WI: Cuffs and Collars Issue: 20

District 10 – Wautoma area

Warden Bryan Lockman, of New London, arrested two boat operators on
the Wolf River for OWI boating.

Warden Lockman cited a shore fisherman for having a short
smallmouth bass and for overbagging on panfish in Manawa.

Warden Judi Nigbor, of Montello, assisted the Marquette County
Sheriff’s Department with an ATV injury accident near White Lake.
The operator was driving illegally on a road when he left the road
and struck a tree. The driver was transported to the hospital and
arrested for ATV OWI.

Warden Nigbor worked fishing enforcement throughout Marquette
County in August and took enforcement action for no fishing
license, undersized fish, unattended lines, and overbagging.

Warden Jeff Knorr, of Fremont, organized boat group checks on the
Wolf River to address continued issues with speed and hazardous
wake incidents. One check resulted in seven citations, two OWI
arrests, and multiple warnings for boating violations.

Warden Nate Ackerman, of Berlin, issued citations to three anglers
who were fishing from piers on Green Lake without a license.

Warden Ackerman contacted a driver pulling a trailer from Twin Lake
with weeds hanging off the trailer. Enforcement action was

Warden Ted Dremel, of Waupaca, responded to a call about people
placing sand along the shore of the drained Iola Mill Pond. Dremel
contacted the people and asked them to remove the sand.

Warden Dremel responded to two calls about a Waupaca man
transporting a live bobcat. Upon contact, the man said he had his
dog in the back of his truck and knew nothing about a bobcat. The
man asked Dremel if he was on TV for some type of prank his friends
may be involved in. Dremel assured him this was not the case.

The Wild Rose Hatchery crew advised warden Dave Algrem, of Wautoma,
that they had 300 brood stock brown trout that could not be
released into streams. The hatchery wanted to donate the fish to a
food pantry, but needed some volunteers to assist in cleaning the
fish. Half of the large trout were processed by Waushara Archers
and Wautoma Rod and Gun Club members. The other 150 trout were
processed by the Montello Bowbenders. The 800 pounds cleaned fish
were taken to food pantries in Waushara and Marquette

District 11 – Peshtigo area

Warden Dave Oginski, of Wausaukee, spent most of August setting up
a Learn to Hunt bear hunt that resulted in eight of 10 filled tags,
with all of the hunters being able to see and shoot at bears. The
biggest bear was a 322-pound sow.

Warden Matt Meade, of Crivitz, had a court case resolved in
Marinette County regarding several ATV operators driving on roads
not posted as ATV routes, and operating in a careless manner. The
suspects were found guilty on both charges, ordered to pay fines,
and to retake ATV safety training.

Warden Meade interviewed several individuals regarding capturing
baby animals from the wild and keeping them as pets. All animals
were returned to the wild or taken to a rehabilitation facility.
Enforcement action was taken against the individuals.

Warden Mark Schraufnagel, of Shawano, investigated the illegal
stocking of fish. The subject transported 2,500 perch from an
unlicensed pond in Oconto County to a pond in Shawano County. The
subject who stocked the fish and the landowner of the pond were
cited for illegal stocking. The subject was required to have the
fish tested for various fish diseases, including VHS.

Warden Schraufnagel assisted Walleyes for Tomorrow-Shawano chapter
with releasing 3,000 large fingerling walleyes from the Wild Rose
hatchery into Shawano Lake.

Warden Jim Horne, of Shawano, assisted in a group boat check on the
Wolf River. Many boaters were in dangerous situations and didn’t
realize it.

Warden Horne had a trial regarding an individual who illegally shot
a deer at night in 2007. The individual not want to be revoked for
three years. The case was settled before the trial. The individual
was revoked for three years, plus the usual forfeitures.

District 12 – Green Bay area and Northeast Operations Marine

Warden Chris Kratcha, of Sturgeon Bay, apprehended a Sturgeon Bay
man for fishing while his licenses were suspended and providing
false information in order to obtain a license. The man also was
taken to jail for four arrest warrants for failing to comply with
the terms of multiple fishing citations issued in another

Warden supervisor George Protogere, of Green Bay, traveled to
Shawano County for a trial stemming from a 2007 deer-poaching case.
The case was settled minutes before the trial was to start,
resulting in the defendant being revoked for three years and
forfeiting over $2,000.

