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Sunday, January 29th, 2023

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WI: Cuffs and Collars Issue: 19

District 1 – Ashland area

Warden Amie Egstad, of Bayfield, was on Lake Superior and
Chequamegon Bay and issued citations to three people, including two
guides. One man was fishing without a license from a boat in
Chequamegon Bay, and one licensed guide was cited for fishing in
the Gull Island refuge. The third subject was a charter guide
trolling with his clients for trout and salmon, but he had not
renewed his DNR sport-trolling license.

Warden Egstad investigated a fatal ATV crash. The victim was the
operator; a passenger survived. The operator was traveling too
fast, failed to negotiate a hill and curve in the trail, and
crashed into a tree. The passenger was thrown, but landed in the
middle of the trail, causing only bumps and bruises. Speed and
alcohol were factors in the crash.

Warden Egstad contacted a group of fishermen who had come into the
Bayfield boat landing after fishing all day on Lake Superior. The
group had filleted all of their lake trout while on the water. A
majority of the fillets did not meet the minimum size of 15 inches,
and half of the fillets did not have skin on, as required to be
transported. Citations were issued to three of the five fishermen
for transporting fish fillets that did not meet the requirements
for transportation.

Warden Jill Schartner, of Drummond, worked boating and fishing
enforcement in August. There were four boating citations issued –
two for light violations and two for operating at greater than
no-wake speeds.

Warden Schartner also worked several days on lakes with the
Bayfield County recreational deputy; several warnings and two
citations were issued for boating violations.

Warden Schartner spent many hours the past two months organizing
the Drummond Learn to Hunt bear hunt. More than 100 people were
involved in the event this year.

Warden John Krull, of Superior, worked with an agent from Border
Protection on the St. Louis River system. Contact was made with two
people fishing from shore; neither had a fishing license in
possession. Checks showed that both men had valid licenses. They
also showed that one man had several outstanding warrants. Superior
police officers arrested the individuals on shore.

While working on Lake Superior in the Cornucopia area, warden Krull
was flagged down by an individual in a kayak pointing into one of
the sea caves near Meyer’s Beach. Several swimmers were in the
water, having jumped from on top of the caves. One of the swimmers
was struggling to get to shore. Krull got the individual to

Warden Krull and a fish biologist responded to a fish kill on Lyman
Lake involving several species of various sizes, including numerous
large walleyes and several muskies.

Warden Krull investigated an ATV accident involving two teenagers.
One was killed, the other badly injured.

Warden John Windt, of Hurley, worked an unattended fishing line
case from last year. The individual was missed last year, but this
time was caught with an unattended line baited for muskies.

Warden Windt responded to a call about a PWCer on Pine Lake. No
violations were found, but upon further investigation, several
people were checked. A citation was issued for operating a PWC
without an observer.

Warden supervisor Dave Oginski, of Ashland, issued a citation for
operating an ATV on a highway after a subject was stopped on Hwy.
13 near Cornucopia.

District 2 – Cumberland area

Warden Jesse Ashton, of Luck, worked on an ag damage deer-shooting
complaint. A farmer and two farmhands had shot eight deer for their
damage claim. The deer were not gutted. They were registered the
next day and then dumped. No attempt was made to salvage the deer,
which is a violation of the program. All three subjects were cited,
and the 2011 damage claim was revoked.

Warden Russ Fell, of Rice Lake, assisted other agencies with the
investigation and removal of several thousand marijuana plants in
the Flambeau State Forest.

Warden Fell issued several citations to a seasonal property owner
on a local lake for placing unattended bank poles after dark and
keeping undersized game fish.

Warden Fell investigated a buck that was illegally shot and left in
the field during an ag damage hunt. Citations are pending.

Warden Jon Hagen, of Spooner, investigated a fatal boat incident on
Dilly Lake. The victim and passenger had fallen overboard,
partially capsizing the boat. They attempted to swim to shore. The
passenger was rescued by a boater. There were PFDs onboard the
boat, but they were not utilized.

Warden Hagen issued a citation to a landowner for illegally grading
a wetland to the open water on Cable Lake. He also recorded illegal
shoreline violations on Big Ripley Lake for follow-up with

Warden Hagen inspected a deer farm fence to complete an application
for a deer farmer.

