Friday, January 27th, 2023
Friday, January 27th, 2023

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The 2011 Wisconsin Deer Hunting Regulations pamphlet is not so
much about what we can or cannot do, or should and should not do,
but who is sending the message.

Wisconsin has a fine staff of biologists, ecologists and
property managers, dedicated to the state’s wildlife, not to egos
or distant handlers. But did any of those biologists have any input
in these regulations? And if they didn’t, could they tell us they

Sometimes it’s not until a state employee retires that they are
able to reveal the who and why they were asked to do something this
way or that way.

The word in the forest seems to be clear, in spite of the trees
still being in full foliage. The most common phrase heard these
days seems to be “off the record.” One shouldn’t blame them for
using the phrase. Sometimes by saying nothing, the message is even
loader and clearer.

The important thing for outdoors recreationalists to do right
now is to remain on goal. For the next four months that goal should
be to enjoy hunting in Wisconsin.

Keep in mind that it may be months, maybe years, before those
who are charged with providing the data and information will have
much significant input.

Maybe we can take heart in knowing that wildlife, ecosystems and
waterways are fairly resilient. It’s like a tiny maple tree
seedling waiting under the shade of a 200-year-old monarch. When
the monarch falls, the seedling will spring forth with the energy
of being freed at last.

Whatever happens, do not give up enjoying deer hunting in
whatever way is legally possible. Save your energy to walk over the
next hill or to climb through the next coulee.

Science, wildlife management and hunters may have lost a few
battles recently. But the war will never be lost as long as we keep
focused on a goal–enjoying the hunt.


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