Sunday, January 29th, 2023
Sunday, January 29th, 2023

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WI: Fishermen battling heat, storms, but are catching fish Issue: 15


The smallmouths are on their summer spots – the rock pile,
breakwall, current areas, weedbeds, and shoreline structure. A
variety of techniques will work on any given day, but it seems
crankbaits and spinnerbaits have been working the best. For
walleyes, things are picking up a bit off the Second Landing area
on crankbaits and spinners in water as shallow as 5 feet and as
deep as 20 feet. Lake trout fishing has been superb throughout the
flats and the islands. Trolling tight to the bottom on the flats is
the key, with speeds at 1.5 to 2.0 mph, depending on the day.

On inland waters, walleyes are using the weed edges of Lake
Namakagon. Find the inside turns and points and pitch jigs, or use
slip bobbers.

Angler’s All, (715) 682-5754.

River Rock, (715) 682-3232.


Sturgeon Bay anglers have been catching a few perch in Sawyer
Harbor, with the best luck in shallow water along the weedlines.
Most of the perch have been small (up to 5 inches). Anglers also
were catching some bluegills; bobber rigs have been working the
best. Walleye fishing has been slow at Little Sturgeon Bay. Most
anglers have been trolling the reefs along shore. Bass fishing has
been slow, too. The best action is on live bait in 10 feet of
water. A few anglers went bowfishing and found good numbers of carp
in the shallows. Fishing out of Kewaunee, Algoma, and Sturgeon Bay
was slower in the middle of July, but some nice fish were still
being caught. Spoons and fly dodger combos have been catching
salmon and trout in 70 to 200 feet of water.

Algoma Area Chamber of Commerce hotline, (800) 626-3090.

Algoma Hardware and Sporting Goods, (920) 487-3374

Deprey’s Kwik Stop, (920) 866-2934

Stevenson Pier Mini Mart, (920) 824-5222.


Fishing action has picked up. Northerns are hitting well. Fish
10 feet of water or less in and around weeds. Crappies, bluegills,
and perch are all biting well, and are in the same general area as
the pike. Perch are holding tight to the bottom. Use a minnow or a
chunk of crawler under a slip bobber for action on all species.
Muskie action is fair. Fish outside weed edges in 10 feet of water
or less. Use a bucktail or a topwater lure. It’s an all-day bite,
with peaks early and late in the day. Walleyes are putting on a
fair bite. Fish 10 feet of water or less at outside weed edges. Use
a jig and a minnow or a jig and half a crawler.

Eagle Sports Center, (715) 479-8804.

Guides’ Choice, (715) 477-2248.


Walleye fishing has been steady out of Bayshore Park, with
numbers of fish being caught on crawler harnesses. The best returns
of larger walleye have come by trolling in 15 to 20 feet of water.
Anglers trolling shallower water with cranks are catching a few
small walleyes. Perch fishing has been slow, but improved as the
week progressed.

The Sportsman, (920) 734 3299.

Deprey’s Kwik Stop, (920) 866-2934.


With the hot and humid weather, fishing pressure showed a bit of
a decline. A lot of muskie anglers are taking a break, as they
worry that the warm temperatures will put undue stress on any fish
they may catch. The muskie anglers that are still fishing are doing
so in the early morning and late afternoon and have been using
bucktails and jerkbaits on deep breaklines for suspended fish.
Largemouth and smallmouth bass action is very good. All the major
bass waters in the area have been producing great action – Miller
Dam, Nelson Lake, and even the Chippewa Flowage. Smallmouths are in
their summer pattern and have been relating to wood.

Pastika’s, (715) 634-4466.

Hayward Bait, (715) 634-2921.


Fishermen are catching decent walleyes on the wing dams between
dams 6 and 7. Northern pike and bass action has picked up quite a
bit on weedless lures, or use swim jigs around the rocks off the
manmade islands. The panfish action has picked up a bit. Anglers
are starting to pick up some nice perch on Lake Onalaska. Crappies
are in the backwater sloughs, but should move into Lake Onalaska
after the mayfly hatch.

