Invasive snakehead fish found near Annapolis, Maryland

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) – Scientists have
discovered a northern snakehead – a toothy invasive fish that can
live out of water – in Anne Arundel County.

Biologists from the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center
were taking annual fish samples last week when they found the
23-inch egg-bearing snakehead in the Rhode River. The center
reported the catch to the Department of Natural Resources and U.S.
Fish and Wildlife Service.

The fish, which are native to Asia, first received local
attention in 2002 when they were found in a Crofton pond. The
snakehead is a top-level predator and can crowd out native fish. It
can breathe air, survive on land and adapt and thrive in foreign

Scientists are exploring whether low salinity levels in the
Chesapeake Bay allowed the snakehead to travel to Rhode River.


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