Introduce a Youngster to the Outdoors

The future of our sport and tradition lies within our youth. As
sportsmen/women we take for granted our privileges of being able to
fish, hunt, and enjoy the outdoors.

It would be like preaching to the choir to talk about everything
that threatens our sports, but I would like to offer up a
suggestion on how to keep our privileges intact for generation to
come. How? You might ask. Introduce our youth to hunting and
fishing. Teach them to respect the wilderness and what it can

Blessed to have a father that was interested in fishing and the
outdoors I was exposed to hunting and fishing. He started me off
young and fueled my passion for the outdoors by taking me fishing
and hunting when he could.

I couldn’t wait for that next issue of “The Outdoor Life” or
other outdoor magazine to come in the mail. I would spend hours
practicing my casting in the back yard just waiting for our summer
vacation up at the lake. I was fortunate, but others are not. Some
youngsters don’t have parents that are able to share this passion
with them. This unfortunate fact is something (as a sportsman) we
need to recognize.

Part of the experience of being a sportsman is passing on our
knowledge to those that may need a hand. Take that extra time to
introduce someone new to the sport of hunting, fishing, or
shooting. It won’t take long for that young mind to open up and the
experience will be with him/her for their lifetime.

Sharing the outdoors and fishing with a youngster is something that
everybody should do. It is what being a sportsman is about. Share
your knowledge and pass it on to future generations. Let them have
fun, but help them understand conservation and their surroundings.
The key is to “Have Fun”. Take a Kid fishing.



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