Wednesday, February 8th, 2023
Wednesday, February 8th, 2023

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PA: Cuffs and Collars Issue: 22


Butler County WCO Randy W. Pilarcik is investigating the dumping of
13 bags of garbage and pieces of furniture on a portion of Moraine
State Park. Charges will be filed.

Forest County WCO Frank E. Leichtenberger reports an injured eagle
caught in Mayburg last May has been successfully rehabilitated and
released. “I thank Allison Dziatlik of the Whig Hill Store for
reporting the bird to the Game Commission and the Tamarack Wildlife
Rehabilitation and Education Center for their work in restoring the
bird to health,” he said. “This bird survived with a broken wing
for months prior to capture, and it is amazing that it was able to
recover and be released back into the wild where it belongs.”

Jefferson County WCO Roger A. Hartless currently is working on a
dumping violation involving a large couch that was thrown out along
a local roadway on land open to hunting and furtaking. “A careful
search of the interior of the couch uncovered a bank receipt with a
checking or savings account number printed on it,” he said. “A
search warrant will be served on the bank that issued the receipt
so that the account holder can be tracked down. Hopefully, this
information will eventually lead to the person responsible for this
blatant dumping violation.”

Jefferson County WCO Roger A. Hartless reminds bobcat trappers that
using meat or animal products as bait visible from the air is an
unlawful trapping practice. “Last year, I found a number of bobcat
sets that were constructed using game bird feathers or animal fur
as bait near or above the trap,” he said. “In the majority of
situations, these items were clearly visible while approaching the
set, and therefore visible from the air.”

Jefferson County WCO Andrew D. Troutman recently finished several
cases that included: baiting, littering, poaching, illegal ATV
riding, late spotlighting and making false statements.

Mercer County WCO Lawrence R. Hergenroeder reports a 140-pound male
black bear was stuck and killed on Interstate 79, 1.5 miles north
of the Grove City Exit. “This three-mile stretch of interstate
between mile marker 113 and Interstate 80 has been the demise of
three bears in the past three years,” he said.


Allegheny County WCO Dan Puhala recently captured a 45-pound bear
cub in West Deer Township.The bear was relocated to Cambria

Westmoreland County WCO Dan Bookser said the first few days of
archery season, two individuals were cited for hunting over bait
along with other violations.

Westmoreland County WCO Brian Singer said calls reporting night
shooting, poaching and unlawful baiting of wildlife have been
trickling in, usually days or weeks after the violation has


Lycoming County WCO Kristoffer A. Krebs, on Oct. 1, cited an
individual for hunting through the use of bait. The archery hunter
was hunting on private property without first securing permission.
The area that he was hunting had been baited with corn, and the
defendant damaged several trees in the area by cutting limbs and
using screw-in tree steps.

Centre County WCO Dan Murray cited two individuals for late
spotlighting and two others for riding ATVs on SGL 100.


Fulton County WCO Kevin Mountz, while conducting night patrol in a
complaint area in Franklin County, drove onto a vehicle that
swerved across the center line three times in a matter of about a
minute. “A vehicle stop was made, field sobriety tests were
administered and an arrest was conducted for DUI,” he said. The
driver’s blood alcohol content was 0.240 percent – or three times –
the legal limit.

Bedford/Fulton Counties LMGS Jonathan S. Zuck said an infestation
of walking sticks defoliated more than 300 acres on SGL 49 (Town
Hill) in September. “Unlike gypsy moth that seems to target species
of oak, this insect seemingly ate the leaves of every deciduous
tree and shrub within the areas of impact,” he said.

Snyder County WCO Harold Malehorn picked up six road-killed bears
in one day. “That is, by far, a new record for my district,” he

Huntingdon County Richard O. Danley Jr. and Deputy WCO Lanny
Cornelius recently dealt with the first sick fisher documented in
Huntingdon County. “The animal was not moving, lying in the
backyard of a residence near Raystown Lake,” he said. “The animal
was sent to Penn State University for necropsy, and was found to
have a meningial infection of the brain.”

York County WCO Greg Graham said heavy rains provided the
opportunity for four-wheel drive vehicles to illegally operate on
state game lands in his district. Several became stuck and had to
be pulled out by tow trucks. The drivers were cited for the
unlawful operation on game lands and damage to property.

