Wild & Wooly Whitetail Tales

With the deer hunting seasons in full swing in most parts of the
country, this week we bring you a selection of wild deer-hunting
stories to get you prepared to head afield.

Hunter Pays Deerly for Venison

Bill Carney was seated inside his camouflage pop-up hunting blind
when a large whitetail doe appeared in a hollow about 60 yards
away. The 59-year-old Sissonville, West Virginia resident calmly
took aim, took a deep breath, and squeezed the trigger on his

The deer, which had obviously been hit by a bullet, veered to its
left. Carney assumed that in a moment, it would be over.

Up until then, everything seemed to be going according to plan.
That’s when the deer turned again and started running full
bore-directly at Carney and his fabric hideout.

At first, he thought the oncoming deer would surely change course
before reaching him.

“I thought it was going to go right on by me,” the hunter later
told the Charleston Daily Mail newspaper.

But alas, Carney’s earlier good fortune had suddenly headed south,
and the wounded, bloodied deer plowed headlong into the
blind–knocking the hunter inside for a loop.

“It hit the blind with such a force, it took the stakes out of the
ground,” he said. “There wasn’t a bottom in it, or I’d have gone
with her. I was on the ground. She knocked me off the camping

When he recovered from the collision, Carney found his dead
deer-and his blind-down the trail several yards from the point of

Next hunting season, Carney says he’s going after a buck, but he’s
going to stay out of harm’s way-in an elevated treestand.

“It felt like an elephant coming through that blind,” he said.
“That was the last thing I was expecting.”

Bucky’s Revenge

The big-bodied 9-point buck offered Sedalia, Mo. hunter Randy
Goodman, 47, a nice broadside shot with his Remington .270 at about
30 yards. Two shots later, the deer collapsed and Goodman walked up
to have a closer look at his trophy buck.

He grabbed one of the massive antlers and thought, “Wow, what a big

At the same instant, the buck leapt to its feet and began attacking
the astonished hunter, whose rifle remained back at his treestand

“It was 15 seconds of hell,” Goodman later told his hometown
newspaper, the Sedalia Democrat.

When the angry, wounded buck finally relented its attack, a
bleeding and battered Goodman retrieved his rifle and was able to
pump two more shots into the deer-putting it down for good this

Feeling faint and noticing his jacket was soaked in blood, Goodman
used his cell phone to summon his brother for help. He was soon at
the local hospital emergency room, where he received multiple
staples in his head to repair a torn scalp. He also suffered a
slight concussion and bruises to his arms and chest.

A lesson learned?

“If you don’t think they’re dead, you might want to shoot them
again,” Goodman readily admitted.

Buck Makes Housecall

Belpre, West Virginia, hunter Ron Cooper was afield hunting deer
with his two sons when he received a cell phone call from his
excited wife, Linda. An unexpected visitor had barged into their
home in his absence and was becoming agitated and aggressive in
their kitchen.

“We were in the process of taking the hide off a deer when she
called and said she had a deer in the kitchen,” Cooper told a local

The hefty, 8-point buck crashed through the Cooper’s plexiglass
storm door and charged into the living room before coming
face-to-face with the lady of the house. To shield herself from the
trespassing buck, Linda instinctively threw open the refrigerator
door. The deer dodged its way through the kitchen, leaping into the
sink before escaping out the kitchen window.

“The whole thing lasted about a minute and a half,” Cooper said.
“When she saw the deer in the kitchen, she said ‘holy moley’ and
hid behind the refrigerator door.”

Ron returned home to find his wife cleaning leftover debris and
deer urine off the kitchen floor.

“Had I known it was going to come through the house, I would have
laid on the couch and shot it as it came through the living room,”
Ron said, matter of factly.

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