Wardens Darren Kuhn, of Kewaunee, and Protogere encountered a
fisherman on Krohn’s Lake who was in possession of marijuana and a
marijuana pipe. The boater was escorted to the boat landing where
he was turned over to the Kewaunee County Sheriff’s

Warden Robert Stroess, of Manitowoc, had contacted two separate
boat operators in July who had not completed a safety class. He
gave them 30 days to complete an on-line class to avoid receiving a
citation. After 39 days they still had not completed the class and
Stroess issued them each a citation. Stroess notified them by
telephone. One of them was polite. The other was not.

Northeast Operations Marine Unit

No report available.

District 13 – Oshkosh area

Wardens Jason Higgins, of Oshkosh, and Tom Truman, of Winneconne,
caught an angler overbagging on walleyes near Garlic Island on Lake
Winnebago. They watched the suspect fish in the morning and keep
walleyes. The suspect returned in the afternoon. Higgins checked
the subject at his boat lift and the subject had five walleyes from
his afternoon catch. A citation was issued and the fish were

Warden Higgins contact three subjects fishing along the Fox River
in Oshkosh who had three undersized smallmouth bass and an
undersized flathead catfish in a bucket. Two of the subjects were
cited for possessing undersized fish.

Wardens Tom Truman, of Winneconne, and Michael Disher, of Chilton,
arrested a boater on the Wolf River for boating OWI.

Warden Kyle Kosin, of Campbellsport, responded to a traffic stop
initiated by a State Patrol trooper for an uncased rifle in a
truck. The subject was arrested for a probation violation. Kosin
issued a citation for the uncased rifle, and the rifle was

Warden Ben Nadolski, of Waupun, worked boating enforcement on area
waters in August. Citations for operating PWCs faster than no wake
within 100 feet of a pier and towing skiers without an observer
were issued, along with numerous boating-related warnings.

Warden Ryan Propson, of Appleton, learned about a man operating an
unlicensed guide service out of Menasha who was going to be fishing
with clients on Lake Winnebago. Wardens Propson and Jason Higgins
and April Dombrowski, both of Oshkosh, worked the case. An
investigation revealed numerous unlicensed guide trips were
conducted by the suspect between 2004 and 2011. In addition to not
having a guide license, the suspect didn’t have a Coast Guard
“six-pack” license, nor a valid driver’s license. Enforcement
action is pending.

Warden Propson worked numerous events involving youth and the
outdoors. He attended the Wisconsin State Fair in the National
Archery in Schools Program booth, a wildlife and outdoor skills
event at the Gordon Bubolz Nature Center, and three hunter
education classes during August.

District 14 – Sheboygan area

Warden Mike Clutter, of Random Lake, helped the Sheboygan County
dive team search for a drowning victim on Lake Michigan.

Warden Bob Lee, of Hartford, had contact with a subject who was
given citations in the past for operating a boat in excess of the
posted speed limit. This subject was involved in an accident in
which he flipped his boat, injuring a passenger. Lee issued the
operator another citation.

Warden Lee and deputy warden Bill Mitchell issued several citations
for fishing without licenses, possession of undersized fish, and
boating violations.

Warden Chris Shea, of Port Washington, investigated a call that a
West Bend resident was keeping three raccoons as pets in her home.
Shea worked with DNR wildlife staff and the suspect to have the
raccoons removed from the home.

Warden Shea found two individuals fishing without licenses in Port
Washington. The two men were fishing from the harbor breakwall.
Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Mark Pearce, of Plymouth, monitored commercial fishing tugs,
trap nets, and looked for a ghost net on Lake Michigan.

District 15 – Milwaukee area

Warden Matt Groppi, of Sussex, investigated a call about a goose
that was shot on Moose Lake. He located the individual who shot the
goose with a pellet gun. The individual used a canoe to retrieve
the goose, then later discarded the goose in a field. Groppi issued
one citation for possession of a game bird without a license and
one citation for hunting Canada geese without a valid permit.

Warden Ben Mott, of Milwaukee, saw three juveniles catching
illegal-sized smallmouth bass at Kletzsch Park and placing them in
a small pool that had been created by low water levels. When they
finished fishing, the kids attempted to catch the bass with a small
net. When they couldn’t catch the fish they threw small rocks at
the fish “to try to scare them out of the pool,” one said. Mott
warned the 12- to 14-year-old youths about their violations. Mott
had all three kids help in digging a trench from the pool back to
the main channel so the fish could return to the river.

