AR: Orange isn’t just for deer, bear and elk hunting

LITTLE ROCK – You may be a specialist who only hunts squirrels.
Or maybe it is just rabbits. Still, you need to have a hunter
orange cap and vest available at certain times.

The requirement statewide in Arkansas is that hunter orange, hunter
chartreuse or blaze orange must be worn by all hunters, except
those going after migratory birds, during firearms seasons for
deer, bear and elk. Firearms include both modern guns and

Squirrel hunters typically dress in camouflage in trying to slip up
on sharp-eyed fox or gray squirrels. This often takes place in the
same areas where others are hunting for deer or bear or in the
limited north Arkansas area of elk hunting.

Rabbit hunters rely less on camouflage but often wear camo clothes
because they are available. Safety experts recommend some orange
clothing for both rabbit and quail hunting, two activities where
hunters tend to be close together and where the action often means
quick movements to get off shots.

Hunter orange, however, isn’t feasible for persons hunting ducks
and geese. These are migratory birds, and they usually are in areas
where deer and other big game are not found. The Arkansas Game and
Fish Commission suggests that small game hunters check the
2011-2012 Arkansas Hunting Guidebook for dates of seasons requiring
hunter orange clothing.

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