Saturday, January 28th, 2023
Saturday, January 28th, 2023

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The Fat Lady and the Fat Dog

I just read that the Fat Lady died. Click here for the details.

The Fat Lady was a carp weighing more than 61 pounds that lived
at St Ives Lakes in Cambridgeshire, England. There will be many
mourners over there, as there was when Heather the Leather and Two
Tone died last year.

You see, carp are revered by English anglers. I lived in England in
1997 and 1998 and fished the waters where these huge carp swam. It
was nearly impossible to get a spot on Fatty’s Point because there
were so many anglers who were obsessed with catching her. Yes, many
English anglers shed a tear or two when they heard that the Fat
Lady was found floating.

In the United States, many anglers find it confusing that a carp
would deserve such reverence. But then look at the situation here.
It would seem that anglers in the South give the same treatment to
the largemouth bass. Anglers in the West wouldn’t be caught dead
with a spinning rig in hand instead of their fly rod. Midwestern
anglers have been awarded the nickname perch-jerkers because of
their love of walleyes.

The carp is a great fighter and when you are limited to shallow
ponds and small reservoirs, the carp obviously has the upper hand
in this habitat. So why not give the carp the royal treatment? If
not for the the catch and release ethic instilled in the English
angler from the time they first pick up a rod, the Fat Lady would
not have been set free over 200 times and reached that huge

Farewell, Fat Lady. You will be missed.

The Fat Dog

On another note, did you see where the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s
Department had to airlift a dog from the Angeles National Forest
after it was too sore and tired for the return trip from the Bridge
To Nowhere Trail?

Sheriff’s officials say Baxter, an 80-pound labrador mix, was
rescued by helicopter after they called it in. Baxter could not
handle the trail’s rough terrain and its owners couldn’t carry him,
so they decided to stay the night.

A San Dimas sheriff’s rescue team went searching for them. They
found them, but when none of the rescuers could carry out the dog,
they summoned the helicopter. But the frightened dog resisted
boarding, so the chopper had to be landed and shut down

Old Baxter is lucky it wasn’t me that was responsible for him when
he decided he wasn’t going to make the trek home. He would have
ended up as a few meals for the cougars, which might have saved a
bicyclist or two. I’m not sure which deserves that high honor of
being a cougar’s favorite meal. The runners and bicyclists that
occasionally get taken down by one of the big cats, or a stubborn
dog that’s too out of shape to do its duty.

Tough choice.

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