Schafer’s Boats, (608) 781-3100.

Bob’s Bait & Tackle, (608) 782-5552.


In Sheboygan, trollers have been concentrating in 70 to 110 feet
of water, but fishing has been slow. A few cohos, chinooks, and
rainbows have been taken 30 feet down and have been hitting
flashers and flies or glow spoons. Trout and salmon fishing on the
piers has been slow, but a few perch have been taken on minnows and

In Port Washington, boaters that have been out reported very
little action. They have been fishing 70 to 100 feet with only a
few cohos, lake trout, and chinooks taken.

The fishing off of Milwaukee has slowed down. Fish are still
being marked, but getting them to bite has been difficult. Trollers
have been working a variety of depths, from 60 feet out to 200

In Racine, trollers have been catching fewer cohos but more
chinooks, rainbows, and lake trout. Spoons and dodgers and flies
have taken the majority of fish. Shore anglers have been taking a
few perch on jigs off the south pier.

In Kenosha, fishing has slowed considerably. Trollers have been
fishing 70 to 100 feet of water, but have had little success the
past week.

DNR hotline, (414) 382-7920.

Smokey’s Bait Shop, (262) 691-0360.

Dick Smith’s Bait, (262) 646 2218.


Surface temps hit 80 degrees last week and weeds are now looking
normal for this time of year. On Lake Mendota, quite a few anglers
are catching perch on the weedlines, but there are a lot of small
fish. Bluegills are sparse. Lake Mendota smallies are active on the
bars. Use leeches in 15 to 20 feet. Lake Monona bluegill action is
picking up in a number of spots, including Wild Haven and Olin
Park. There are still some bluegills on the inside weed edges where
they’re trying to spawn. But most of the bluegills are suspended on
the outside weed edges. Use slip bobbers out there. Lake Waubesa
panfish action is still a little slow. Muskie fishermen are
reporting success on Monona and Waubesa.

In Iowa County, catfish anglers have reported fish biting in
cool, deep holes downstream of the Hwy. 23 bridge on the Wisconsin
River. Smallmouth bass have been biting near the railroad bridge up
from Hwy. 14 on spinners, and some walleyes have been biting. Fly
fishermen have been catching smallmouth bass while using

In Rock County, fishing activity has slowed, but catfish
continue to bite well on the Rock River. Popular baits have been
stink bait, chicken livers, and shrimp. Walleyes were still biting
on jigs and live bait in deeper water.

D&S Bait & Tackle, (608) 244-3474.

Dorn Hardware, (608) 244-5403.


Water clarity remains good due to only a few sprinkles last
week. Angler success on Lake Michigan out of both ports continued
to be slow, most likely due to the warm water. The Two Rivers
Kiwanis Derby had low numbers overall, with boats averaging zero to
2 fish, with a few boats coming in with up to six fish. Rainbows
appeared to be targeted most often by boaters, with most the
success coming in 250 to 330 feet of water on orange spoons. The
fish appear to be scattered right now. For chinooks, drop riggers
down 80 to 100 feet and use green/green, dodger/fly combos. The
coho fishing has really slowed down.

CUB Radio report, (920) 683-6816.

Cub Radio Sport Fishing Hotline, (800) 236-9978, ext 124.


In Marinette County, inland fishing has slowed. Anglers were
still catching a few walleyes and smallies in the Peshtigo and
Menominee rivers. The Peshtigo Harbor area continues to treat
anglers to some nice catches of catfish, sheepshead, walleyes, and
smallmouth bass. Shore anglers were fishing crawlers on bottom at
the mouth of the river; boaters were using crawlers and jigs while
floating the river. Smallmouths and panfish also were being caught
by the dam in Peshtigo by fishermen casting spoons and using slip
bobbers. The Menominee River has been producing some walleyes and
smallmouths for anglers trolling the river and dead-drifting
crawlers. The salmon bite has slowed, but coho fishing on the bay
this spring has generally been phenomenal. Brown trout fishing has
been better this year than it has been in several past years. Many
large steelhead have been caught near the surface.