Wardens Chris Spaight, of Grantsburg, and Paul Martin, of Webster,
were contacted by the Burnett County Sheriff’s Department to
respond to a remote section of the St. Croix River to assist with
the nighttime rescue of several stranded people who had capsized
their canoes. The wardens used Spaight’s jet boat to rescue all 14
stranded canoers.

District 3 – Park Falls area

No report available.

District 4 – Woodruff area

Warden Patrick Novesky, of Three Lakes, issued citations on
Butternut Lake for keeping illegal-sized fish and

Warden Jim Jung, of Rhinelander, received calls regarding
transporting water from a lake without approval, failing septage
systems discharging into a wetland, and mowing a wetland, in
addition to the normal boating, fishing, and ATV complaints. Jung
issued citations for selling bait without a license, failing to
keep accurate records (septage hauler), and boating and fishing
violations. Jung and warden Sealander also investigated a wild deer
being held in captivity.

Warden Jung assisted warden Mike Neal in conducting inspections on
boats that had been operated in two separate fatal boating
collisions in northern Wisconsin.

Wardens Kelly Crotty, of Florence, and Tim Price, of Eagle River,
assisted with teaching archery at the National Archery in the
Schools tent at the Wisconsin State Fair.

Warden Crotty worked boating and fishing enforcement and issued a
citation to a parent for allowing underage operation of a PWC
without a boater education course.

Warden Brad Dahlquist, of Crandon, issued citations for fishing
without licenses, overbagging panfish, and for a diver’s flag
violation in August.

Wardens Dahlquist and Dryja found two men fishing on Little Rice
Lake in Forest County. They had 65 panfish.

Warden Rich Thole, of Boulder Junction, investigated a boat
accident on the Manitowish chain. A subject was towing a water
skier and was struck in the port stern by another boat. The
striking boat operator was talking on his cell phone at the time.
Thole cited that boat operator for failing to yield the right of
way to the other motorboat.

Wardens Thole and Price worked boating and fishing enforcement on
High and Fish Trap lakes. They cited two anglers for not having any
life jackets on board their boats.

Warden Price attended an ATV forum in Phelps where pros and cons
were discussed regarding the ATV issue in Phelps Township.

Warden Price issued citations for no fishing license, waterskiing
without an observer, and failure to have the proper number of

Warden Mike Sealander, of St. Germain, issued a citation to a
subject for multiple crayfish-trapping violations.

District 5 – Lower St. Croix area

Warden Paul Sickman, of Hudson, got a call about a yellow and black
snake in a dishwasher. The people had just moved in a couple of
days earlier. The previous owner lost a snake and did not tell the
new owners. The snake was in the cabinet that holds the dishwasher.
The snake turned out to be a boa constrictor and was dealt with

Warden Brad Peterson, of Ellsworth, worked enforcement on boating,
fishing, illegal deer baiting, and goose-hunting violations.
Citations were issued.

Warden Wayne Flak, of Menomonie, patrolled the Chippewa River and
issued citations for fishing violations. Flak also patrolled state
lands for underage drinking and drunk driving concerns.

Warden Jim Cleven, of Colfax, assisted other law enforcement
officers and DNR rangers for two days in eradicating more than
6,000 marijuana plants from state land in Rusk County. Cleven
assisted by using his river jet boat to assist in the transport of
officers to the site and carry out the plants, garbage, camp
equipment, and evidence.

Wardens Bill Wrasse, of Durand, and Hausman, of Baldwin, continued
to work on boat noise concerns on the Lower Chippewa River. Several
airboats were tested for sound levels and were found to be able to
be operated legally with good mufflers installed.

District 6 – Eau Claire area

No report available.

District 7 – Wisconsin Rapids area

Warden Herzfeldt spent the majority of August patrolling Marathon
County waters. He issued several citations for fishing without
licenses and expired boat registration. Herzfeldt also looked into
several baiting and other hunting-related complaints.

Warden Paul Leezer, of Wausau, contacted two ATV operators after
they had been riding on the Marathon County trail system at the
Burma Forest Unit. Neither had safety certification, and both ATVs
had loud exhaust systems that had no spark arrestors. Neither ATV
was registered, and both had equipment violations. Enforcement
action was taken.

Warden Leezer investigated illegal bear baiting and illegal deer
baiting in southwest Marathon County. Citations are pending.

Warden Leezer worked boating enforcement on area lakes and rivers
and issued citations and warnings for boating violations.

Warden Rader, of Wausau, spent much of August working boating and
fishing enforcement in Marathon County. Multiple citations were
issued for fishing without a license.

