Two Florida deer hunters charged with baiting on opening day

In the first few hours of archery season on Holey Land Wildlife
Management Area in Palm Beach County, FWC officers busted two local
hunters using bait to lure deer to a tree stand. It is illegal to
use bait on public lands.

FWC officers first noticed corn kernels in a clearing on Friday,
the day before the season opened. The next morning, officers and
K-9 Gauge responded. The specially trained resource-detection dog
tracked one hunter’s trail to the tree stand where the bait was
placed. The other hunter was stopped as he was leaving the

Anthony C. Orton (DOB 11/02/76) was charged with hunting over
bait in a wildlife management area, a misdemeanor. Alex J. Adams
(DOB 02/02/78) was charged with placing bait in the wildlife
management area, also a misdemeanor. Both men live in Pompano

FWC Maj. Jeff Hubert said, “Not only is using bait in wildlife
management areas illegal, it is also unsportsmanlike.”


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