In Oconto County, fishing at Stiles dam has slowed, with a few
bluegills and smallmouth bass being caught on slip bobbers and live
bait. Many walleye anglers have been plying the waters from
Pensaukee to Oconto Park. Some walleyes were being caught, along
with lots of sheepshead and catfish. Perch remain elusive.

MBK Sport Shop, (715) 735-5393.

Hook, Line and Sinker, (715) 854-2073.


Recent fine fishing took a hit when water temps shot up with the
heat. Humidity and heat are making it hard to stay on the water at
midday. Largemouth bass fishing has been good. The fish are tight
to shore early in the day and are feeding on minnows and crayfish.
Topwater frog action is hot in the evenings. Smallmouth action is
good. Use tubes, football jigs with creature baits or plastic
craws, and drop-shot 3-inch plastics over 18 to 26 feet of sand
grass or gravel. Bluegills action is good. The nicer bluegills are
out away from coontail edges on clear lakes in 14 to 18 feet of
water. Muskie action is good. Topwater action has been the best at
dusk and after dark. Walleye action has been fair. This species
seems hardest hit by the change in weather. Fish very early or very
late with big leeches on jigs or below floats. Topwater anglers are
enjoying success for bluegills, largemouths, and muskies.

Island Sport Shop, (715) 356-4797.

Great Outdoors Sports Shop, (715) 356-6818.

Captain Hooks, (715) 277-2405.

J & J Sports, (715) 277-2616.


The best action has been on the larger flowages, with small
plastics and spinnerbaits catching most of the fish. Walleye action
continues to be somewhat erratic. A few small and medium walleyes
have been caught along the weed edges and the mid-depth breaks in 8
to 10 feet of water. A small, weedless jig tipped with a leech or
crawler half has been the most productive bait. Panfish action has
been inconsistent. Some anglers have been able to find crappies
suspended near mid-depth cover, but bluegills have been getting a
bit tougher to find. Weed densities have been variable, with some
waters showing thicker densities than normal and other lakes areas
seeing much lower densities than past years. Many stained lakes
also are darker than normal.

Bridge Bait & Tackle, Park Falls, (715) 762-4108.

Ross’s Sport Shop, Phillips, (715) 339-3625.


The summer heat has slowed fishing activity. Muskies are biting
on all area waters. Anglers are reminded to practice catch and
release, but when the water temperatures go over 80 degrees, fish
can easily die after release. Treat fish carefully and consider
using barbless hooks or single-hook muskie lures.

Wilderness Fish and Game, (608) 643-2433.


Muskies have been responding well to the warm weather. Anglers
are seeing an average of five fish each time out. Topwater baits
and bucktails have been the best producers in shallow weeds and
along the outside pockets in the weedbeds. The walleye bite has
been outstanding and shows no sign of letting up. Jigs tipped with
minnows, and now crawler harnesses run on the bottom, are taking a
lot of nice fish. Look for areas in 8 to 12 feet of water along the
old river channel or along shoreline breaks. Crappies have been
very active. Most of the fish have been suspended in 10 to 18 feet
and are running about 4 to 7 feet down. Trolling crankbaits or
drift-fishing with slip bobbers set at various depths will take
crappies all day long. Now is the time to go after catfish. Set up
over the deepest hole you can find in the river system. Bluegills
are hitting. Shallow weeds or wood in 2 to 4 feet of water will
hold a good number of fish, but if you want the larger ones, go
deeper along the outside weed edges in 6 to 8 feet of water.

Hooksetters, (715) 693-5843.

Wisconsin Angling Adventures, (715) 297-7573.

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