Warden Barry Fetting, of Marshfield, approached the Moon Dam, where
he observed several people fishing from shore. Two people quickly
set their poles down and began walking away upon seeing Fetting.
Fetting obtained the first subject’s driver’s license and spoke
with the two individuals. Both were fishing without a license.
Enforcement action was taken in each case.

Warden Barry Meister, of Stevens Point, settled a case from the
2010 deer season. A man who chose to hunt without a license and
over a bait pile forfeited $2,094, had all his DNR licenses revoked
for three years, and had his firearm confiscated.

Warden Meister issued citations for various fishing and boating
violations in August.

Warden Jon Scharbarth, of Stevens Point, began working with warden
recruit Jake Donar in August. Scharbarth, Meister, and Donar
assisted at the Izaak Walton League Youth Outdoor Day in Stevens
Point by running the laser shot range and waterfowl ID stations.
About 40 youths attended.

Wardens Scharbarth and Donar worked on an array of topics in
August, with enforcement action taken for fishing, ATV, boating,
and stormwater violations. One subject was turned over to police
for possession of drugs after Scharbarth and Donar observed him
smoking marijuana along the shore of the Wisconsin River.

Warden Barry Fetting, of Marshfield, received information that a
convicted felon purchased a gun deer-hunting license and
subsequently registered a deer during the 2009 gun deer season.
Upon contact, the subject admitted that he tagged a deer that was
shot by another person during a deer drive. The group deer-hunting
law states that to be considered a group each hunter must be
carrying a firearm and be licensed to hunt deer. Enforcement action
was taken.

Warden Fetting responded to a reported fish kill in the Yellow
River. Fetting observed dead rough fish, minnows, frogs, and other
aquatic animals floating in the water for a distance of about 3
miles. Fetting and other DNR staff spent several hours searching
for the source until arriving at an area where it appeared
agriculture run-off entered a ditch during a recent rain before
flowing into the river. The investigation is ongoing.

Warden Stewart Smith, of Wisconsin Rapids, checked numerous
fishermen and boaters on the Wisconsin River and area lakes and
cranberry marshes. Smith contacted several fishermen who didn’t
have a fishing license, and who were in possession of undersized
fish. Several boaters didn’t have the proper number and type of
PFDs and had not taken the boating safety class. Citations and
warnings were issued.

District 8 – La Crosse area

Wardens Cody Adams, of Prairie du Chien, and Michael Nice, of
Richland Center, worked boating enforcement on the Mississippi
River and observed a large cabin cruiser operating down the east
channel with passengers sitting on the bow of the boat with their
feet hanging over the edge. The operators switched as they
approached. The operator of the boat was arrested for OWI. The
owner of the boat was issued a citation for not enough PFDs.

Wardens Adams and Ron Cork worked boating enforcement on the
Mississippi River and saw a boat being operated after sunset
without lights. The wardens stopped the boat, and the operator was
arrested for OWI.

Wardens Adams and Nice arrested two men for picking wild ginseng
before the season, on state land, without licenses, in possession
of ginseng without the leaves, and for being in possession of
ginseng berries. The wardens seized 213 ginseng roots, harvesting
tools, and ginseng berries. Enforcement action was taken, along
with a request for the men’s hunting, fishing, and trapping
privileges to be revoked for two years.

Warden Shawna Stringham, of Viroqua, worked with the local DNR
forester and issued one citation to an individual who failed to
send in a forestry report after four attempts by the forester for
the individual to do so. Stringham and the DNR water regulations
specialist went to two locations to investigate two water regs

Warden Stringham spoke with two landowners about a loan/borrow case
that involved turkey hunting this past spring. Two citations were

Warden Stringham investigated a fatal ATV accident with assistance
from the county coroner and the responding officer.

Wardens Dale Hochhausen, of Stoddard, and Edward McCann, of La
Crosse, were driving north on Hwy. 35 when they saw a vehicle
parked at a wayside with its windows rolled down, but with no one
around. Four individuals were located in the woods smoking
marijuana. Drug paraphernalia and marijuana were seized and turned
over to the Vernon County Sheriff’s Department.

Wardens McCann and Hochhausen responded to a drowning in the
Mississippi River and assisted with the search, utilizing the
side-scan sonar on their patrol boat.

Warden McCann investigated a call regarding an angler who was
allegedly harassed and threatened by another angler over a
shoreline fishing spot.

