomson investigated a hunting incident in Chippewa
County. While duck hunting, one hunter accidentally discharged his
shotgun. The shotgun was pointed at his hunting partner when it
discharged, and the shot blew a hole in the shooter’s boat. One
pellet struck his partner in the wrist. The man was treated and
released at a local hospital, but will have the steel pellet in his
wrist for the rest of his life.

Warden Thomson investigated a boat fire/accident on Lake Eau
Claire. While two men were fishing, an electrical short caused the
floor of the boat to start on fire. The men were unable to
extinguish the fire with the fire extinguisher and were forced to
abandon the boat. By the time the fire department reached the boat,
it was completely burned.

Warden Thomson again worked with the Eau Claire Rod and Gun and
the Augusta Area Sportsmen’s clubs to set up deer dumpsters for gun
season. This is an annual event so that deer hunters can properly
dispose of butchered deer remains for free.

Warden Thomson received and investigated a complaint about
illegal solid waste dumping. He found several truck loads of
garbage that had been hauled from rental properties in Eau Claire
and Chippewa counties. The garbage caught fire and the fire
department extinguished the fire as it spread into a corn field.
The responsible party was contacted, and enforcement action was

Warden Barnhardt closed the investigation of an ATV injury crash
that occurred in Trempealeau County. An 8-year-old boy was injured
when the ATV he was operating rolled over; the boy was operating
illegally on lands owned by a friend. A citation was issued to the
ATV owner for allowing an underage person to operate the ATV.

Warden Barnhardt closed a lengthy investigation of illegal deer
hunting in Trempealeau County. He determined that the suspect
illegally killed two large bucks in the fall of 2009. In 2010,
wardens executed a search warrant and seized a 14-point buck and a
bow. The suspect recently was charged in court with possessing
illegal deer, group deer-hunting violations, possessing/using
another’s peron’s license or tag, and providing false information.
The suspect faces several thousand dollars in fines, potential jail
time, and revocation of DNR privileges for several years.

District 7 – Wisconsin Rapids area

Wardens Paul Leezer and Mike Rader of Wausau, Barry Fetting, of
Marshfield, Barry Meister and Jon Scharbarth, of Stevens Point,
supervisor Randy Falstad, and deputy warden Teal Joseph manned a
display booth at an outdoors show in Rothschild.

Wardens Ben Herzfeldt, of Schofield, took enforcement action
against an unlicensed bear guide for guiding activities in the
Marathon County Forest. The subject was paid over $1,000 from two
hunters to run baits, put up stands, and assist with the bear after
the kill. Guide license revocation will be sought in court.

Warden Herzfeldt took enforcement action against a subject for
taking apart refrigerators and freezers for scrap metal in his
apartment garage. The subject admitted to dismantling 50 to 60
refrigerators and freezers. The subject was not licensed and did
not attempt to recover the compressed gasses.

Warden Paul Leezer, of Wausau, investigated several illegal
baiting complaints and took enforcement action for those

Warden Leezer investigated a complaint of a trapper setting
water set traps prior to season. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Leezer took enforcement action against a waterfowl hunter
for hunting in a no-entry waterfowl refuge in the Mead State
Wildlife Area. He also took enforcement action against a waterfowl
hunter for knowingly hunting with a firearm capable of holder more
than three shells.

Warden Mike Rader, of Wausau, received information that a deer
had been shined and shot in eastern Marathon County, in late
September, by Wausau-area high school students. Wardens Rader and
Leezer found multiple subjects in two vehicles had shined and shot
at multiple deer. At least one deer was found to have been killed
and recovered. This deer was found to have been butchered and eaten
the following day. Equipment was seized, and enforcement action is

Warden Rader contacted a subject bowhunting over a bait pile in
the town of Halsey. Baiting and feeding deer continues to be
illegal in Marathon County. The subject was upset that the DNR
wants a lot of deer killed, but will not let people use bait. The
subject said baiting deer was the only way for him to get a shot at
a deer on his property. Enforcement action was taken.

Wardens Jon Scharbarth and Barry Meister, of Stevens Point, and
supervisor Randy Falstad, assisted a UW-Stevens Point natural
resources law enforcement class by serving as a mentor for

Warden Meister has been spending a considerable amount of time
working baiting complaints in and around the county. Several
enforcement actions were taken.

Warden Scharbarth checked a subject hunting over bait in Portage
County. The subject did not have his backtag or carcass tags with
him and had transported the uncased crossbow in a utility vehicle.
This subject also tagged a buck last year that his son had shot
with a bow. It was found that the son had placed the bait and shot
two bucks last year with his bow. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Scharbarth issued several citations to archery hunters
hunting over bait in Portage and Wood counties. Scharbarth also
issued citations for various fishing, boating, ATV, and
waterfowl-hunting violations.

Warden Barry Fetting, of Marshfield, met with the Big Eau Pleine
Citizens Organization to address concerns about boating safety at
the Big Eau Pleine Flowage. Pursued plans include a no-wake
ordinance to slow boating traffic near three bridges at the
flowage. Fetting also met with the Marshfield Chapter of Whitetails
Unlimited on a project in which dumpsters will be placed in the
area so hunters may discard deer carcasses and butchering scraps to
combat complaints every year about illegal dumping.

Warden Fetting and wildlife staff responded to a call from a
landowner who reported that a trapper, while targeting coyotes, had
trapped two wolves within 150 yards of each other. One wolf freed
itself prior to arrival. The other was released after it was
tranquilized and fitted with a radio collar.

Fetting took action on a variety of cases, including hunting
waterfowl without a license, failing to call in goose harvests,
staking state-owned property prior to the season for trapping,
illegal baiting and feeding, servicing a septic system without
licensing, illegal transport of a loaded gun, and the illegal
harvest of a protected species. Fetting also investigated illegal
fur buying.

Warden Fetting investigated a spill that occurred when a pipe
ruptured, spilling untreated paper mill waste into the Wisconsin

District 8 – La Crosse area

No report available.

District 9 – Black River Falls area

No report available.

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