Cougars are here; will they stay?

The recent images of a cougar recorded on trail cameras in the
Upper Peninsula have been interesting. The animal has been doing a
lot of traveling in Michigan and is thought to have come all the
way from South Dakota.

The DNR says additional images of the cat, which is wearing a
radio collar, were recorded in Wisconsin. South Dakota wildlife
biologists say that many of their radio-collard cougars tend to
move east, but efforts to find the animal in Michigan using South
Dakota radio frequencies have been unsuccessful, so far.

Thanks to the abundance of trail cameras out there in the woods,
we’re starting to get a clearer picture of what wildlife biologists
have been saying for years – that it appears cougars in Michigan
are likely transients looking for new places to call home.

Who knows? With the number of deer available to cougars in
Michigan, it could be that some of the animals may stop and decide
to stay. However, there are no images of cougar kittens, yet. The
photos are showing us quite a bit, but there is still no definitive
evidence that cougars are breeding in Michigan – yet.

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