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Monday, January 30th, 2023

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IL: Cuffs and Collars Issue: 13

Region I

A CPO arrested a subject for unlawful entry into a restricted area.
The CPO was notified by state police that a farmer was having
issues with people cutting across his land and going into DNR
property, specifically the Blackball Mines Nature Preserve. The
farmer advised the CPO that he has a posted No Trespassing sign up,
and wants them notified not to cut through his field. The subject
was cited for being in our restricted nature preserve and warned
not to trespass on the farmer’s field.

While checking bank fishermen at the Oregon dam, a District 1 CPO
discovered a subject to be in possession of a smallmouth bass in a
basket with various other legal fish. The subject was cited for
failure to immediately release smallmouth bass during the closed
season and the fish was seized.

A District 1 CPO found an individual searching for morel mushrooms
in a DNR hunting area that was currently closed to everyone other
than turkey hunters with a valid site permit. Enforcement action
was taken.

A District 6 CPO was checking shore fisherman in Boone County when,
after walking to a quarry pit, found two fisherman who acted
surprised to see the uniformed officer. When asked to present their
fishing licenses, the first fisherman told the officer that he has
fished this pond for years and had never purchased a fishing
license because he didn’t keep the fish he caught but practiced
“catch and release” fishing only. The second fisherman indicated he
had a fishing license but not in his possession. When the officer
requested to see his ID so he could verify he had purchased a
license through the Point Of Sale System, the second fisherman
suddenly remembered his license had expired.

While working a DOT Grant at Spring Lake State Fish and Wildlife
area, a District 7 CPO observed a subject turn a corner at such a
high rate of speed that the car nearly went into the ditch. The CPO
turned around to stop the subject. After several miles, the CPO was
finally able to catch up with the vehicle and paced it with radar
at nearly 60 miles per hour in a 20 mph zone. Appropriate
enforcement action was taken.

While working Hennepin Canal State Park, a CPO checked a subject
fishing. The subject produced a valid Illinois fishing license.
Upon questioning, the subject was found to have provided a friend’s
fishing license as his own. The subject was cited for obstructing a
police officer and for fishing without a valid license in
possession. The subject admitted to having used his friend’s
license for the last five years (he was revoked for failure to pay
child support).

Region II

A CPO cited a subject on the Fox River for possession of an
undersized largemouth bass (10 inches). There is a 14-inch minimum
size limit.

CPOs observed a subject throwing a cast net on the Fox River near
the Carpentersville dam. The subject was catching sport fish, found
to be in possession of two smallmouth bass, four bluegills and
numerous rough fish. He was issued a citation for use of a cast net
within 300 yards of a dam, use of a cast net to take sport fish,
and two citations for the possession of the smallmouth out of

CPOs observed two subjects fishing without permission on Metra
Railroad property in Elgin. Neither had licenses and both had long
criminal histories as gang members. The female subject, who was
three months pregnant, was wanted for aggravated assault out of
Elgin. An Elgin female officer was requested and the violator was
taken into custody. Both subjects received two citations.

CPOs stopped a pontoon boat installing piers on Channel Lake for
not displayingregistration numbers. The operator received a warning
for the violation and one CPO arrested the passenger/employee for
possession of cocaine. The subject was transported to the Lake
County Jail.

A CPO investigated a fish kill on Slocum Lake. Approximately 500
2-3 inch yellow bass and several common carp were reported dead
along the shoreline after several days of heavy rainfall.

CPOs responded to a boat accident on Channel Lake. The 17-year-old
operator of a personal watercraft hit a large wave ejecting him and
subsequently causing him to hit his head and rendering himself
unconscious and face down in the water. The winds were strong at
25-30 mph and waters white-capping. Fortunately, a passerby
observed the unoccupied PWC and went over to investigate. He then
saw a life jacket floating in the water and determined that it was
someone floating face down in the water. The passerby put a life
jacket on, entered the water, turned the unconscious operator over
onto his back and pulled him back to the back platform of his boat
where he was able to revive the subject by performing chest
compressions. The operator was transported to the local hospital
for observation. Had it not been for the quick response of the
passerby, the outcome of the young operator would most likely have
been quite different.

A CPO assisted a couple at Illinois Beach State Park who
inadvertently locked a 1-year-old child in their vehicle, with
temperatures approaching 90 degrees.

A subject arrested by CPOs for felony driving while revoked and
numerous fishing violations received six month periodic
imprisonment at the Lake County Jail and a $2,300 fine.

After locating a subject who sneaked onto private property to fish
in Will County, a District 3 CPO noticed the subject’s pupils were
dilated. The CPO questioned the subject about smoking/possessing
marijuana. The subject denied both. Unconvinced, the CPO escorted
the subject back to his vehicle. A consent search was requested and
granted. Cannabis and drug paraphernalia were found inside the
vehicle. The subject was arrested for fishing on private property
without permission, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession
of cannabis.

While conducting surveillance on two fishermen in Will County a
District 3 CPO observed one of the subjects smoking marijuana. Once
finished smoking, the subject handed the drug pipe to the other
subject. The CPO approached the fishermen, recovered the smoking
pipe and additionally obtained a plastic bag with cannabis from
each subject. Both fishermen were arrested for possession of
cannabis and possession of drug paraphernalia. One of the subjects
had a prior arrest for possession of cannabis.

