Saturday, January 28th, 2023
Saturday, January 28th, 2023

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Oklahoma hunters exempt from hunter ed have proficiency test option for out-of-state hunts

Oklahoma resident hunters who are exempt from the state’s hunter
education requirements may not be exempt in other states in which
they plan to hunt this year. For them, the Oklahoma Department of
Wildlife Conservation offers a proficiency test that would allow
them to bypass the eight-hour course.

Exemptions from Oklahoma’s hunter education requirements include
anyone 31 years of age or older, anyone honorably discharged from
or currently on active duty in the U.S. Armed Forces, and members
of the National Guard.

“If you are exempt from hunter education requirements in Oklahoma
and you are not hunter education certified, you should check other
states’ requirements before planning an out-of-state hunting trip,”
said Lance Meek, hunter education coordinator for the Wildlife
Department. “You might find they have different requirements than

“The proficiency test involves taking and passing the actual hunter
education test at one of our offices or completing the online
course quizzes through,” Meek said. “This is
a quick and easy process for people who qualify.”

According to Meek, hunters exempt from hunter education
requirements who want to take the proficiency test should contact
the Wildlife Department’s headquarters at (405) 521-4636 or Jenks
office at (918) 299-2334.

“This is a great service we can provide for Oklahoma hunters who
are exempt from hunter education but who want to hunt
out-of-state,” Meek said.

To hunt in Oklahoma, those not exempt from hunter education
requirements must either complete the Wildlife Department’s hunter
education course or hunt with a mentor under an
apprentice-designated hunting license. The apprentice-designated
hunting license is available to hunters ages 8-30 and allows them
to go hunting without first completing a hunter education course,
provided that they are accompanied by a licensed adult mentor who
is at least 18 years old and hunter education certified (or exempt
from license and hunter education requirements). All hunters under
the age of 10, whether hunter education certified or not, must be
accompanied when hunting big game.

Oklahoma’s hunter education certification is valid in all 50 states
and Canadian provinces.

For more information about hunting in Oklahoma, log on to the
Wildlife Department’s website at

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