ID: Twin Falls man sentenced in elk poaching case

Anthony J. Mayer, of Twin Falls, was sentenced in Blaine County
magistrate court on Friday, June 3, after pleading guilty to three
misdemeanors stemming from a hunting trip in 2009.

Mayer was charged with hunting without a tag, hunting without an
archery validation, and taking a bull elk during the closed season.
Mayer was sentenced to $2,300 in fines and fees, 220 days in jail
all of which was suspended, 72 months probation, 100 hours of
community service, and had his hunting and fishing privileges
revoked for three years.

Mayer shot and recovered the six-by-six bull scoring 303 1/8
inches on October 3. The general archery season closed on September
30, 2009. Mayer purchased his tag on October 4, at the Smiley Creek
Lodge on his way home to Twin Falls.

“This case could not have been solved and successfully
prosecuted without the information provided to us by vigilant
members of the public,” said Josh Royse, Idaho Fish and Game
Investigator. “Concerned sportsmen are the ones that make the

Anyone with information regarding hunting, fishing or trapping
violations is urged to call the Citizens Against Poaching hotline
at 1-800-632-5999.


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