After observing a vehicle traveling at a speed of 82 mph in a 55
mph zone in Will County, a District 3 CPO conducted a traffic stop
on the vehicle. During the stop, the CPO gained reasonable
suspicion that the subject could have illegal drugs. A search was
conducted on the vehicle. Three items of drug paraphernalia and a
bag of cannabis were discovered during the search. The subject was
arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of
cannabis and speeding.

Region III

Two District 3 CPO’s responded to a hunting complaint near Monee.
The complainant claimed her neighbor was hunting within a short
distance of her residence. The CPOs then made contact with the
neighbor who stated the he was indeed hunting. After a short
interview, the subject was issued a citation for hunting within 100
yards of an inhabited dwelling.

Two District 3 CPO’s were checking fishermen for compliance at
Hammel Woods. While leaving, the CPOs saw two vehicles parked next
to each other with multiple subjects standing around them. As the
CPOs drove past, all the subjects quickly entered the vehicles and
began to leave. Probable cause was acquired to make a traffic stop
on one of the vehicles. Consent was given to search the car. The
driver was cited for disobeying a traffic control device and the
passenger was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia and
possession of cannabis.

Two District 3 CPOs conducted a boat patrol on the Kankakee River.
Multiple warnings and one citation was given for equipment

A District 3 CPO conducted an IDOT detail at Silver Springs State
Park. Six written warnings were issued for moving violations and
two alcohol citations were issued during the detail.

A District 3 CPO conducted an IDOT detail at Des Plaines
Conservation Area. Five written warnings were issued for moving
violations, one written warning for watercraft equipment violation,
one citation for IVC violation and two citations for alcohol.

Two District 3 CPOs were patrolling Des Plaines Conservation Area
when contact was made with two male subjects along the Kankakee
River. After making contact with two subjects, one was taken into
custody for a felony, no bond warrant issued for his arrest from
California for a parole violation. After confirmation on the
identification of the subject, California advised they would
extradite. The second subject was cited for driving on a suspended
driver’s license.

Two District 3 CPOs conducted a boat patrol on the Kankakee and Des
Plaines River. During the detail eleven boat inspections were
conducted and four vessel assists were conducted.

A District 3 CPO was conducting a traffic enforcement detail during
a field trial at Des Plaines Conservation Area. During the detail
five written warnings and four citations were issued for Illinois
Vehicle Code violations. With assistance from another CPO, a
vehicle search was conducted on one of the traffic stops. After the
vehicle search, the driver was arrested for possession of cannabis
less than 2.5 grams. During the same detail a CPO responded to and
handled a three vehicle traffic accident. The accident was caused
in part by inclement weather and driving too fast for conditions.
No injuries were reported and two vehicles were towed due to damage
from the accident.

While investigating an illegal burning, two District 3 CPOs
observed two recently killed whitetail buck skull caps attached to
a tree. One of the skull caps was tagged with a 2010 archery deer
permit, while the other was untagged. After questioning the subject
on the harvest of the deer, the CPOs gained reasonable suspicion
the subject may have unlawfully tagged one of the bucks with
another hunter’s permit. A history search of the subjects harvest
records indicated he may have harvested three antlered deer during
the 2010 archery deer season. After a short interview, the subject
admitted to the violation. Appropriate enforcement action was

Region IV

A CPO investigated a fatal boat accident on the Mississippi River
at Quincy. A male subject left a local business in Quincy and
headed up river to his cabin. Several hours later, his johnboat was
found floating down the river with no one in it. CPOs assisted in
trying to recover the subject.

A district sergeant investigated a fatal boat accident on the
Illinois River South of Hardin. A female and male subject were
thrown from a johnboat. The female made it back to the boat and
used a cellular phone to call for help. The male subject did not
make it back to the boat. CPOs assisted in trying to recover the

A CPO is investigating an incident at Pere Marquette State Park
where a pit bull killed another dog in the campground.

A CPO is investigating a subject who failed to pay for services at
Pere Marquette State Park Campground.

Region V

A CPO and herpetologist inspected a Jefferson County residence for
threatened and endangered species. The CPO charged the subject with
five class A misdemeanors and one business offense. An alligator
snapping turtle was also seized.

A CPO caught a subject driving on a suspended license after making
a routine traffic stop for speed. The CPO issued the subject two

A CPO investigated two boat accidents that occurred at Rend Lake
over the weekend. One involved a 32-foot Sea Cruiser with six
passengers on board. The operator, who was later arrested for OUI
and careless operation, made a sharp turn at a high rate of speed
and flipped the boat. Amazingly there were no injuries. The other
accident involved two boats that backed into each other with minor
property damage.

CPOs assisted with the boat accident previously mentioned and made
the OUI arrest of the operator.

A CPO caught two subjects unlawfully operating an ATV on a roadway
in Jefferson County. The two subjects tried to elude being stopped.
The CPO called another CPO to assist and they were able to catch
the two subjects. The operator had a suspended driver’s license and
the passenger was “wanted” for failure to appear in Jefferson
County. CPOs transported both subjects to the Jefferson County

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