Wardens Mott and Nick Blankenheim were on Lake Michigan checking
fishermen when an individual drove his boat on plane through the
main gap of the Milwaukee Harbor breakwall. All three individuals
in the boat had been fishing; two were warned for failing to
display licenses. The operator was warned for failing to transfer
registration, as he had recently moved from another state, and was
cited for the no-wake violation.

Wardens Steven Sanidas and Jason Roberts arrested two subjects for
OWI boating on Lake Beulah during a special event.

Wardens Sanidas and Blankenheim found two fishermen on the Fox
River in Mukwonago who did not have fishing licenses, but did have
a container of marijuana.

Wardens Sanidas and Blankenheim checked a Mukwonago River angler
who had two short bass on a stringer, and no license. The man had
been cited in the past by Sanidas and Blankenheim for the same

District 16 – Racine, Kenosha area

Warden Randy Dunkel, of Racine, and recruit Thomas Dickson observed
two fishermen fishing along the Root River. One did not have a
license and the second was fishing with four baits.

Warden Dunkel received a call on a simple littering case about a
year ago regarding an individual dumping garbage on private vacant
lands without permission. The case turned into a complex one-year
solid waste investigation during which it was found that
individuals were dumping loads of garbage on private lands to avoid
waste management costs. Dunkel had assistance from the EPA, DNR
solid waste employees, local law enforcement, and environmental
wardens. The case is being reviewed for prosecution.

Warden Hirschboeck, of Racine, had a warden recruit he trained for
six weeks. During the training he exposed the new warden to Lake
Michigan enforcement, community wardening, OWI enforcement,
environmental laws, and assisting other agencies.

Warden Mac Hannon, of Kenosha, assisted the Racine Fire Department
for two days in the search for an 11-year-old boy who had been
swimming in the area. The waves on Lake Michigan were up to 6 feet,
which made the attempt nearly impossible. Other wardens who
assisted throughout the weekend were Dunkel, Dilley, and Mott. The
efforts were unsuccessful and the boy’s body was found a few days
later by a fisherman.

Warden Hannon and deputy warden Katzenberg worked the Lake Beulah
tie-up. They stopped a boat operator for a no-wake violation and
then arrested the operator for boating OWI (.22 BAC).

Warden Dilley received a call about illegal burning north of
Paddock Lake. A farmhand was found to have been illegally burning
various materials, including shingles, plastics, and miscellaneous

Warden Juan Gomez, of Elkhorn, organized the Lake Beulah tie-up
boating group check. Wardens arrested eight boat operators for
operating while under the influence.

Wardens Gomez and Roberts checked more than 25 boats one day on
Lake Delavan. They issued two citations for fishing without a
license, and another for failing to display registration numbers
and one for failing to provide the proper number of PFDs.

Warden Jason Roberts, of Delevan, testified at a sentencing hearing
in a deer-shining case from the previous year. The judge was in
agreement with Robert’s assessment, and the defendant was given the
full fine amount, equipment seizure, and the mandatory license

District 17 – Madison area

Warden Nate Kroeplin, of Madison, continued to work a lot of shore
fishing and littering enforcement. He issued several citations in
August for fishing without a license and littering in problem
areas, such as the Hwy. 113 bridge in the town of Westport.

Warden Boyd Richter, of Janesville, traveled to Darlington to
assist with ATV enforcement on the Tri-County Trail. Numerous loud
ATVs were tested for noise, and two subjects were cited for
operating loud ATVs. Warnings were given for underage operation,
failing to display registration, operating with expired ATV
registration, failing to display a fishing license, and operating a
loud ATV.

Warden Mike Dieckhoff, of Janesville, and deputy warden Payne were
patrolling the Rock River when they located a baited fishing line
on a dock and no one around. A man was cited for fishing with
unattended lines and was found to have a felony warrant out of New
Mexico. The subject was detained and turned over to Beloit police

Warden Dieckhoff was watching anglers below the Monterey dam who
appeared to be very intoxicated. One man threw a green soda bottle
into the Rock River and both left litter on the shoreline.
Dieckhoff learned they were both on probation. Both subjects were
placed on a probation hold, and Janesville police officers were
called. The subjects were arrested and Dieckhoff issued their
citations to them at the Rock County jail. Three citations were
issued to the anglers.

