Game must be checked in by 11:30 p.m.

Ohio’s deer hunters have some new check-in rules which includes
one that demands recording the kill by 11:30 p.m. on the of the
animal’s expiration.

In the past the Ohio Division of Wildlife allowed hunters to check
in their animals the following day, or within 24 hours of taking a

Such a change could impact archery hunters who sit in their stands
or ground blinds and then proceed to shoot a deer late in the day;
sometimes too late to be recovered that same evening.

Yet sometimes archery deer hunters may not be able to locate, tag
and drag their deer until the following morning. This allows a
fatally wounded animal an opportunity to lay down and die.

Otherwise a hunter that is feeling pressured may forge ahead,
spooking the deer so that it runs off into the darkness, never to
be retrieved.

However, the Ohio Division of Wildlife has taken this matter under

Hunters who are forced to wait until the following morning can tag
the animal at that time, noting on the document that the deer was
killed on the subsequent following morning and not the evening
before, state wildlife officials say.

“No one knows when that deer actually died,” said Vicki Ervin, a
Wildlife Division spokesman

Ervin said the agency took this possibility into account as it
rewrote the rules in order to make them more applicable to the
state’s new turkey- and deer-check-in system.

Even so, any deer that is killed, tagged and removed from the woods
must be recorded into the new computer-based system by 11:30 p.m.
the same day, Ervin says.


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