Warden Bob Jumbeck, of Alma, found various violations in August,
including boat OWI, operating a boat without valid registration,
possession of undersized fish, operating PWCs between sunset and
sunrise, and fishing without a license.

While worked fishing enforcement. warden Jumbeck contacted a man
participating in a bass tournament. During a short investigation,
Jumbeck learned the tournament had special bag limit regulations
imposed due to water temperature. A warning was given to the
organizer of the tournament for failure to follow permit

Warden Jumbeck worked with county land conservation personnel on an
animal waste complaint. Contact was made with a farmer who allowed
a substantial amount of animal waste to accumulate on his property,
with potential access to a nearby trout stream. The landowner
understood the concern and was able to clean the area, thus
avoiding a release into the stream.

District 9 – Black River Falls area

Warden Adam Hanna, of Neillsville, and ranger Aaron Bembnister were
greeted rather unkindly by a fisherman on the St. Croix River
during a routine license check. The man complained that he got
checked for his license too often and was “harassed” by wardens too
much. Hanna explained that the officers were just doing their job
and didn’t mean to inconvenience anyone. The man was found to be in
possession of a short walleye and was issued a citation.

Warden Scott Bowe, of Cornell, held the sixth annual Learn to Hunt
bear hunt in Chippewa County in August for nine hunters ages 10 to
26. Four of the nine hunters killed bears.

Warden Bowe and water guard Kaitlin Kernosky audited 13 bait
dealers during the Lower Chippewa team’s group check. They found
several record-keeping violations, four bait dealers operating
without licenses, one bait dealer harvesting wild bait without a
permit and also possessing a wild muskie, and one bait dealer
selling turtle shells without a license. Enforcement action was

Warden Scott Thiede, of Eau Claire, conducted 10 bait dealer audits
with the assistance of deputy warden John Preuss. Several
businesses had expired licenses or had never obtained a bait dealer
license. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Thiede contacted a shoreline angler that had used an illegal
throw net to harvest minnows from Half Moon Lake. The angler then
used the minnows to fish another lake.

Warden Thiede issued citations for possession of illegal-sized
fish, ATV use on a road, and vehicle use on an exposed lake bed. A
father was contacted after he allowed his 11-year-old son to
operate a motorboat alone on the Chippewa River.

Warden Ken Thomson, of Fall Creek, received a call that there was
human waste in a creek in Chippewa County. Through an investigation
by several DNR employees, Thomson discovered a manure storage
problem with a local farmer and found a man who had pumped his
septic tank into a swamp that connected to the creek. Enforcement
action was taken. The Chippewa County Zoning Department will
continue to monitor the situation.

Warden Thomson worked with other wardens and water guards in Eau
Claire, Clark, Chippewa, and Trempealeau counties on bait dealer
audits to ensure compliance with the bait dealer/VHS laws. Several
bait dealers did not have valid licenses to sell bait. Enforcement
action was taken.

Warden Thomson assisted with the eradication of illegal marijuana
plants on state land in Rusk County. More than 6,690 marijuana
plants were located in a complicated irrigation grow in the
Flambeau State Forest. One suspect was arrested and charged.

Warden Robin Barnhardt, of Osseo, issued a citation to a boat
operator on the Mississippi River. Three passengers were riding on
the bow (feet hanging over) while the boat traveled at high speed.
Before stopping the boat, Barnhardt saw the boat turn sharply. One
of the bow passengers fell off and narrowly missed being struck by
the boat.

Wardens Barnhardt and Thomson patrolled Lake Arbutus during a water
ski show at the request of the show sponsors. The wardens observed
a boat with expired registration and cited the operator. The
operator requested a tow back to his dock since he had run out of
gas. While towing the boat, the wardens saw two PWCers operating
illegally nearby. They discontinued the tow and stopped the PWCers.
The owner of the PWCs was cited for allowing underage operation.
The wardens resumed their towing mission and returned the
out-of-gas boat to its dock.

Warden Barnhardt assisted Jackson County Sheriff’s Deputy Kurt Haas
with contacting two subjects who were fishing in the Black River
near Hatfield. One of the fishermen was wanted on a felony
probation-parole warrant. The suspect was arrested, found to be in
possession of marijuana, and was taken to jail. At the jail, the
suspect said that even though he had been arrested, he still had a
good day because he got to go fishing.

District 10 – Wautoma area

No report available.

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