PA: Cuffs and Collars Issue: 18


Erie County WCO Darin L. Clark has been investigating an
individual in possession of a fawn. The individual could not
produce a receipt for where he purchased the deer. It appears as
though he did not realize the person from whom he purchased the
deer was not properly permitted to sell deer. The seller will be
cited for selling wildlife. It is important to get a proper receipt
with permit number and a signature when purchasing wildlife. If the
PGC had not been able to track down the seller, the individual in
possession of the deer would have been cited.

Mercer County WCO Donald G. Chaybin has received complaints
about spotlighting violations in several townships. It is unlawful
to cast the rays of a spotlight on buildings or livestock at
anytime, and spotlighting for wildlife is prohibited after 11

Mercer County WCO Lawrence R. Hergenroeder reports a large
female black bear was struck and killed by a motor vehicle just
north of the Grove City Prime Outlets on Route 258. The sow was
observed on several occasions in the area and attempts to trap her
were unsuccessful. She was identified by a single ear tag in her
right ear from an earlier capture in Jefferson County. The sow also
had three yearling cubs that were caught and processed with ear
tags for research purposes in April and May.


Allegheny County WCO Gary M. Fujak said a local man who had a
nuisance skunk problem at his house used a box trap to try and
capture the critter. “After a day or two, sure enough, he caught
the skunk,” he said. “However, he didn’t care to find out how to
handle the animal properly after the capture. First, he attempted
to poison the skunk. After that didn’t work, he decided to just
leave it in the trap until it died. After four days, the skunk
still was alive. I received a call from a concerned citizen.
Following proper protocol, the skunk was euthanized and the
homeowner was cited for leaving the skunk in the trap for more than
36 hours. By they way, poison is not an approved euthanasia
technique either.”

Fayette County WCO Chris Bergman said an individual recently
pleaded guilty to allowing his dog to chase wildlife. “I witnessed
the dog chasing a hen turkey and her brood in a hay field on a
Sunday morning,” he said. It is unlawful to permit a dog to pursue,
harass or chase any big game animal and if any wildlife is killed
or injured, the person shall also be liable for the replacement
costs of the game or wildlife killed or injured.

Somerset County WCO Wade Kramer filed several citations for
individuals violating public shooting range regulations on SGL

Westmoreland County WCO Brian Singer reports that incidents of
mange have been the most frequently reported bear incident over the
past few months. “Due to the high population of bears in the
eastern district of Westmoreland County, more than 20 bears have
had to be relocated for various nuisance reasons,” he said. Out of
that number, 12 bears had signs or symptoms of mange, of which four
were so severe they had to be euthanized.


Centre County WCO Dan Murray reports two individuals were
recently cited for destroying property and littering on Scotia
Range. One individual was cited for possession of alcohol and
charged with possessing marijuana on State Game Land 100. Two
individuals were cited for riding ATVs on SGL 103.


York County WCO Shawn Musser reports an individual pled guilty
to killing two antlerless deer and not having the required
antlerless deer license from last deer season. His fines were
$3,500, and he faces suspension of his hunting and trapping
privileges for several years.


Bradford County WCO Joseph Wenzel is investigating what appears
to be the unlawful killing of a cinnamon color phase black bear in
Wysox Township. If anyone has any information, contact him through
the northeast regional office or report information through the
Game Commission’s poacher TIP line by phone or online.

Wayne County WCO Frank J. Dooley apprehended several men
road-hunting and shooting gobblers from a pickup truck. The men
recently pleaded guilty and paid nearly $2,000 in fines. They will
both lose their hunting privileges for quite some time.

Pike County WCO Mark Kropa issued several citations on
individuals at the SGL 183 shooting for violating regulations
pertaining to the amount of rounds that can be fired from a rifle.
Several warnings also were given for not having the required SGL
Shooting Range permit or a valid state hunting license.

Wayne County WCO James P. McCarthy cited a Carbondale woman for
taking a skunk from the wild. “Upon arrival at the woman’s house, I
witnessed the woman come out of the house with the juvenile skunk
clinging to the front of her shirt,” he said. “The skunk was
dressed in what appeared to be doll clothes and was attached to a
leash. The woman placed several people, including herself, in
mortal danger by handling the skunk,” he said. The skunk was seized
and sent for rabies testing.

Wayne County WCO James P. McCarthy said a Lackawanna County man
is facing multiple charges stemming from an incident in which he
drove his truck around a gate, damaged several trees and ended up
getting stuck on SGL 300.

Monroe County WCO Philip White filed charges on a Paradise
Township man for the unlawful killing of a bear in closed season.
“Violations included several misdemeanor counts, as well as summary
charges under the Game and Wildlife Code (Title 34),” he said.

Monroe County WCO Philip White filed charges on Coolbaugh
Township resident for illegal dumping on Bethlehem Watershed
Property, which is enrolled in the Game Commission’s Hunter Access

Chester County WCO Keith Mullin said in a previous report that
the eagle nest at the West Chester reservoir had no chicks. New
information received shows that the nest did in fact have a chick.
“During two separate nest observations, I did not see a chick on
the nest,” he said. “However, a chick was spotted by workers at the
site and has been seen flying around the area.”

Northampton County WCO Brad Kreider reports that a couple of
pairs of ospreys have been constructing two new nests on the Lehigh
River side of the county.


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