York County WCO Greg Graham cited an individual for hunting over
bait on the first day of archery deer. The individual also cut down
a cherry tree to have a better shooting lane to the bait. Charges
are pending.

York County WCO Greg Graham reports that illegal nighttime activity
has begun with the onset of fall. Surveillance on known violators
and covert night patrol is being utilized.

York County WCO Greg Graham’s Deputy WCOs apprehended numerous
individuals for violations on Hunter Access program

Adams County WCO Kevin P. Anderson Jr. said a sharp increase in
illegal night-time activity has resulted in increased patrols in
problem areas.

Adams County WCO Darren J. David reports that September brought 16
violations, four of which resulted in citations, for over the limit
of doves, hunting doves before season, driving a vehicle on public
access property, and disorderly conduct on state game lands.

Adams County WCO Darren J. David reports that a man was sentenced
to a one- to two-year prison term for an incident occurring last
year, in which he fled from officers who approached him hunting
over bait. He was a convicted felon and was not to possess a
firearm. Also, a man pleaded guilty to possessing an illegal wild
turkey that he killed out of season and making false/fraudulent
statements. Fines and costs totaled about $1,200.

Cumberland County WCO John Fetchkan reports crop damage complaints
are higher this year compared to previous years and many deer are
being seen in the evenings. “Several violations, including hunting
deer through the use of bait and damage to trees which were on SGLs
and state forests, were investigated,” he said. Citations will be

York County WCO Kyle Jury noted that since the velvet has shed off
antlers poaching activity is on the increase in York County.
Several reports have been made and some carcasses have been
discovered. The bulk of the reports are from the Dover and
Washington Township areas of northern York County.


Wayne County WCO Frank J. Dooley filed charges against several
individuals for entering restricted areas with large trucks and
tearing up planted and cultivated fields on SGL 236 in the Ararat
area of Susquehanna County.

Wayne County WCO Frank J. Dooley reports at least 10 separate
night-time jacklighting incidents occurred prior to Oct. 1, in the
northern Wayne County area of his district.

Northumberland County WCO Jason Kelley has reports of baited
treestands, which he will be watching this fall.

Northumberland County WCO Jason Kelley has had several dove hunters
shooting after hours.

Sullivan County WCO Rick Finnegan issued several warnings on the
first day of the archery seasons, mostly for failing to have in
possession a second form of ID.

Pike County WCO Mark Kropa said a Dingman’s Ferry man recently
pleaded guilty to possessing an illegally taken deer, and was
ordered to pay more than $2,000 in fines, restitution and court

Pike County WCO Mark Kropa is investigating several incidents of
“road hunting” in Shohola Township. “The description of the vehicle
is a white regular cab pick up,” he said. Anyone with any
information is asked to contact the Northeast Regional Office at

Wyoming County WCO Victor Rosa cited an individual for possession
of a juvenile raccoon removed from the wild and raised by the
suspect. Several dozen people came in contact with the animal.
Testing proved the animal did not carry the rabies virus.

Bradford County WCO Vernon Perry III prosecuted two individuals for
shooting two turkeys out of season.


Chester County WCO Keith Mullin reported that on the opening day of
the regular archery season, a hunter reported getting a deer not
fit for human consumption. “I met the hunter and found the deer had
a broken leg, most likely from a car strike,” he said. “The leg was
swollen up the thigh towards the hip.”

Lebanon County WCO Michael Reeder was called to put down an injured
deer near Goldmine Road and Route 443 in Union Township. “The deer
had an arrow shaft protruding from the back and was paralyzed,” he
said. “At more than 250 pounds, it was the largest deer I ever
handled, and had a beautiful set of antlers,” he said. Anyone with
information is urged to call the Southeast Region Office at

Northampton County WCO Brad Kreider cited individuals for hunting
deer over bait, as well as hunting in WMUs during the early archery

Northampton County WCO Brad Kreider reports that officers in the
county assisted in “midge” trapping for EHD testing over a
three-week period. “The collected samples have been shipped to
Georgia for lab analysis,” he said.

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