Celebrating the Sound, and Scent, of Shooting Confidence

Last year for I shot a handgun for the first time. It was a .22
semi- automatic, perfect for a beginner. I had a lot of fear the
first time I shot the handgun. I was worried about what would
happen after I pulled the trigger. Eventually I got rid of my fear
after some safety education and a few shots at the target.

On Sunday, June 12, I went with some friends to McMiller Sports
Center in Eagle, just west of Waukesha. I shot a .40 and a .45
caliber both with semi-automatic actions. I felt a big sense of
accomplishment when we were done, as my bullets were in a tight
group. The target was only 13 yards away but, hey, I am just
beginning. I also shot a .38 Special snub nose, which was much
smaller. Surprisingly, I liked the .45 the best because the grip
was perfect for me. The .40 had a thicker grip and the .38 Special
seemed a bit small, which made it hard to hold tightly.

I looked down the range and saw a lady shooting a handgun in
high heels and tight pants. At first, I looked at her thinking how
impractical she was, standing in the rocks with such an unstable
base. Was it my jealous competitive-woman side coming out because I
was only wearing comfortable tennis shoes and t-shirt? Then I
thought, “what’s wrong with shooting and looking good at the same
time?”  It will never be my style – shooting at a range full of
men, all dressed up – but who am I to judge? The woman was being
safe and hitting the target – I concluded that at least she was out
there improving her skills.

Then I shot my husband’s .270 rifle. The rifle kicked and
practically knocked me off the chair and was certainly the loudest
of all the guns I have shot. I think the guy standing next to me
might have wet his pants. I only shot it twice and decided to move
on to the novice trap targets. McMiller has an awesome sporting
clays course, which I will try next time. The novice trap targets
were perfect for me. The last time I shot clay targets I missed far
more than I hit. This time I was bustin’ clays like crazy and only
missed a few. My pal, Vaughn Parker from Merton, had never shot
clay targets before and he did fantastic for his first time. He hit
almost every one! Was it beginners luck or aptitude? I had the most
fun I have had in a long time, mostly because my skills have
improved, along with my confidence level, which has raised a few
notches. When we were finished it felt like Fourth of July. It
smelled like fireworks and I felt like celebrating.


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