Warden Eric Grudzinski, of Dane County, spent considerable time
working closed-season ginseng harvest and wildlife poisoning cases
in August. Grudzinski also gave talks to hunter education classes,
attended firearms/tactical training, and patrolled the Mazomanie
Beach for disorderly conduct.

Warden David Walz, of Watertown, and deputy warden Payne responded
to an ATV crash in which the passenger rolled off the back of the
ATV when the operator accelerated while operating illegally on a
road. The operator was arrested for ATV OWI (.271 BAC). He will be
issued four citations and will be referred for a potential criminal
charge of causing injury while intoxicated.

Warden Walz observed a group of four people who were under 21 in a
rowboat on the Mud Lake Wildlife Area; they were drinking beer and
smoking marijuana. They also littered their beer cans. Citations
were issued for littering and possession of marijuana.

Warden Ryan Ellifson, of Jefferson, issued five citations for ATV
violations in the Mallwood area to the same subject for identical
violations on two different dates.

Warden Ellifson and deputy Chris Payne issued two citations for
fishing without a license in the Princes Point Wildlife Area.

District 18 – Poynette area

Warden Heather Gottschalk, of Beaver Dam, assisted warden Jill
Schartner, of Drummond, with her Learn to Hunt bear program in
which 16 youth hunters shot 13 bears in two days – 125 to 344
pounds – between bait sitters and dog hunters.

Warden Michael Green, of Wisconsin Dells, and deputy warden Weyh
got a call about individuals interfering with lawful fishing by
tying off a pontoon boat to the Timme Mill dam fishing platform and
forcing a kid from a fishing spot in the creek. As Green ran the
boat registration, two intoxicated individuals walked to the
platform from a bar, boarded the boat, and put the key in the
ignition. Green advised the operator not to operate the boat while
intoxicated. The individual stated he was not intoxicated and Green
offered to administer field sobriety tests. The individual agreed
to wait for a sober person to come and pick up the boat and to not
park in front of the fishing platform in the future.

Wardens David Horzewski, of Reedsburg, and John Buss, of Sauk City,
attended the annual Amish Trap Shoot in the Hillpoint area. Fifty
Amish men attended the shoot that Horzewski and Buss use as a
community wardening event to build relationships.

Warden Paul Nadolski, of Portage, and recruit Jake Donar finished
Donar’s first field training period.

Warden supervisor David Holmes, of Portage, assisted warden
supervisor Tyler Strelow and the Madison team with working an area
of state land where it is known that people use marijuana on an
area beach. The wardens made eight arrests for possession of
marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

District 19 – Dodgeville area

Warden Dave Youngquist, of Spring Green, and Iowa County K-9 deputy
Dan Guentz patrolled the Wisconsin River. They issued four glass
citations and one for fishing without a license. The dog was used
at multiple camps, resulting in five citations for possession of

Warden Youngquist cited a group of campers who had buried their
trash on a sand bar, including their dirty metal cooking dishes so
they wouldn’t have to clean them.

Wardens Mike Nice and Cody Adams caught two subjects digging
ginseng illegally on state property. Approximately 213 ginseng
roots were recovered from the two suspects during the

Warden Nice worked the Country on the River concerts in Prairie du
Chien. Wardens issued citations for fishing without a license and
PFD violations, and they arrested OWI boaters.

Wardens Jeff King, of Darlington, Nick Webster, of Monroe, and
supervisor Strelow worked a detail at the Mazomanie beach on the
Lower Wisconsin State Riverway. They observed lewd and lascivious
sex acts and drug use occur on the beach and in the parking area.
Sixteen citations were issued, including possession of marijuana,
drug paraphernalia, disorderly conduct, and operating a motor
vehicle after revocation.

Warden Martin Stone, of Fennimore, worked the Mississippi River for
the Country on the River concerts. The owner of an off-shore power
boat was issued a citation for his fifth noise violation, and a
second violation for inaccessible PFDs.

Warden Rick DeWitte, of Cassville, was checking anglers below the
Mississippi lock and dam and issued a citation to an individual who
was fishing along the lock wall without a license. The man had
caught two sheepshead that were nearby in a bucket.

Warden DeWitte contacted boaters using the Grant County landing
adjacent to O’Leary Lake regarding invasive species and the aquatic
vegetation laws. The weed growth in the last few weeks and
prevailing winds have put weeds in the path of a boat trailers at
this local landing. Many anglers and boaters were aware of the

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