Governor signs bill to extend muskrat trapping

We don’t expect trappers to get too excited by this breaking
news, but any news expanding trapping in Illinois is welcomed

What’s happening? Gov. Pat Quinn signed legislation Tuesday to

muskrat trapping season in the state. The new law, which takes

immediately, permits muskrats to be trapped “during an open season
to be

set every year by the state director of natural resources.”

The law only extends the trapping season. It does not change any

regulations, such as the law that makes it illegal to trap muskrat
or mink

with a leghold trap or a body-gripping trap unless the
body-gripping trap

is submerged under water when set.

Think this is a good move? A bad move? Let me know by firing off

thoughts to

And read more about the muskrat bill in the July 15 issue of

Outdoor News.


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